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Trying to get everything cleaned out in prep for the next Chapter. That means clearing out my outtakes folders.

I do not recommend reading this if you haven't fully read my last two updates. Spoilers within.

Frank/Star/Mary's house

I know I spent a lot of time here in Chapter 16. But that was for a good reason. I needed get Frank's stuff out of the way. So that I could start shifting the focus away from my Spares and back onto my Main house. To do that I needed stuff to happen.

I like to title this section as Everyone loves Mary

Rhys and Dora both found her fascinating. So apparently Dora came up Bi in this hood. Not that I am doing anything about it yet.

Doc: I love it when my son soaps the already soaped fountain.

Seriously that fountain is never bubble free, mostly because the house has Star and Frank in it.

Oman: Cee is hot!
Oz: Took you long enough.

Maia: Oh a fire. How boring.

Everyone Else: OMGWTFBBQ! Fire bad! Fire scary!

I like to call this Spica isn't as nice as everyone thinks. She just sucks at chess cheating. Of course playing with a mean simself isn't a good plan.

Spencer: Creepy stare
Latvia: I feel that creepy stare.

And the reason for the tight photograph... Inappropriate heartfarts.

And then there was more stalking. Talk about embarrassing.

Just a quick overhead view of Onslow's lab along with all of the poseboxes.

Moving on To Cee's house.

Oman finally fell out of crush with Marina after she attempted to flirt with him again. Seriously, I need to put her on a leash.

Along with a certain Fitzhugh. No, not that one.

This one. I mean come on! You're dating his nephew. Stop with the the weirdness.

Not that Kor was being any more faithful.

In fact, that house was pretty much first kiss central. Everyone standing around with first kiss in their queues.

I also added in a few simselves since it was time to start bringing people in.

In this group we have Henry Austen, De, Ang, Jen, Charles Morgan, Rhodri Tudor, and Russel Carnahan. It's a fun group. I brought Rhodri in for those sims who are gay in my hood to have someone to date.

Unfortunately he was immediately snagged by Arthur Doran.
Arthur: Did you know I'm not straight?
Ang: What a pick up line...

Rhodri: Me either! Yay! I shall sing my happiness to you!
De: I can has slash now?

You can has.

I also flagged down Lebanon since she was walking by for some reason.

She and Henry hit it off. They only have one bolt. But it is apparently a really strong bolt.

Unfortunately I didn't save this, or I didn't want to. Mostly because of this...

You see Ang up there. You see who she's in bed with? You want to guess what happened?

*cue headdesk*

Thankfully it happened off the main lot and I don't need to keep it. But yeah.

I also needed teens to populate my school with. So I hit up a few people who I didn't have their sims in my game.

For my part, the big thing that happened was that Israel and Ethan met and fell in love.

If you didn't aww at least once, you are heartless. That is all.

The house also gave me lots of amusement in other ways. I'd play them, but I do really want people for aspiration fodder.

Yes, Eden. We know. Rhys is hot.

Moving on to the main house.

Welcome to a typical day in the main house. Making out parents with a glowing toddler while the older kids do whatever.

Including peeing themselves while painting.

I know what Ethan's staring at!

And Rhys dissappointed me greatly by going after the jailbait. He was doing so good. But now he has a witness to his indiscretion. Not that Cee will tell, okay she might if she found it funny.

Oman really likes Cee as a plantsim. Really likes it.

Hi Jo!
Jo: I want to see the babies.

Israel: I wonder when Marina will get the clue that Oman doesn't like her anymore.
Latvia: Probably never. Or until there is some one else for her to inappropriately stalk.
Israel: Good Point.

Fuzzy: Dear Diary. I have been permanently scarred by all of the shenanigans in my house. Just the other day I found my sheets rumpled. I hope that Israel hasn't been jumping on the bed again.

Lebanon has mad skills yo! She can put things in the oven from a floor away.

I will be showing it differently in the story, but this is how Henry really met Lebanon. He followed One of the kids home and Latvia influenced him to talk to her sister. I figure since I can't control the bad apple this works.

It must be a birthday party at the main house. We have inappropriate actions for the win!

Since becoming a plantsim, Cee has become amazingly flesh hungry. First the whole cowplant thing. Then there's this little gem. She's thinking about babies and the grill at the same time while rubbing her tummy. You think she wants some Barbecued Baby?

No Marina. Just no.

Lebanon does not find Charles Morgan attractive. Which is just fine with me.

The family also got a bird named Squit. I figured that Lebanon might skill Charisma this way.

Eden ended up following Oman home and then promptly impaled herself on the mailbox. She didn't do much and I had Oman send her away. Rhys, Spencer, and Archie are all there and well, I don't need added drama at the moment.

Especially since Palau finds a certain spare oddly hot.

And I'll leave you on a picture of Yakko. He wants to go to the party too.

So that is the picspam from the last two chapters. I am working on the next one and have 15 slides filmed and 55 slides written.


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