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Title: Fifteen Things
Prompt: Quinn/Spica
Word Count: 325
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery only if you care about minor characters.
Summary: Little list fic about Quinn and Spica falling in love.

1. Spica Walton fell in love with Quinn Devereaux when she was seven years old.

2. She didn't realize it until she was fifteen and saw some cheerleader flirting with him.

3. She debated putting shaving cream in the cheerleader's locker for daring to go after her man until she recognized just exactly what she was thinking. And it wasn't about revenge. It was about Quinn.

4. She would have asked him out, if he hadn't beaten her to it by asking her to the prom.

5. Naturally, she said yes.

6. Then for good measure she stuck her tongue out at Maia, who was the cheerleader who flirted with him. It was nice to get one over on her sister.

7. Quinn knew he loved Spica from the first moment he saw her crying on the bench outside of that one theater. He was just smart enough not to say anything.

8. Because declaring your everlasting love when you are nine is kind of creepy and has adults giving you indulgent looks. Not to mention she was too young, she's only seven for plumbbob's sake!

9. The only person he told was his twin sister Erin. More to make sure that he had someone to cockblock for him. Not that he knew what cockblocking was when he was nine. He just knew that no one was going to get his girl.

10. When Spica was fifteen, Quinn knew it was time to make his move. So he asked her to the prom.

11. When she said yes, he had to restrain himself from shouting "Yes!" in front of the whole school.

12. He totally did that later when he was in his bedroom at home.

13. Their first official date was at the same theater where they'd met all those years ago.

14. Just like then, they never actually saw the movie playing.

15. They both agreed it was the best first date ever.
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