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I've added the PDF link to the Apocalypse rules I posted here - but considering the issues LJ has been having lately, I thought I'd announce it so that if you want the PDF for your very own self you could download it.

Here's the link.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Rose and Lark's modified Apocalypse Rules

Cut for length )
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Apocalypse Rules for All Expansions and Stuff Packs

By RoseFyre and LadyLarkRune
Modified from the Original Rules from Pinstar and the Boolprop Apocaborg

This is a slimmed down and reorganized version of the Apocalypse Challenge that most people are familiar with. Some things have been made easier, while others harder. Also all of the flavor text has been removed in order to prevent confusion. These are the rules and nothing else.


Global Rules )

For Adult Start Founders )

For College Start Founders )

Here are the restrictions you must obey once the Apocalypse begins:

Hopelessness )

Adventurer )

Architecture )

Artist )

Athletic )

Business )

Criminal )

Culinary )

Dance )

Education )

Entertainment )

Gamer )

Intelligence )

Journalism )

Law )

Law Enforcement )

Medical )

Military )

Music )

Natural Science )

Oceanography )

Paranormal )

Politics )

Science )

Show Business )

Slacker )

Security Pet )

Service Pet )

Showbiz Pet )

Alien Technology (Not Required to Finish) )

That's it!

Download the PDF of these Rules here!

Change Log:
5/15/13 - Edited Oceanography to include all sprinklers. Added Download link.


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