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I've added the PDF link to the Apocalypse rules I posted here - but considering the issues LJ has been having lately, I thought I'd announce it so that if you want the PDF for your very own self you could download it.

Here's the link.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Rose and Lark's modified Apocalypse Rules

Cut for length )
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Apocalypse Rules for All Expansions and Stuff Packs

By RoseFyre and LadyLarkRune
Modified from the Original Rules from Pinstar and the Boolprop Apocaborg

This is a slimmed down and reorganized version of the Apocalypse Challenge that most people are familiar with. Some things have been made easier, while others harder. Also all of the flavor text has been removed in order to prevent confusion. These are the rules and nothing else.


Global Rules )

For Adult Start Founders )

For College Start Founders )

Here are the restrictions you must obey once the Apocalypse begins:

Hopelessness )

Adventurer )

Architecture )

Artist )

Athletic )

Business )

Criminal )

Culinary )

Dance )

Education )

Entertainment )

Gamer )

Intelligence )

Journalism )

Law )

Law Enforcement )

Medical )

Military )

Music )

Natural Science )

Oceanography )

Paranormal )

Politics )

Science )

Show Business )

Slacker )

Security Pet )

Service Pet )

Showbiz Pet )

Alien Technology (Not Required to Finish) )

That's it!

Download the PDF of these Rules here!

Change Log:
5/15/13 - Edited Oceanography to include all sprinklers. Added Download link.
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Well it's been a while and I have no idea if this will work, but we can try right?

I hate that LJ strips the embed out, but Meh.

Ding Dong Apocalypse - Chapter 5 from Lady Lark

I tried this as a PDF it totally doubled the MB size but let me know if the pictures look better. Otherwise I am going to go back to PPTX upload.

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Most of this was filmed 3 months ago and part of it was written. If it makes no sense, drink some alcohol and try again. And seriously, annoyed at LJ eating the the imbed codes - they are changing them to lj-embed codes which you can't stop from happening. So you just get the link.

So Feel free to comment where ever.
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More crappy commentary and half-assed stuffage. Along with snark and tricks and tips.

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Here, have more snark and random observation shit.

Comment if you feel like it.
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Someone mentioned that they haven't seen a Freetime Adult Start Apocalypse done:

I've done them.

So when Rose and Doc were here, I started poking at this using the borg rules. I am pointing out the tricks, loopholes, and just plain silly things in the rules. This is snarky. Mostly because I am snarky. This may or may not be continued. It was more to show it could be done. It also is pretty critical of the over restriction of some things. These are my opinions. I have them.

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Comment if you want.
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Should I create a Livejournal Community for the Apocalypse challenge like there is for the BACC and Legacy Challenges?

I Have a bit of a hunch that the new boolprop forums are going to run into bandwidth issues Very quickly.

[Poll #1801938]
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Because some of you wanted to see this.

Bear in mind this is not shot, written or anything well. In fact it is rather crappy.

But Hey, if Wally's happy, who cares.

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Well I am about to head out to Japan but I don't like to leave things unfinished. So here is the last part of my Apocalypse challenge for fun. I hope that you all have enjoyed reading about the Dorans as I have playing and Writing them.

Cut for friends pages )

So what is up next for me? A BC with 7 simselves and one Wally Doran. As well as my and [ profile] smoothiesims Spare story for the Round Robin. Oh, and the OWBC, but No one wants that... ^_^

Comment whereever - Boolprop thread here
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The playing is done. The writing not so much. This is the second to last part. I actually had this uploaded before work but Slideshare was slow. It apparently didn't finish converting until 11:50pm which was 20 minutes after I left for work.

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Because I can. Doped up on pain meds you get this.

Writing isn't as good but meh.

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Because you know that you want to read about more misery and mayhem.

Cut to save friends pages )

Comment here or on Boolprop.
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It is about time for another update, Don't you think?

I still have one open spot for Wally's BC. But I'll be more than happy if no one wants to take it, that just means you have to contend with Sim!Lark as the final contestant. ~_^

I cut because I care: )

One more poll - so vote to determine how I finish.

Comment here or on boolprop. Where ever is fine with me.
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A few of you have spoilers, but here is my final poll for my Apocalypse. It's been fun and a little heart-wrenching. Thank you to those of you who have stuck with me through this. The end is nigh.

[Poll #1458622]

The update will be up later tonight.

Apoc update

Sep. 9th, 2009 09:41 am
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Here is the next update for you all.

You know you want to read it. )
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Comment here or on boolprop. It is up to you!!!

The Current poll is here.

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I've got less than 20 slides to go so it is time to put the poll up.

Please note that the last two questions ask for you to pick 4 lifts. That is because I have 4 sims I need to figure out what they are going to be doing.

[Poll #1447571]

I need this week to end...
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I gots it done.

Don't forget to vote in the poll here!

Comment here or on Boolprop, Choices I give you them!
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I should have the next update out soon. But here is are the polls that are going to set the direction that I am going to go.

[Poll #1442313]

I would like to see your thought process on this. And remember I am basing what I do off of these polls so your opinions count. So if you are disappointed about the direction I am going, well bear in mind I am going to be going off of these. Last time around, Artist was voted the most useless. And I was not about to do a suppression career - that would be stupid - and I said lift not suppression. Hay una diferencia. Behind Artist, Natural Science was selected as most useless of the Uni careers at the time of my play. Followed by ShowBiz and show biz was also one of the top 5 most useless lifts period - along with Law and Life of Crime. And Adventurer was chosen along with Law as the most useless seasons career lift.

So there is my rationale. ^_^
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Because I have played way too far ahead of this, It is time to catch up.

Comment here or on Boolprop, I don't really care.
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I had a good weekend. But you don't care about that

What you care about is this:

Yep the next part is up.

BoolProp Thread is here

Comment wherever. This isn't likely to be as funny as the last update. I wasn't feeling as snarky today. Probably because all of my social abilities were eaten by puppies. Swimming puppies with sharp pointy teeth that go Om Nom Nom.
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Bwahahahaaaa!!! You were wrong.

If you want to vote in the poll, it is here.

This is not epic writing. I'm not even sure it qualifies as writing.

But here it is anyway.

I may get around to putting this on Boolprop. I may not. Spork.


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