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This is the mirror of my livejournal, Leilia.

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80s music, amy tan, anime, asian food, astronomy, ayashi no ceres, babylon 5, balthier, beating people with sticks, beethoven, bobby goren, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, cels, choo-choo bear, classic rock, cowboy bebop, crying freeman, csi, custom content, dancing with my dogs, daria, david eddings, dbz, dogma, dragonball z, eddie izzard, england, english springer spaniels, facing west, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gaara, geology, good writing, grammar, gundam wing, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, herbalism, hikaru no go, his and her circumstances, history, homophones, howl's moving castle, incarnations of immortality, iron chef, japan, japanese food, jessica rabbit, judith merkle riley, justice league, kaikan phrase, kevin smith, labyrinth, laurel k hamilton, law & order ci, law and order, les miserables, loreena mckennitt, macross plus, mara jade, marmalade boy, massage, melanie rawn, mercedes lackey, middle ages, mythology, naruto, nature, ncis, new zealand, nobuo uematsu, obscure facts, ouran host club, overusing ellipses, paganism, petshop of horrors, philosophy, photoshop's smudge tool, pirates of the caribbean, please save my earth, politics, prince of tennis, ranting, renaissance, rie fu, rikku, rin, rocks, roses, ryoichi ikegami, sakura, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, scotland, sharks, sharks eating planes, shikamaru, simming, sims 2, sims stories, something positive, soundtracks, spike, spinning my cat, spirituality, sporks, sporks., star wars, starcraft, sunsets, sushi, sytycd, the princess bride, the stand, theatre, trigun, vegeta, video games, villains, voice-acting, volcanoes, whistle!, white collar, wicca, writing, yoko kanno, yuu watase
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