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So... I've gotten through my primary plot arc that I've been working on for 4 years. Now I get to move on to other things.

One of those things is what to do with this person:

This is Joss Whedon Warner, badass. No really, he is.

I'd initially planned on hooking him up with a certain sim's who is everywhere daughter. I may still do that. But Joss is telling me that as much as she is cool and all and as much as he wants his old girlfriend to come to college that he might be up for looking at someone else - this because he's chatting up every simself in town. High school romances are awesome, but most people don't marry their high school sweetheart or best friend. So what this tells me is bachelor challenge. But since it's Joss, it's going to be unconventional. Because Joss thinks the rules are more like guidelines. I will be including Rose and Liz in this (give them a fair shot) but I'm open for other sims and I can make this more than just the typical number of sims. Fair warning, this will be played in a different hood with ACR on and a larger households hack... Part of the fun! I'm open to sims or simselves if he strikes your fancy. I also don't expect reciprocity for him. He's cool with that.

Now for his stats:
Joss Whedon Warner

This brings me to Drea.

She needs to be Punished and frankly doing an adult start apoc with her wasn't enough (she kicked ass and took names on that).

So I am open to ideas there. I am looking for challenges and bear in mind she's Family/Romance so a 26 kid challenge will be a pleasure for her.
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