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To try to keep myself semi-organized, I am making a bit of Story Index.

Ongoing Stories:

Yakko's World
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it
Challenge - OWBC
Summary - What do you get when you make a sim inspired by Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs and set him loose in an ACR flavored OWBC and then add in simselves, legacy/challenge sims, and free will? Chaos. But chaos of both an amusing and tragic variety. This did not start off with the intention to be plotty, however my game had other ideas. A word of advice, never make a woman angry.

I.M. Bored - A Legacy in 10 Generations
Rating - PG
Challenge - Standard 10 generation legacy with a twist.
Summary - A randomly generated founder. Randomly decorated house. Only one chance at true love. One one pregnancy allowed per heir/heiress. Plot negligible. This is something to do while I am writing plottier things.

Vaulting Ambition
Rating - PG-13 and Pushing it
Challenge - Plotty Story using the Legacy Framework
Summary - A story spanning the rise of the Tudor family to something greater.  Set in a pseudo-medieval and renaissance Britain look a like.  I take the history that happened from the start of the Tudor bloodline in England with John of Gaunt and Ends with Elizabeth I and warp it to suit my own ends. 

Crater Lake
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Build A City Challenge with Plot
Summary - After their ship crashed, several surviving aliens must band together to forge a community out of the wilderness with a few of their new human friends.   But there are perils that they didn't foresee and plots afoot.  

Completed Stories:

Bass-Ackwards Apocalypse
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bon Voyage Flavored Apocalypse
Summary - An apocalypse done by going after the "least useful" lifts first as voted on by members of my friends list. I picked a premade sim from my bin and Xavier Doran from my turn from the boolprop round robin legacy was the unlucky man chosen. He managed to do pretty well for himself. The lesson this apoc taught me? Never underestimate the power of the military.

LadyLark's Asylum for the Morbidly Insane
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Asylum
Summary - My first sims story to figure out how to do things. Shove seven sims who've all been touched by death into an asylum and then set an oblivious caretaker on them. Some things are better off left dead and buried.

Getting Frank!
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bachelor Challenge
Summary - France Warner needs to find himself a woman in order to make his mother happy. She's picked seven lovely ladies for him to choose from, somehow I don't think this was the best of ideas.

Group Stories:

BoolPropian Round Robin Legacy
- Generation 3 - Gethin Doran (completed)
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it.
Challenge - Legacy Deluxe
Summary - Carli Doran is a half-breed elf on the run for being who she is. Watch her family deal with challenges across the generations and a curse just waiting to take them by surprise and take away their happiness.
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I'm just playing. Ubermegahood which means no real Belladonna which is where the OWBC is housed. So I'm not taking pictures.

But when I paused (mostly to set up a queue) I got this:

And I needed to share.

And someone remind me to renew my paid membership. Not being able to view things in my style is killer.
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Should I create a Livejournal Community for the Apocalypse challenge like there is for the BACC and Legacy Challenges?

I Have a bit of a hunch that the new boolprop forums are going to run into bandwidth issues Very quickly.

[Poll #1801938]
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It's that time again, that time when I solicit opinions of people to guide me in a direction. I've decided on my next project after I finish the Boreds and to do what I want, I need imput. A few of you know or may guess what I plan to do with the results.

Of the 28 face templates in the Sims 2 which 9 do you find the most UGLY! To make things easier I will be labeling them with their number.

Please fill out the poll at the bottom with your rankings and please do not repeat selections.

Cut for pictures and Poll of doom!!! )
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I am participating in the [ profile] sim_spiration myshuno which is writing for 24 different prompts. The prompts are suggested by readers.

So here is my sign up post - those of you who read me - feel free to give me prompts for my sims stories.

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I am playing the random Apoc and the only playables I have are the apoc family itself and 60 spawned townies. I have no pets, no subhoods, no universities and no NPCs other than the Mailman, paper boy, and driver - thank you clean neighborhoods.

So I about fell over when I got this pop up.

Really? Robin Goodfellow? Really? Why yes I would love to meet Puck. Alas it is not to be since I can't accept network questions until Intelligence is lifted. But still. I want to meet this random sim my game has spawned!
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So I'm playing and I see a want I've never seen before...

cut for large picture )
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For some reason, this is just how I would think the real DocNerd would react if she heard someone say their significant other completes them.

Apparently the error I got earlier was not from marrying a local on a local lot. But, it is an error with World Adventures that noone knows why it happens. I'm glad it is not me. The only fix they suggest is save early and often.
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I got a mod that was put up on Simbiology and Plumb Bob Keep and now the nanny won't show up nor will the carpools or school bus. Basically it looks like it nuked the sim schedules all of them. And I can't seem to get them back even quitting and regetting the job and cancelling the nanny and rehiring her won't fix this.

I am guessing that I will have to do a rebuild. And since I did this in my tudor hood I am not happy. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this short of a rebuild I would be all ears.


I do have a back up I can revert to that I made prior to this mod going in (after the last chapter). Will that work? I would need to replay a few houses - including the main house which would be interesting since I had kids born in it. But it would be better than a rebuild.


Reverted to back up:
Houses need to be played:
Royal house - Nothing really major going to happen that I need to worry about. I can get more pictures though.
Roseland - need to finish building castle - Going to change a lot of things
Turner house - This is going to change things I have filmed and written
Old Tudor House - Not going to change anything I have filmed or written (since nothing major happens)
Main house - going to change a lot of things filmed and written.


Jan. 5th, 2011 06:20 pm
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I am trying to make up a chart of my legacy sims and I have a very WTF moment...

Corbin Bored 2nd Gen Spouse 8/3/7/3/6 Pisces
Evangelion Bored 3rd Gen Heiress 8/3/7/3/6 Virgo
Babylon 5 Bored 4th Gen Heir 8/3/7/3/6 Aries

How can 3 sims all with the same personality points have 3 different zodiac signs.

And I checked simPE the actual personality points are 8.1/3/7/3/6.4 (Genetic) for all three. I have three personality clones but all three have different zodiacs. WTF?

This makes no sense to me at all.

Yule Gift

Dec. 20th, 2010 12:48 am
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To all of my simming friends out there I present the following:


Specs and more pictures behind the cut )
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Okay, I am building my Tudor hood and i made a decision a long time ago that I was going to go with custom townies.

Edited with breakdown:

Here is the breakdown
Main hood - Legacy/Challenge sims
Downtown - Simselves
Shopping Hood - Dorans (because we have enough of them now)
Uni - ???
Vacation Hoods - ???

The simselves are getting a makeover and may get a different color of hair. Eyes will be kept in the same color group but may be different than a default. (no cc other than what I bring in for myself will be included). However no features will be changing. If you are okay with this, please comment with a link to your simself and what their stats are. As a note, all simselves will be unaware of their simself status in game. Many will have an in game background if they marry in.

Legacy sims will not be having color changes, but they will get period appropriate hair (although I will try to keep it in the same family of hair) and eyes that match my eye set. I also plan on trying to give recessives to pretty much everyone simself, legacy sim, or not. If there are any sims you would like to see wandering around in Medieval and Renaissance fashions, please comment with a link and if you don't list recessives on your dload site recessives for them. Also as a note, all legacy sims are getting a memory wipe when they cross the border. Personalities will stay intact but none of them will know of their past and there is no computer with which to check.

I am not picky or exclusive. However on the same token, by replying here your simself/legacy sim will be opening themselves up to the dangers of Tudor Life. Be forewarned!

Thank you muchly!
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Because nothing cures boredom like crap writing and mediocre pictures.

Cut to save friends pages )
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While I was waiting for my Doctor's appointment today. I finished writing my next 100 slides.

Here there be a cut )

Comment wherever - Here or at Boolprop

And there is an heir poll as well - Feel free to vote!
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It only took me almost 4 months but that is better than a year, right?

Scotland, Albania... )

Please to be commenting on Boolprop please. Thanks!
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The box was talking about doing a crossword puzzle for the box/stories/etc. Well this is the result from me.

The clues should all make sense. I hope. Have fun!
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I am still pulling together the stuff for the getting bigger chapter 14. So I want to make sure I get this up before then.

70+ Pictures under the cut )
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It's only been over a year... Not that bad... Really...

Okay it is. But Hey, I didn't give up on this.

So without further adieu I present Unlucky Chapter 13!

Poland, Romania... )

Please comment on Boolprop...

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Because it is needed:

cut for friends' lists )

Comments appreciated and cheerfully accepted. Please do so on the Boolprop Thread please.

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I did it!!!!!
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It's been a while.

A long while

But I am finally done

Here is day 6 of Surprise!Baby Frank's Bachelor challenge. I hope you enjoy

Cut to spare friends pages )

Comment on boolprop please.
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Set in [ profile] regacylady's universe and before her simspiration post for this same prompt.

It was too long for the comment box. So here it is.

Cut because I care. )
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Today's [ profile] sim_spiration prompt features my bug nut. So naturally I needed to write something.

It was a bit slow going one-handed but I did it.

It is here for those who want to read it.

It isn't the greatest but it is about the best I can do at the moment.
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Finished this last night, but I wanted to proof it a little before uploading it.

I've played with the embedding to see if it is easier to read.

Read more... )
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I've got less than 20 slides to go so it is time to put the poll up.

Please note that the last two questions ask for you to pick 4 lifts. That is because I have 4 sims I need to figure out what they are going to be doing.

[Poll #1447571]

I need this week to end...
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People keep telling me that Sim!Lark makes the scariest faces. I would like to challenge that and put it to the test.

So here is a list of the simselves with their pictures so you can decide who is scarier...

Cut to save friends pages )

[Poll #1446543]
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Well this is out in a slightly more timely manner. The writing style isn't as good as normal but Meh.

Lots of stuff going on.

I would prefer comments on BoolProp. ^_^
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I should have the next update out soon. But here is are the polls that are going to set the direction that I am going to go.

[Poll #1442313]

I would like to see your thought process on this. And remember I am basing what I do off of these polls so your opinions count. So if you are disappointed about the direction I am going, well bear in mind I am going to be going off of these. Last time around, Artist was voted the most useless. And I was not about to do a suppression career - that would be stupid - and I said lift not suppression. Hay una diferencia. Behind Artist, Natural Science was selected as most useless of the Uni careers at the time of my play. Followed by ShowBiz and show biz was also one of the top 5 most useless lifts period - along with Law and Life of Crime. And Adventurer was chosen along with Law as the most useless seasons career lift.

So there is my rationale. ^_^
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So I finally got it done. Be impressed.

It may not be as good as some BCs out there, but at least I can say this part is done.

Thread on Boolprop

I would prefer comments there rather than here.


Aug. 4th, 2009 12:47 am
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Okay, I am trying to get caught up on my comments.

So if you have updated and I haven't commented, I apologize.

I know I am up to date on the RR and Marina's BC. The RR because I feel it is a moral imperative for those people who are participating to support the current writer. I really think that Cait got gypped on comments on her turn and I am very disappointed with those who didn't support her. And Marina's because she's finished it and if I didn't catch it now, I would forget.

These are the people who I know I need to comment on:

If I normally comment on your Legacy and you are not on this list, let me know. I am still brain-fried and distracted.
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So I want your opinions for those of you who sim. Which Apocalypse restrictions do you think have the most teeth to them and which ones do you think have the least.

I am using this reference as a guide in case you need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

[Poll #1437073]

Yes I think that Military, Culinary, Medical, and Science are great early lifts and they have been first lifts for me several times. And with LJ only allowing 15 choices for their polls, I had to pull 4 to make room.

Now I have never played with pets restrictions, but I know that service is the most important.

And as for Free Time well I don't really like most of the rules that people have made up regarding those careers. So I will likely ignore them or play on the laptop where there Freetime, Pets, and Apartment Life are not installed.

Edit: I forgot Music. Oops... Which is a Seasons career. I can't really edit the poll so if you like that one include a comment.


Jul. 21st, 2009 04:28 pm
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Ori asked me to get her a picture of Gethin, Amber, Charlie and the 10 boys and I was like - sure no problem.

However there is a problem. The Challenge Dummy Hood of "Spork on a Stick" is missing some people. 10 people to be exact. The boys, all of them, are missing. Gone. Kaput. They aren't in the family tree, they aren't in simPE. Gone.

The back up is missing them too - which it was taken after I did the BC there. So I have no clue what happened or where my boys are.

And I was looking forward to de-stressing after Otakon with my sims. Not this.

At the moment, Belladonna and the Warners seem okay. But this has me worried.
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I updated the Warner Gift Shop to include Onslow and Frank. I don't think I am going to put up the girls unless someone really wants them.

I will not be putting up anyone from Gen 3 until I get them introduced in game. Although Joss and Kor are awesome!.


Apr. 9th, 2009 07:11 am
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If I could make a secret, I would. But seriously I am getting sick of all of the houses on MTS2. I know Cry Moar. But seriously, it's just random house after random house. Most of them nothing special and many not livable. I can make better, and that is saying something.

If I had any level of graphic skills I would try my hand at CC, but I don't and I don't have the patience to learn.

But seriously, I would rather have a lack of updates than all of the worthless houses.

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I was supposed to be getting together with people today to work on Otakon related things. That isn't happening.

Last night I had macaroni and my body didn't like it... I tried eating again this morning around 7am and well that wasn't well received either. So my plans are kinda shot.

While all of this was going on I was playing the sims and cleaning. Cleaning went well.

Sims not so much... All I have to say is that Marina thinks she's got it bad... Ha! I say! Ha! 3% chance my ass!!! *headdesks*
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It's later in the week. Not a whole lot later, but still later.

For this rotation, I deliberately left Oman's house to last. I wanted to have as many chances for him to interact with Marina and Cee before I did the dates and final decision process.

He looks so studious and innocent here. I really wanted to use this picture in the update - but I ran out of room...

50+ pictures behind the cut )
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I could announce that chapters Ten and Eleven of my OWBC are up - but I think that most everyone knows that.

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 actually all came from the same rotation. And since I was bouncing between houses update wise I didn't want to do my pic spam until I finished publishing what I covered in the rotation.

You are going to get two bouts of Pic spam - here is the first.

50+ pictures behind the cut. )


Mar. 1st, 2009 11:23 am
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The plot bunnies they need to stop. Seriously, stop already. I want to sleep...

And it isn't even for one of my stories...
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Lots of weddings and LOTS of babies in this rotation. I made the decision to play each house for a season then switch houses. I also made the decision that since there were two simselves Vying for the affections of one Oman that I would just invite all three of them to every party that I threw and let it go at that. After playing all of the houses but Oman I think I know who the lucky simself is going to be. Let me say it was close. But one really threw herself at Oman with a reckless abandon not seen in ages. I am glad my simself made the decision back when Oman was in college to back off else her heart would be broken.

After all of my playing, I am happy to announce that Belladonna Cove has had population explosion of cute. And that Yakko and Jo are living the family sims dream - too bad that they are two pleasure sims.

Yakko has entrenched himself in my heart as one of my favorite sims ever. He loves his kids and shows up to visit them just whenever and he seems to know when there are toddlers around so will just let himself in to play, cuddle, feed and care for them. I have the evidence.

3 pictures behind the cut but beware of cute... )
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It is no surprise that I am not fond of the Exchange. Their purge and rating system annoys me and I use a lot of Custom Content from Creators who do not Want their stuff shared on the exchange.

So I jumped on the increasing large bandwagon and am uploading my sims to

I have noted where ever there is something that you need to be aware of in game.

I hope that you enjoy them in your game as much as I have in mine.

Please let me know if you want any sims I have not included in this listing and I will add them. ^_^

Sims and Info behind the cut: )
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Because LJ hates me )
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I didn't announce it on the 11th when the first part went up because I knew that I would the second part out fairly quickly.

So here they are:
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Then of course I have some outtakes for you all but lets start with some eyecandy...

Lots of pictures behind the cut... Some racy... Many very spoilery... )

I hope you all enjoy!
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She did )
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Because the Tudor's are kicking my ass I switched gears. And less than 24 hours later I present to you Chapter 6.

Please keep your hands and arms inside the coaster at all times. This is going to be rough - on some people.
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No really. I am loving playing them. But writing them is not happening. I've gotten about 30 slides captioned and am not totally happy with them. So I am taking a break.

Back to the Warners. I have their chapter also set to go and maybe not having to be plotty will help me. If nothing else I might be able to start playing again.
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Because I am a maschocist I am teaching myself how to stage scenes, take better pictures, and be semi-historically accurate. Here are some examples of what I have been doing.

Cut because I care )
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In my random sleepy fuzzed mind I forgot to announce that I put the next part of my OWBC up - the boolprop people have already seen this but for the sake of consistency I am saying it here anyway.

So here is chapter 5 - it went up on 1/28/09...

Here are two pictures that will not be making it into the next update for those who like that kind of thing.
Read more... )
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After a spurt of sleeplessness and creativity I present chapter 4 of Yakko's World now on an exchange near you.

I am not including suprise baby because I don't know how long Jo and Yakko have left. Even Oz will be a challenge since he is not in college yet.

Non BoolProp HeirPoll behind the cut. )
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People want to know what made me cringe when Jo aged up.

Pictures behind the cut: )
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I haven't encouraged any of my kids to be anything and all of a sudden both Burundi and Oman have different stats. Massively different stats.

I am going to fix them in SimPE but I hope this isn't a Fiery Ball Visible From Space thing of doom.

Edit: It is only those two. I wonder if the game did something when they aged up to young adult. Since that is the only thing different between them and their siblings.

But here is the difference: Burundi is 3/9/7/7/7 she was 2/10/8/8/5 when I noticed the difference. Um Yeah.

Oman should be a 2/7/2/7/7 he was 0/9/3/8/5 - if I didn't know better I would say yakko or jo were encouraging them but I know that they haven't been. Just weird. They are now back to where they should be.


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