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So I mentioned a year ago that I was working on getting mix and matching PJs. Well, I finally finished.

I'll be really honest here, I've had them done for a while. It's the taking of preview pictures that makes me cringe in horror.

So I decided, as you do, to fudge it.

This is me fudging it. Some of the PJs match each other, some don't. Let me tell you that the crushed velvet look in "Half Dressed" I wish I'd found sooner. It is fucking lovely, if I do say so myself.

All of the looks are labeled clearly for weeding purposes and have tooltips. Because I am nice that way. If there are meshes, they are included. Glamor Life is needed for the full outfits. It is not for any of the half ones.

Slumber Party - Full Glamor Life Outfit (link goes to original post)
The Better Half - PJ Top Only - mesh included (link goes to original post)

Proper PJs - Full Glamor Life Outfit (link takes you to Box)
Half Dressed - PJ bottoms only (link takes you Box)

So here's the first of the giftmas gifts from me. It won't be the last. If I feel like taking preview pics of the male stuff, I will do separate posts for them. That isn't likely. I'm lazy.


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