Apr. 22nd, 2012

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Have I mentioned how much I love Young Justice? I totally do. I love it. When I break out into actual vocal squeeing they must be doing something right.

The story is over arching and complex. They have a very good vocal cast, including your favorite con-bunny Crispin Freeman. They make serious continuity nods all the time. And it's done by the man who brought you Gargoyles and David Xanatos.

I love the character development in this as well. The characters are three dimensional with hopes, fears, foibles, and desires. They have their quirks that make them really bloody interesting and even the villains get these. It's not just meant for kids. Although it is enjoyable by kids. But the plots, the grey areas, and motivations really are adult fare. And trust me they get some serious crap by the radar.

And then there are the canon ships. And I have to admit it, I am a big fan of one of them. Seriously big fan of it. It gives me a happy to see them together. Especially since he knows all of her secrets and she knows all of his. Yeah there's some weirdness to it, but it's a super hero romance, what do you expect?

No real reason for this post other than the first season just finished and it was awesome. Watch it people. If you liked the DC Animated Universe, you will like this. If you liked Teen Titans, you will like this. If you liked Gargoyles, you will like this. Seriously, it may be a cartoon. But it is a good one.
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Trying to get everything cleaned out in prep for the next Chapter. That means clearing out my outtakes folders.

I do not recommend reading this if you haven't fully read my last two updates. Spoilers within.

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