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To try to keep myself semi-organized, I am making a bit of Story Index.

Ongoing Stories:

Yakko's World
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it
Challenge - OWBC
Summary - What do you get when you make a sim inspired by Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs and set him loose in an ACR flavored OWBC and then add in simselves, legacy/challenge sims, and free will? Chaos. But chaos of both an amusing and tragic variety. This did not start off with the intention to be plotty, however my game had other ideas. A word of advice, never make a woman angry.

I.M. Bored - A Legacy in 10 Generations
Rating - PG
Challenge - Standard 10 generation legacy with a twist.
Summary - A randomly generated founder. Randomly decorated house. Only one chance at true love. One one pregnancy allowed per heir/heiress. Plot negligible. This is something to do while I am writing plottier things.

Vaulting Ambition
Rating - PG-13 and Pushing it
Challenge - Plotty Story using the Legacy Framework
Summary - A story spanning the rise of the Tudor family to something greater.  Set in a pseudo-medieval and renaissance Britain look a like.  I take the history that happened from the start of the Tudor bloodline in England with John of Gaunt and Ends with Elizabeth I and warp it to suit my own ends. 

Crater Lake
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Build A City Challenge with Plot
Summary - After their ship crashed, several surviving aliens must band together to forge a community out of the wilderness with a few of their new human friends.   But there are perils that they didn't foresee and plots afoot.  

Completed Stories:

Bass-Ackwards Apocalypse
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bon Voyage Flavored Apocalypse
Summary - An apocalypse done by going after the "least useful" lifts first as voted on by members of my friends list. I picked a premade sim from my bin and Xavier Doran from my turn from the boolprop round robin legacy was the unlucky man chosen. He managed to do pretty well for himself. The lesson this apoc taught me? Never underestimate the power of the military.

LadyLark's Asylum for the Morbidly Insane
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Asylum
Summary - My first sims story to figure out how to do things. Shove seven sims who've all been touched by death into an asylum and then set an oblivious caretaker on them. Some things are better off left dead and buried.

Getting Frank!
Rating - PG-13
Challenge - Bachelor Challenge
Summary - France Warner needs to find himself a woman in order to make his mother happy. She's picked seven lovely ladies for him to choose from, somehow I don't think this was the best of ideas.

Group Stories:

BoolPropian Round Robin Legacy
- Generation 3 - Gethin Doran (completed)
Rating - PG-13 and pushing it.
Challenge - Legacy Deluxe
Summary - Carli Doran is a half-breed elf on the run for being who she is. Watch her family deal with challenges across the generations and a curse just waiting to take them by surprise and take away their happiness.
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I've added the PDF link to the Apocalypse rules I posted here - but considering the issues LJ has been having lately, I thought I'd announce it so that if you want the PDF for your very own self you could download it.

Here's the link.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Rose and Lark's modified Apocalypse Rules

Cut for length )
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Apocalypse Rules for All Expansions and Stuff Packs

By RoseFyre and LadyLarkRune
Modified from the Original Rules from Pinstar and the Boolprop Apocaborg

This is a slimmed down and reorganized version of the Apocalypse Challenge that most people are familiar with. Some things have been made easier, while others harder. Also all of the flavor text has been removed in order to prevent confusion. These are the rules and nothing else.


Global Rules )

For Adult Start Founders )

For College Start Founders )

Here are the restrictions you must obey once the Apocalypse begins:

Hopelessness )

Adventurer )

Architecture )

Artist )

Athletic )

Business )

Criminal )

Culinary )

Dance )

Education )

Entertainment )

Gamer )

Intelligence )

Journalism )

Law )

Law Enforcement )

Medical )

Military )

Music )

Natural Science )

Oceanography )

Paranormal )

Politics )

Science )

Show Business )

Slacker )

Security Pet )

Service Pet )

Showbiz Pet )

Alien Technology (Not Required to Finish) )

That's it!

Download the PDF of these Rules here!

Change Log:
5/15/13 - Edited Oceanography to include all sprinklers. Added Download link.
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This is not an April Fool's Joke. Although some may wish it were after reading it.

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

I really look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

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And we have the finale of the Asylum Bachelor Challenge of Joss Whedon Warner. And what a finale it is!

Seriously, so much stuff happened that I cannot even tell you about it.

Click the picture to go to the presentation.

This is totally observational. Plot snuck in slightly. Slightly. You'll know it when you see it. And may the best woman win!

I hope you enjoy!
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So, here you go. Part Two of the Asylum Bachelor Challenge for Joss Whedon Warner.

Because you know you want to know what happens when you have 11 women going after one man and a family sim forced to cater to their every whim.

Click the picture to go to the presentation.

This is totally observational. Plot is non-existent in the face of free will.

I hope you enjoy!
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So, here you go. Part One of the Asylum Bachelor Challenge for Joss Whedon Warner.

Click the picture to go to the presentation.

This is totally observational. Plot is non-existent in the face of free will.

Let me know what you think!
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Allow me to introduce the inmates (surrounding the bachelor) for the ABC (asylum Bachelor Challenge)

From Left to right

Genie Doran
Molly Penguino
Elizabeth Doran
Malcolm Landgraab V
Joss Whedon Warner (Bachelor)
Katmiester Simself
Seren Doran
Rose Fitzhugh
Eve Vetinari
Rachel Contrary-Doran

Rachel Austen Fox
Marina Simself

As for the caretaker of this challenge I proudly present:

That's right, she's got twelve inmates to oversee as well as any babies that they produce while getting her LTW. And yes, she is still a family sim...

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So... I've gotten through my primary plot arc that I've been working on for 4 years. Now I get to move on to other things.

Cut for semi spoilers and a picture. )
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So this is the last of this story arc. Updates will not be coming as quickly since I have to go back to playing intermixed with staging. (I still hate staging)

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

I really look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

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Tiptoes in.

I bet you weren't expecting the Yakko's World inundation.

I debated sitting on this when I finished it, but I decided I wanted to be nice. Yes, it is an interlude. Do not skip this. It is very important to the plot. Seriously. You will be confused later if you skip this.

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

Now I'm going to go back into my cave.

P.S. This means I've made my Cremo Goal.
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I'll just leave this here.

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

No alternate link. I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

Now I'm going to go hide in a cave for a while.
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Oh man, oh man. Did this week's prompt really apply to me. Like I had way, way too many spoilery things I could write about. So I settled for the least spoilery of the ones.

Even there, I need to cut it off a little.

It was a nice quiet evening. )
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I meant to have this out sooner. But I kind of got sucked into other things. Still, It's pretty timely, yes?

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

No alternate link. I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

Now it is time to start getting ready for SimCremo! If you haven't signed up for it yet, go do so at the [ profile] sim_spiration community!
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And I've finished Chapter 17. WOOOOO!!!

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

No alternate link. I've put this up as a PDF so people can download it if they want the better picture quality.

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.

Now I am going to go back up my hood.

On writing.

Feb. 1st, 2013 07:27 am
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I write because I want to see the full story.
I write because I want to communicate.
I write because I want to capture a moment.
A thought.
A feeling.
I write.
I write when I am happy.
I write when I am sad.
I write when I am angry.
I write.
I write in marathons.
I write in sprints.
I write one agonizing word after the other.
But I write.
I write because I can.
I write because I should.
But Most of all,
I write because I must.
I write.
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Only a Short wait for this one.

There is going to be a Part C coming at some point. No clue when. Real life is ramping up.

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

Alternate link for better picture quality. (Docstoc)

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.
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After about a nine month wait I have the next part done for you.

It's a little shorter than normal, but I think that if I didn't end it where I did the disconnect of writing style would have been really, really jarring.

Click on the picture to go read the chapter. (slideshare)

Alternate link for better picture quality. (Docstoc)

Feel free to comment either here or on Boolprop.
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I'm just playing. Ubermegahood which means no real Belladonna which is where the OWBC is housed. So I'm not taking pictures.

But when I paused (mostly to set up a queue) I got this:

And I needed to share.

And someone remind me to renew my paid membership. Not being able to view things in my style is killer.
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I told you I had more stuff.

Again, it's the preview pics that did me in. I hate taking them.

These are recolors of the Long Slicker found here for adult female.

I only did Four Recolors this time all of which are clearly labeled.

From Left to Right: Gold, Brown, Black, Red

They are for YA through Elder and are townified and compressorized. It should go without saying that you need Seasons to use this. But you need Seasons to use this.

I will likely have more. When I feel like making more. And Taking preview pics. I hate those things.
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So I mentioned a year ago that I was working on getting mix and matching PJs. Well, I finally finished.

I'll be really honest here, I've had them done for a while. It's the taking of preview pictures that makes me cringe in horror.

So I decided, as you do, to fudge it.
Cut for a large picture )

This is me fudging it. Some of the PJs match each other, some don't. Let me tell you that the crushed velvet look in "Half Dressed" I wish I'd found sooner. It is fucking lovely, if I do say so myself.

All of the looks are labeled clearly for weeding purposes and have tooltips. Because I am nice that way. If there are meshes, they are included. Glamor Life is needed for the full outfits. It is not for any of the half ones.

Slumber Party - Full Glamor Life Outfit (link goes to original post)
The Better Half - PJ Top Only - mesh included (link goes to original post)

Proper PJs - Full Glamor Life Outfit (link takes you to Box)
Half Dressed - PJ bottoms only (link takes you Box)

So here's the first of the giftmas gifts from me. It won't be the last. If I feel like taking preview pics of the male stuff, I will do separate posts for them. That isn't likely. I'm lazy.
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I made this for [ profile] fuzzy_spork for her Egyptian Legacy last year. But I figured, hey, what the heck, I should share these, right?

Cut for pictures and description )
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I have more PJ downloads for you all.

I was going to put this up in one of the GOS Monthly themes and then I got nervous thinking it wasn't good enough. Then I forgot about it. Oops? Some of them are matching the previous upload I did of Slumber Party for those of you who want to show someone getting dressed or undressed.

Anyway here they are:

There are 15 recolors of this all of them labeled clearly so that you can weed what you don't want.

As always, the mesh is included and they have been compressorized.

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Well it's been a while and I have no idea if this will work, but we can try right?

I hate that LJ strips the embed out, but Meh.

Ding Dong Apocalypse - Chapter 5 from Lady Lark

I tried this as a PDF it totally doubled the MB size but let me know if the pictures look better. Otherwise I am going to go back to PPTX upload.

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Title: Worshipping the Porcelain God
Prompt: Phantom/Misdiagnosed Pregnancy
Word Count: 425
World: I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations
Warnings: None
Summary: I.M. is feeling sick with good reason.

Why was it always corn and carrots? )
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Title: Parenthood
Prompt: Drea's Parenting Techniques
Word Count: 450
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery. Oh so very spoilery.
Summary: Three scenes showing what Drea is like as a parent.
My Card

Rhys, can you take care of that?  )
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Title: Teaching Teacher
Prompt: What I did on my Summer Vacation by ___
Word Count: 673
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery oh the spoilery. Hence the lack of names.
Summary: Parent/Teacher Conferences are fun…
Note: This gives me Myshuno!

So why are we here again? )
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Title: Coming Storm
Prompt: "Into each life some rain must fall."
Word Count: 610
World: Vaulting Ambitions
Warnings: Kind of Spoilery only really not.
Summary: Greg and Mari find that castle ownership leaves something to be desired.

Mari, wake up, he whispered, nudging her bare shoulder. )
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Title: Fifteen Things
Prompt: Quinn/Spica
Word Count: 325
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery only if you care about minor characters.
Summary: Little list fic about Quinn and Spica falling in love.

Spica Walton fell in love with Quinn Devereaux when she was seven years old. )
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I almost beat Rose... Almost.

Title: House Call
Prompt: Diagnosis
Word Count: 354
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: None
Summary: Onslow finally finds out what disease Liv has.

Onslow watched the man hovering over his wife with wary eyes. )
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Hello all, jumping on the bandwagon with my myshuno card, let's hope it doesn't break.

Cut for lists )
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So I've been kind of quiet over here. That's because I haven't really had anything of substance to say. I've been posting little things at Twitter but again, not much of substance.

I've been in a writing mood. And I've been writing fanfic. As some you might recall, one of my goals this year was to actually work on some of my fanfic works in progress and I did!

So, after a what was a 6 year hiatus, I've updated my Goten/Bra fic called Plotting to Win - some of you may remember it. What? Don't look at me like that. I actually mean to finish, the whole thing is plotted out. I just need to write it. (Like so many things)

I'd put it on Mediaminer, but I am not sure I remember my password there. How is that for ironic?

So yeah, I'm being productive and actually looking at Nano as finish fic month. Not sure when the sims stories that people care about will be back. I'm getting a little bored with the sims to be honest. This happens and I go in cycles. I will likely be back when I get annoyed at fanfic - which also happens.

I do mean to actually make my New Year's Goals. Including the one to get better.

So that is up with me. How are you?
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Most of this was filmed 3 months ago and part of it was written. If it makes no sense, drink some alcohol and try again. And seriously, annoyed at LJ eating the the imbed codes - they are changing them to lj-embed codes which you can't stop from happening. So you just get the link.

So Feel free to comment where ever.
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Title: Looking Down the Paths Not Taken
Author: Leilia
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Spoilers: Up to my last published chapter
Prompt: Sound
Notes: Poem by Robert Frost

Oman often wondered what might have been. )
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I finally saw the Avengers today.

I was unable to see the film because I cannot go by myself because of my Vertigo Issues. And after seeing it I am glad I didn't try to go on my own. I am still unsteady as I type this. A few of you know that I have gotten pretty annoyed that people started spoiling me for plot points that happened during the movie. And now having seen it, I am still annoyed. This is why...

The Things that People Spoiled for me - and there are Spoilers here. )

So am I angry? Yeah, I guess I am. I still enjoyed the movie. I just didn't enjoy it as much as I know I would have if I hadn't been grossly spoiled.

Joss Whedon is one of those writers and directors who pride themselves on the sucker punch. The unexpected moment of levity. The stomp on your heart and make pate of it. His stuff is best left unspoiled for those who haven't seen it or aren't in the know.

I think it all comes down to respect. I understand that people want to squee and be fangirly over movies and books that they just read. But there's a certain point where you need to only do that with people who have seen/read the media in question. For me, that line for movies is when the film is still in its first run in theaters. Not everyone can go see it the first few weeks it is out. And then there are those people on our friends lists who are in other countries and may not see these films until weeks or months later. For a television show, I feel the line is shorter a week after the episode aired for the most part. For a book, the line is longer. A year after its first release. Because there are a lot of people who have to still get their books from the library.

I was horrendously spoiled for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I still haven't read the book yet. I don't see the point. The same is true for the TV series Lost or Heroes. I know what happens I don't need to see it.

So for me, unless I ask to be spoiled. Don't spoil me. If I ask for it, then that is on me. But as much as I liked the movie, I didn't enjoy it as much as my parents who were gushing about it today at lunch after we saw it.

And I think that angers me the most.
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Title: The Nature of Love
Prompt: "The hardest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Spoilers: None if you've read my most recent chapters.


It was supposed to be so simple. Meet a girl. Fall in love. Get married. Have babies. Live happily ever after. It was like that old mocking chant, 'First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.' But of course he'd managed to get it all backwards.

He fell in love. That was the easy part. He'd done it three times that he was willing to count. The hard part was what to do between falling in love and getting married. He'd tried to go straight to getting married, but the first time around he'd screwed up. Neglected the girl. Let her love change, mutate, and find a new focus. He had no one to blame but himself, he knew that now. It still didn't make the memories any less painful.

The second and third times he fell in love was unfortunately at the same time, with two different but amazing woman. He'd picked one. Thought he'd put the other behind him. But somehow the feeling was still there. He'd given her hope that he'd pick her in the long run and eventually she'd gotten tired of waiting. She'd made her move at just the wrong moment and again he felt his world crumble. He'd realized then that he wasn't in love with her any longer. Of course only after it was too late. The woman he picked fell out of love with him. Not that he could blame her. There had to be something wrong with him if he couldn't even manage such a simple thing as falling in love, getting married and starting a family.

He looked at the picture down in his hands. He'd started the family out of order too. Not that he regretted it at all. He loved his children, all of them, just like he loved their mother. But now he just had to convince her.

He thought about their awkward date together. The movie, the walk afterward, he'd just been happy to be with her, but he could tell that she was wary of him. Afraid of getting hurt. He could relate. That was how he felt most of the time.

He gently stroked his fingers over her face. He loved her. He knew that now. He loved her with every fiber of his being. It didn't matter that he'd screwed up, he needed her. He needed her to love him. Without her, he was just an empty shell.

He thought about the phone call he'd gotten from her. She'd sounded upset, but like she was trying to hide it. He was afraid that she was going to tell him that there was no hope. They couldn't work things out. That he'd lost her permanently. He didn't want to hear that.

He took a deep breath. It was time to face the music. Oman just hoped that when the music stopped that Cee'd still love him just as much as he loved her in return.
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More crappy commentary and half-assed stuffage. Along with snark and tricks and tips.

ladylarkrune: (Naruto Ball Z)
Here, have more snark and random observation shit.

Comment if you feel like it.
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Someone mentioned that they haven't seen a Freetime Adult Start Apocalypse done:

I've done them.

So when Rose and Doc were here, I started poking at this using the borg rules. I am pointing out the tricks, loopholes, and just plain silly things in the rules. This is snarky. Mostly because I am snarky. This may or may not be continued. It was more to show it could be done. It also is pretty critical of the over restriction of some things. These are my opinions. I have them.

Cut for presentation. )

Comment if you want.
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I got a Twitter account.

Mostly so I can snark fics I read or stuff like that and I don't want to clutter up my LJ with - WTH AUTHOR? Posts are complete fangirl ramblings about stuff like Young Justice.

This Twitter is so not going to be personal.
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Title: Chess With Death
Prompt: "There's no chance for us // It's all decided for us"
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: A missing scene between Chapter 16 and Chapter 17. Definitely spoilery for the last chapter of my OWBC. If you haven't read that, you might want to skip this.
Word Count: 1,108

Cut for length. )
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Trying to get everything cleaned out in prep for the next Chapter. That means clearing out my outtakes folders.

I do not recommend reading this if you haven't fully read my last two updates. Spoilers within.

66 pictures behind the cut )
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Have I mentioned how much I love Young Justice? I totally do. I love it. When I break out into actual vocal squeeing they must be doing something right.

The story is over arching and complex. They have a very good vocal cast, including your favorite con-bunny Crispin Freeman. They make serious continuity nods all the time. And it's done by the man who brought you Gargoyles and David Xanatos.

I love the character development in this as well. The characters are three dimensional with hopes, fears, foibles, and desires. They have their quirks that make them really bloody interesting and even the villains get these. It's not just meant for kids. Although it is enjoyable by kids. But the plots, the grey areas, and motivations really are adult fare. And trust me they get some serious crap by the radar.

And then there are the canon ships. And I have to admit it, I am a big fan of one of them. Seriously big fan of it. It gives me a happy to see them together. Especially since he knows all of her secrets and she knows all of his. Yeah there's some weirdness to it, but it's a super hero romance, what do you expect?

No real reason for this post other than the first season just finished and it was awesome. Watch it people. If you liked the DC Animated Universe, you will like this. If you liked Teen Titans, you will like this. If you liked Gargoyles, you will like this. Seriously, it may be a cartoon. But it is a good one.
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I don't really think an introduction is needed...

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Four updates, one month. Oi, I don't think I'm going to be able to keep this up.

Cut for Friends pages. )

I look forward to hearing what you think. Feel free to comment here or on Boolprop.
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I come bearing another update. I suppose I could bare another update with you too since well, I'm hidden behind the anonymity of a computer screen. But that would be creepy.

So I won't.

Here is the next part of the never ending Chapter 16. In which stuff happens and then more stuff happens and then there is a lovely musical interlude followed by more stuff happening. Or not. Like I'm going to spoil you like that, jeez!

Clicky here for the update! )

Feel free to comment here or at boolprop or wherever!
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I held a poll. And oh my was there a clear winner. CLEAR WINNER!

With close to 50% of the total vote the winner is:

Cut for picture )
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Look Ma! I have an update.

Cut for friends lists. )

Comment here, there, wherever!
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Week 2 (sorta)

Okay, so my goal was/is to publish two updates and those updates have to be from one of the three stories I am dragging my feet on and haven't been updated in over 6 months.

This is where I stand:

One Update Published - Yakko's World Chapter 16 - Part A and there is an heir poll if you missed it.

Now this is where I stand on the second Update - still no idea what I am actually going to publish.

Yakko's World
- Played - Done!
- Slides Laid out - Done (161 total)
- Pictures taken/staged - Done (161/161)
- Written - 36/161

- Played? - Done!
- Slides Laid Out - Done (173 total)
- Pictures taken/staged - Done (173/173)
- Written - 39/173

Played - Done
Pictures taken and Laid out - Done (97 total)
Written - 13/97

Played - Not Done
Slides Laid out - 55 of ???
Pictures taken/Staged - 30 of ???
Written - 55 of ???

Right now I am leaning toward OWBC. If only to get chapter 16 out of the way. Part of it contains crap I've had planned for, oh, I don't know, almost 3 years now.

I really am in a playing mood at the moment. Don't ask me why, I just am. Which may indicate Boreds are up next. Or not. Who knows. I sure as heck don't! Where I am in the Tudors, I can't really play until I finish staging a few scenes. Because I need the kids at certain ages.


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