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To try to keep myself semi-organized, I am making a bit of Story Index.

Ongoing Stories:

Yakko's World
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it
Challenge - OWBC
Summary - What do you get when you make a sim inspired by Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs and set him loose in an ACR flavored OWBC and then add in simselves, legacy/challenge sims, and free will? Chaos. But chaos of both an amusing and tragic variety. This did not start off with the intention to be plotty, however my game had other ideas. A word of advice, never make a woman angry.

I.M. Bored - A Legacy in 10 Generations
Rating - PG
Challenge - Standard 10 generation legacy with a twist.
Summary - A randomly generated founder. Randomly decorated house. Only one chance at true love. One one pregnancy allowed per heir/heiress. Plot negligible. This is something to do while I am writing plottier things.

Vaulting Ambition
Rating - PG-13 and Pushing it
Challenge - Plotty Story using the Legacy Framework
Summary - A story spanning the rise of the Tudor family to something greater.  Set in a pseudo-medieval and renaissance Britain look a like.  I take the history that happened from the start of the Tudor bloodline in England with John of Gaunt and Ends with Elizabeth I and warp it to suit my own ends. 

Crater Lake
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Build A City Challenge with Plot
Summary - After their ship crashed, several surviving aliens must band together to forge a community out of the wilderness with a few of their new human friends.   But there are perils that they didn't foresee and plots afoot.  

Completed Stories:

Bass-Ackwards Apocalypse
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bon Voyage Flavored Apocalypse
Summary - An apocalypse done by going after the "least useful" lifts first as voted on by members of my friends list. I picked a premade sim from my bin and Xavier Doran from my turn from the boolprop round robin legacy was the unlucky man chosen. He managed to do pretty well for himself. The lesson this apoc taught me? Never underestimate the power of the military.

LadyLark's Asylum for the Morbidly Insane
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Asylum
Summary - My first sims story to figure out how to do things. Shove seven sims who've all been touched by death into an asylum and then set an oblivious caretaker on them. Some things are better off left dead and buried.

Getting Frank!
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bachelor Challenge
Summary - France Warner needs to find himself a woman in order to make his mother happy. She's picked seven lovely ladies for him to choose from, somehow I don't think this was the best of ideas.

Group Stories:

BoolPropian Round Robin Legacy
- Generation 3 - Gethin Doran (completed)
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it.
Challenge - Legacy Deluxe
Summary - Carli Doran is a half-breed elf on the run for being who she is. Watch her family deal with challenges across the generations and a curse just waiting to take them by surprise and take away their happiness.


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