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It's that time again

Barring any unauthorized conceptions here are the choices for who our heiress is going to be. If they win, per the rules of my challenge, they have to marry a simself. All of them have randomized as straight. And because of what is going on with my plot, I do not want to wait until the kids are in college until the heir poll, so you are going to get a little sneak peek of what they will look like as adults to make your choice.

Edit: Fixed Picture coding

Cut for choices and Poll )
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I have finished the primary fliming for my next part of the OWBC. It is likely to be split again since it is clocking in at 189 slides and I still need main house stuff and I don't like putting out huge updates because people miss stuff especially when big things happen and well big things are happening.

So heres the sets I built for the next few chapters.

Cut for pictures )
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Because I am a llama sheep and I like drinking games here is one for one of my ongoing stories. I may do others as the mood strikes.

Fair warning, you will get sloshed while doing this. Especially if you start from the beginning.

Yakko's World OWBC: The Drinking Game!

Take a drink when one of the following happens
- Someone is chased by bees
- Chicken Boo is stolen
- Someone brings Chicken Boo back
- Take two drinks if someone brings chicken boo back with interest.
- Someone is shirtless
- Someone tries to take Wakko, the cowplants, cake
- Chug if someone succeeds!
- Someone is abducted by aliens
- Orkney says "Narf," "Poit" or "Egad!"
- A simself flirts with someone inappropriately
- Drea makes an unexpected appearance to gloat.
- Onslow makes a tough decision
- Oman is an idiot
- A baby is born out of wedlock
- Someone has triplets or quads
- Someone dies an unnatural death.
- Joss does something awesome
- A legacy sim becomes a major player just by showing up at the right place at the right time.
- Yakko says "Nurse"
- Fuzzy Cackles
- Jo is absentminded
- Someone calls Lark by her actual name not Director-person
- Oz is awesome.

Chug when the following happens:
- Someone actually gets a clue and does what they should have a long time ago.
- Someone dies a natural death.
- The villain actually gets their comeuppance.

*It has been suggested by [info]fuzzy_spork that, if you choose to play, you should leave a review while intoxicated

If anyone has anymore suggestions I would be happy to hear them and add to this list
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I am trying to be more on top of getting these out so it's not a year later that I'm doing this.

I recommend reading the update on this unless you want to be spoiled.

Lust Doran: Aw crap. Way to ruin the line of my suit! And Ugh Pink!
Brendon Doran: I like Pink.
Lust: Yes, honey, I know.

Yes Brendon and Lust did get married. I think the other three Doran boys are there place holding until I send the next batch to college. I need someone to man the frat house.

An additional 19 pictures and babble under the cut. )
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Tiptoes in quietly.

Stands in front of her audience. Um.... Well... I kinda have an update for you. It's only been a year and a bit.

Awesome Banner by FuzzySpork

Click here to go to the Update )

Feel free to comment where ever. Here or my thread at Boolprop I am not picky as to where.

I do hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading!
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"What?!" you ask, "You haven't updated in a year and you are putting out outakes for a chapter that is over a year old?!"

Um. Pretty much. I want to get this out of my folders so I can move on to Chapter 16 Picspam And well, I'm a completest.

Oh Liv, Never change. You're so nice that even putting you in horrible make up makes you grin maniacally. I swear that your natural expression is a big shit-eating grin.

30+ Pictures under the cut! )
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Because I am late to the game, I thought I would share what my Simspiration Storytelling Creation Month Goals were.

I set the bar low, mostly because I've been hitting roadblocks a lot lately and a few nasty cases of "I HATE EVERYTHING AND WILL SCRAP YOU ALL!!!" Which I have had to be talked down from a ledge on. Seriously, there's been times recently where I've considered saying "Fuck it!" and never updating again.

That being said, there are three stories in particular that I am this way on - Yakko's World, Vaulting Ambitions, and I.M. Bored. All of them have had the next update started in one way shape or form. None of them are done and several include playing to be done on them as well as staging, writing, and laying out.

My main goal: Publish Two Updates from either the OWBC, Tudors, or Boreds or a mix there of.

So this is my status as of March 1.

Yakko's World: Chapter 16a
Rotation Complete - No (not needed for this chapter)
Pictures Taken - 125/125 slides
Slides Written - 66/125
Notes - may want to move one scene into this chapter to break it up a bit. If so, I will need to build a lot and stage the scene. The core of the text is already written.

Vaulting Ambitions: Chapter 4
Rotation Complete: No!
Pictures taken: 35/~200
Slides written: 56/~200 (Technically more since some Myshuno and other short stories are being slipped in here. But I am going with what is actually on the slides)
Notes: There are only about 4 scenes total in this update broken up by two letters. I just have a lot of staging to do.

I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Chapter 21
Rotation complete: No - I play until I get 100 slides.
Pictures taken: 82/100
Slides written: 13/100
Notes: I actually had played up to my 100 slides before March 1 then the game crashed while I was saving and now I will need to replay/reshoot it.

Likely update order:

Yakko's World
Vaulting Ambitions
Yakko's World

This is assuming that things go as planned. I also have BACC updates to do (I'm about 3 houses ahead of my last update) and I am wanting to play the game so very much lately it isn't funny.

I am going to keep going to update more if I can get two updates out. But right now, I know that I am setting an achievable goal but one that I have been dragging my feet on.

We'll see how I do!
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In which much is explained and the fourth house in our rotation is played.

Cut because I care. )

Previous parts:
Week 1 - Abraxis, Borealis, Clenthar

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing what you all think!
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And because I am me and I can't write a shopping list without introducing conflict. We have another chapter in which a great many things are revealed.

Cut because it's what I do! )

Previous parts:
Week 1 - Abraxis, Borealis

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing what you all think!
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I'd actually finished playing this a while ago. But got distracted by actually being able to play again so delayed writing this.

Cut for Friends Pages )

Previous parts:
Week 1 - Abraxis

Thanks for reading!
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As is normal for me when I get in one of these moods I have an update out for you.

This time it is in slideshow format. And it took me a lot less time to write/layout than LJ format. Interesting, ne?

Cut to save friends pages. )

I look forward to seeing what you think and hearing what worked and what didn't for you! Thanks for reading!
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I've felt like playing and for some reason the Boreds aren't doing it for me. Huh, I got bored with the Boreds. Kind of ironic. Kind of sad.

Anyway. I thought I would try my hand at a Build a City Challenge and see how far I go before I get too annoyed and quit.

I'm using a mix of the rulesets on [ profile] buildacity and [ profile] bacc_krow. Namely the more randomized beginnings and the caveat that people can't get married their first week in. You'll get more as we go along.

For the most part I will likely do this as a slideshow - simply because it is faster for me to do so. Only if my update is less than 30 slides will I do LJ format.

Cut for about 25 pictures and a lot of text )

It's back!

Feb. 10th, 2012 04:49 am
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All rebuilding is done. Townies made. CC culled. YAY!!!

Cue the triumphant Music

Cut for spoilers and friends pages. )
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I finished another lot today and started on my next lot.

Welcome to a certain forest that lies next to the Keep's personal farm/orchard. And a place where a good chunk of the next chapter's action will take place.

Cut for pictures )
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It's been a while since I've posted about my progress on my Tudor Recreation/rebuild.

I made some VERY good progress lately let me show you it.

I've managed to get my downtown fully built.

I ran into a snag with the cathedral because I had a very Specific place I wanted it to go....

You see that empty spot, yeah. There. But it was narrow only 3 squares across which really limited which ones I could download and to be honest I didn't feel like BUILDING a Framming cathedral.

Eventually I found one that worked - an OLD version of Notre Dame that I could modify to make useful but that left me with three open areas around it. So I hastily built three lots: a cemetary, a fountain lot, and a market stall/wagon lot.

Here's what the cemetary will look like (and will be used for certain sims)

The other two lots are pretty boring and really only for background shots.

So here is my finished Londonderry. The king's palace is outside the walls to the top of the picture for reference sake.

That is enough for me for tonight. I am BEAT.

Eventually I will post a health update but not tonight.
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Title: Hunger
Word count: 384
Prompt: Going Hunting
Universe: Not telling.
Notes: Oh so spoilery for the universe in question. Oh so very spoilery. Oh and this fic gives me blackout

My Card

He returned to consciousness reluctantly. )
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Title: Cold Comfort
Word count: 716
Prompt: Greg/Mari
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: A scene that likely happened between my most recent chapter and the next one. But it will not be touched on in the story because of the way I tell it (aka the only scenes that show are shown where my POV characters are actually there or through letter format). So this can be considered canon. One to go.

He refused to touch her. )
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Title: Desperate Boredom
Words: 523
Prompt: Reading a Good Book
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Spoilery, but not hugely. Only two more to go.

Cee was bored. )
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Title: Never Gonna Give You Up
Word count: 1056
Prompt: Kor/Lily
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Set in the future... Really fucking spoilery but if you read my OWBC you should have seen this coming.

Koroneiki Warner stood nervously on his girlfriend's front porch staring anxiously at the doorbell. )
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Title: Just a Day
Word count: 856
Prompt: Ordinary Day (Vanessa Carleton)
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Last of my Main house girls focus. As always these are spoilery and they can be considered canon.

Lebanon Warner was running late. )
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And a happy birthday to [ profile] bettyanneartist.

Continuing on my theme of there are never enough PJs in the world I am bringing to you 25 recolors of the really awesome silky glamor life PJs. Seriously, I've loved those Pajamas since I saw them and really wanted more recolors but no one else seemed to want to recolor them and I found out why when I tried... The Texture that makes the lovely silky color is REALLY unforgiving. I went through many tries before I figured out the trick to recoloring this. You don't want pixellated polarized effects, or at least I don't.

As always I have clearly labeled all of the recolors for easy culling.

I have plans to do the Male Version of this PJ as well as [ profile] ndainye's mesh for the female top and the male bottom. Because skivving off with your honey's PJ top is the epitome of love.

Edit! Because LJ somehow stripped the download link when posted it. Thanks Pen for pointing that out. Since I do all of the pictures and links first then add text. *grumbles at LJ*
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Continuing on my quest for more options for men I am presenting "It's Still Good" a set of gradient t-shirt and briefs PJs.

There are six colors to choose from and they are all clearly labeled for easy culling.

They are compressorized and there is no mesh needed.

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Joyous Yule to those of you who celebrate it on my friends list.

Here is another of my presents for you, I have more. Yes, I've been busy. Or rather, I was busy. Now I'm just in share mode.

Three recolors of the basegame teen swim trunks. It always bugged me that there weren't enough swim clothes for my teens and most guys I know don't wear banana hammocks or boxer wannabes to the beach. The colors are Gold, White and Aqua. As always they are clearly labeled for culling purposes.

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Because there are a lot of holidays in this little itty bitty time period you all get another gift from me.

This one is dedicated to my Southern Hemisphere friends as well as those who don't really see snow all that often. Or who wished they didn't see snow all that often, like me.

I have a set of 8 recolors of a basegame teen swimsuit. Because not every teen is going to want to wear a bikini nor are they going to want to wear their mom's old swimsuit either. I mean I wouldn't want to. Not that my mom hasn't tried to foist some of hers off on me. Which can I say, EW!?

Anyway, like all of my stuff, they are clearly lableled so that you can pull the stuff you don't like and keep what you do. All of the patterns I chose are ones I've either had on a swimsuit (the Blue Camo) or have seen on suits. And No, you cannot see pics of me in that suit, they're like 20+ years old! I was a teenager! And Ugly! An Ugly Teenager in a Swimsuit!!! It will burn your eyes out!

Oh, you want to see the swatches. Well here...

If you've made it this far, good on you! I hope you all enjoy!

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For all of my simming friends, I have made a gift just for you because baby, it's cold outside and we all need some hot men in their undies to make us all warm and happy. Or at least I do. What can I say?

There are seven recolors of this all of which are clearly labeled for easy removal.

Wally is modeling "Laundry Accident" which are a lovely shade of light swirly pink because we all know men can't do their own laundry without something running.

The lines are a little pixelated if you zoom in on the crotch. But it really isn't noticible from a non-voyeur distance. And I mean who is going to be focussing on the package? Other than me? I mean... Oh dear.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy!

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Title: The Night Before
Word count: 524
Prompt: Now is the winter of our discontent
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Spoilery. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. But if you are conversant with English history you can make an educated guess what this referring to. In addition, this scene or one VERY like it will be appearing in a future chapter. You have been warned.

Night was falling as surely as the snow piling up around his feet )
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Should I create a Livejournal Community for the Apocalypse challenge like there is for the BACC and Legacy Challenges?

I Have a bit of a hunch that the new boolprop forums are going to run into bandwidth issues Very quickly.

[Poll #1801938]
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Do you really want to know what this is?

Clicky )
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Title: Sister
Word count: 1,121
Prompt: When Richard met Aurora
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Not spoilery. Thank goodness.

Curse it, where are you boy? )
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This is the next upload in my series. Elders need more clothing options and this is especially true in period games.

Cut for more pictures and download link )
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Continuing in my project to have more underwear/pajamas/swimwear/athletic clothes for my Medieval/Renaissance hood I present my next offering.

More pictures and Download Link under the Cut )

First WCIF

Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:12 am
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Okay... I have found something that I had and now do not so I am hoping someone has it in their downloads folder and are willing to share.

They are the rugs from this:

I got them from the GOS monthly theme of Elders need love too and many of the rugs SO very work for my period. It was around this time that the rushes were taken up off of the floors and carpets put down. They were a sign of wealth and prosperity and class that you could keep them clean. Since they were so expensive and came from very far off.

The link is not working now and I can't seem to find them anywhere else.

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I am working on getting my Tudor hood set up again and well, it is slow going. So when I get sick of downloading stuff and don't want to piss off my ISP I am stopping to make CC that I know I had before but never got around to uploading. Big mistake.

So this is the first of several things I will be sharing while in the rebuild process.

Swatches and Babble this way... )
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So yeah...

Rebuild... It is best described as a complete rebuild of EVERYTHING!!! But the Hardest part is getting all of the CC I had back. Or at least enough of it so I can function. My problem is that a lot of the sites I used to go to don't exist now and they are not at the graveyard. And I don't even know what the stuff was called let alone have pictures of it to post on WCIF threads. It's like coming home after a robbery and trying to figure out what was taken and what wasn't. Some things you don't realize were gone until you go looking for it and can't find it.

So yeah. Anyway.

I've downloaded all of the Female hairs I wanted from GoS (except the stuff from Koralene or whatever she is called because of her ad and malware infected download site) but I still need to down load from the Male hair section there as well as all of the Old theme of the month and christmas in july threads. I've gotten all of the hairs from Almighty Hat's site that I wanted. I'll still need to weed since I don't use all four blacks, browns, and blondes. But since I pick and choose here and there on those colors it is easier to download the lot then weed.

I still need to hit up MTS2 and Plumbbob Keep as well as the Booty. I also need to find a few places that have pooklet hair recolors on it that aren't GOS or Hat. Because there are some hairs I really, REALLY, need/want that Hat didn't do. Namely my heir's hair.

I have a few things that were on the desktop for the tudors. But I have to do a weed there.

But it is coming. Very slowly it is coming. Trying to compile two years worth of downloading into a few months is not easy.
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Title: Caught!
Word count: 458
Prompt: "Well, what are you doing creeping around a cow shed at two o'clock in the morning? That doesn't sound very wise to me."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Minorly spoilery for my OWBC but not really.

Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?  )
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Title: Visions
Word count: 510
Prompt: Roses
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Hugely spoilery. No names although most of you can guess what this is. This scene or one like it should appear in about two or three chapters from now.

She was painting again )
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Title: Angry Ghosts
Word count: 523
Prompt: Everybody hates Fantasy
Universe: I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations

I think we should play a game tonight!  )
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Title: Interview
Word count: 463
Prompt: "That young girl is the most benightedly unintelligent organic life form it has been my profound lack of pleasure to be unable to avoid meeting."
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Way, way in the future. Like generations and generations away. I don't even know the girl's name yet or any characteristics. So yeah.

The monastery was humming with anticipation. )
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Another day, another update...

Woo? )

Comment here or on Boolprop. Thanks for reading!
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It's that time again, that time when I solicit opinions of people to guide me in a direction. I've decided on my next project after I finish the Boreds and to do what I want, I need imput. A few of you know or may guess what I plan to do with the results.

Of the 28 face templates in the Sims 2 which 9 do you find the most UGLY! To make things easier I will be labeling them with their number.

Please fill out the poll at the bottom with your rankings and please do not repeat selections.

Cut for pictures and Poll of doom!!! )


Nov. 3rd, 2011 05:28 pm
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I am seriously sick of my game crashing.

Anyway... so while my game reloads I will share this outtake with you.

The Quads have grown up and are now getting married/finding spouses.

However, like I said - game keeps crashing. But I did get this well drop for Vegeta...

You may have a difficult time making it out. But that is Rhys Fitzhugh in his chain and his turtleneck sweater.

I said hell no and took a mulligan on it. However since my game crashed twice since then (loading CAS) I will not count it. But even in my non-import Boreds. Rhys is fucking Everywhere.

OMG! This guy is the cutest guy EVER!!!

This is Auggie (Annie Walker's son) he is seriously cute as all hell. Much love!!!
ladylarkrune: (Happy Birthday)

I hope you have a good one with lots of candy, cake, and gothic smut!
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Time for another bored update.

*hugs* )

I hope you enjoy.

Comment here or on Boolprop or wherever. Thanks for reading!
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Title: Missing Moments
Word count: 243
Prompt: Oman deals with the fact that he's not getting laid any time soon.
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Do I even need to state that this is spoilery? Or that this contains adult situations?

He missed her )
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Title: Kyrie Eleison
Word count: 217
Prompt: Going on a Journey
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Really Damn Spoilery Names will not be named here.

There was nothing holding him to this place. )
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Title: Crush
Word count: 620
Prompt: Pastime with Good Company
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Pretty Darn Spoilery.

Liberia Warner looked up from the broken down car she was working on in shop class and promptly blushed. )
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Title: The Spotlight
Word count: 229
Prompt: Romania
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Damn Spoilery. You have been warned.

Romania Warner liked being noticed. )
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Title: At First Sight
Word count: 458
Prompt: How the King and Alais Met
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions

It was raining. he recalled )
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I almost forgot it but thank boolprop that I remembered!

ladylarkrune: (Voltron: Crack OTP)
Yes, I got another update out quickly. I want this legacy done so I can move on to other things!

Fair warning there are some naughty words and some strange speech patterns in this. The fonts are deliberate and you aren't supposed to understand them. Just go with it.

Cut for friend's pages. )

I hope you enjoy.

Comment here or on Boolprop or wherever. Thanks for reading!


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