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Title: Teaching Teacher
Prompt: What I did on my Summer Vacation by ___
Word Count: 673
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery oh the spoilery. Hence the lack of names.
Summary: Parent/Teacher Conferences are fun…
Note: This gives me Myshuno!

“So why are we here again?” Australia ‘Oz’ Warner asked his wife, DocSupremeNerd.

Doc rolled her eyes. “Because our son’s English teacher called because he’s quote ‘acting disturbed.’”


“She’s a nice new young teacher and she’s concerned.”

“Hasn’t anyone filled her in on this town yet?”

“Apparently not. The wusses.”

“So that means we get to traumatize the earnest young teacher?”

“Yep!” Doc chirped.

Oz grinned evilly. “Someone up there likes me.”


The two walked into the classroom, noting that there were motivational posters plastered on the walls and a bookshelf full of inspirational literature. Behind the desk sat a young woman with black hair and a sweet, if vapid, expression she was reading seemingly engrossed in a book and didn’t seem to notice that they’d arrived. “Is that Comfort Soup for the Soul?” Oz asked his wife with a shiver.

“Yep! Didja see she’s got the sequels too?” she whispered back.

“I did! Someone up there really likes me.”

The woman looked up at Oz’ voice. “Oh goodness! You must be Mr. and Mrs. Warner!”

“Doctor,” Doc interrupted.

“Oh I’m sorry, Dr. and Mrs. Warner.”

“No, I’m the Doctor and he’s the Mister.”

“Oh, I see. I’m Ginger Newson-Gieke, your son’s new English teacher.”

“I gathered,” Doc said drily. “You don’t look much like Spencer Fitzhugh.”

“Well, there’s the hair,” Oz pointed out.

“True,” she conceded. “She could be his daughter I suppose.”

Ginger sniffed. “I am definitely not related to that… that… man!” she sputtered. “The indecency of him, hooking up with a former student. Why, it’s positively indecent!”

Oz shrugged. “That’s my niece for you. And he is a Fitzhugh, it goes with the territory.”

Doc cleared her throat. “So you called us about something our son wrote?” she asked getting to the point of the visit.

“Oh my stars yes! You see, I assigned a nice simple essay ‘What I Did On My Summer Vacation,’” she started.

“They’re still making kids write that?” Oz asked Doc incredulously. “That’s one of the most useless essay topics ever. Did you know I used the same essay in response to that prompt seven different times. Got A’s on it too.”

Doc smiled. “I bet you did,” she said indulgently. “So what was so wrong with our son’s essay?”

The woman pulled out a single sheet of paper and handed it to Doc. “I’ll let you read it for yourself.”

Doc took the paper with the big giant ‘F’ on it and cleared her throat. “What I Did On My Summer Vacation. I was dead. The End.’” She put the paper down. “And?”

“Well surely you can see how that is unacceptable!”

“Not really.”

“You don’t see anything wrong with answering an essay with ‘I was dead’?” Mrs. Newson-Gieke asked incredulously.


“Why ever not?”

“Because it’s true.”

The teacher blinked. “What?”

“He was dead for most of last summer and for the last few years. You would know that if you bothered to do any kind of research on this school and its students,” Oz said, his eyes hard. “I don’t appreciate having my and my wife’s time wasted by incompetent teachers who can’t be arsed to do a little bit or homework on their students and their town. If you had just asked the principal or one of the other teachers, including my sister Burundi about this they would have told you that and saved ourselves all of this hassle.”

“But I didn’t know,” Ginger protested.

“Now you do. I suggest the next time one of your students acts up that you cut them a little slack and not jump to conclusions.”

“So what are you going to do about this?” Doc asked indicating the grade.

Ginger snatched the paper out of Doc’s hands. “I’ll fix this,” she said, crossing out the ‘F’ and writing in ‘A+’ in its place.

“Good,” Doc said. “Now, if you don’t mind. We have a child to withdraw from your class. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Except not,” Oz interjected.

“Ta ta!”
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