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Oh man, oh man. Did this week's prompt really apply to me. Like I had way, way too many spoilery things I could write about. So I settled for the least spoilery of the ones.

Even there, I need to cut it off a little.

It was a nice quiet evening. Four of their five daughters were out at Prom and her husband was there chaperoning them. Their youngest, Poppy, was still in diapers and had finally gone to sleep after a rousing round of flying baby. That'd given her time to finally sit down and watch a few minutes of TV. She'd poured herself a glass of wine and swirled it around happily.

Sitting down on the couch, Drea smiled. She liked this show about a crime scene investigator and his team. It showed her how to cover her tracks. And she liked the actress playing the hard as nails second in command. But she rarely got much of a chance to watch it in between managing the NPC network and taking care of her family. It was tough being a working mother.

Her phone chimed and she pulled it out and checked the screen. It was a text from her husband, the prom was over but there was clean up to do and they'd be late. Again, Drea smiled. She'd be willing to bet that Rhys was positively bouncing over the possibility of being able to clean all the things. And he's passed on that obsession to two of their daughters. Rhys was a good husband and father. She was glad that she pulled the strings eighteen years ago that dropped him in her lap like a ripe plum. She returned to watching her show.

An hour later and the show was over and the evening news was coming on. She turned the television off, uninterested in what the reporter had to say. She made the news, she didn't need to hear the false reports her network fed to the press. She took her wine glass into the kitchen and washed it out. She eyed the coffeemaker with interest. It was late, but she needed the caffeine Rhys would likely be in a frisky mood after all of the cleaning. Even after eighteen years, the man had the libido of a teenager.

As the coffee maker finished, Drea heard the tell tale sound of the garage door opening and car doors slamming. Her family was home. She poured herself a cup of coffee and decided not to flavor it with cream and sugar like she wanted. She needed to keep her figure and after five children and a completed project it was getting harder and harder.

The door from the garage opened and Drea glanced over her shoulder. It was second youngest, Anemone. The curly haired girl positively skipped into the house.

"Hey, sweetie, how was the Prom?" Drea asked.

"Oh my god, it was awesome! Maia is going to be so mad she missed it!"

"So what happened?"

"What didn't happen! There were break ups and hook ups and the best thing of all the prom king is the son of a movie star! Maia is going to be pissed! I've got to email her!"

Drea chuckled at Anemone's tone. She knew that she and Maia were more frenemies than friends so her little girl was more likely to rub it in the other girls face than give her an unbiased account. "Don't be up too late," she said.

The door from the garage opened again and this time it was Sakura and her husband. She noted Rhys closed and locked the door behind him, signalling that Lily and Rose weren't with him. She frowned wondering what was up but trusting that Rhys would fill her in.

"How was the Prom, honey?" she asked Sakura.

The girl gave a muffled answer that could have meant anything from 'It was awesome' to 'I'm going to go curl up into a little ball and die.'

Drea raised her eyebrow at her husband and he shrugged in response. "What's wrong with her?" she asked.

"Who knows," Rhys said sinking onto the chair next to her. "She's a teenager. It could be anything or nothing. But if I had to guess, it's probably related to a boy."

They heard the door upstairs slam and the sounds of Taylor Swift came through the floor above, followed shortly by the screams of a startled toddler.

Drea finished her coffee in a gulp. "You want to take the angst-filled teenager while I take the screaming toddler?"

"You're getting the better of the deal."

"I know. Have fun!" Drea said getting up from the table to go upstairs.

Poppy was standing up in her crib, tear tracks streaming down her face. Drea scooped her up and cuddled the little girl close. The girl buried her face in Drea's neck and snuffled. Drea felt the wet and staved off a shudder. She was definitely taking a shower after this.

A few tickles and a diaper change later, Poppy was calmed and back in her crib. Her small arms wrapped around a teddy bear.

Drea walked down the hall past the room Sakura shared with Lily and paused. She could hear the muffled sounds of crying and Rhys talking in low tones. She nodded her head in pleasure, indeed she had picked wisely. Now she really needed that shower.


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