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Title: Parenthood
Prompt: Drea's Parenting Techniques
Word Count: 450
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery. Oh so very spoilery.
Summary: Three scenes showing what Drea is like as a parent.
My Card


The wail of a child blared through the baby monitor. Drea rolled over and nudged the man sleeping next to her. "Rhys, can you take care of that?"


Drea walked into the kitchen an unopened envelope held in one hand her heels clacking on the tiles. "It looks like there's a birthday party coming up for one of Lily and Rose's friends from school."

Rhys looked up from where he was frosting a birthday cake with green icing. "Oh? How do you know?"

"It's addressed to them and who else would they know? The return address reads 'Regacy.'"

Rhys smiled. "That's Kor. He's got a crush on Lily."

"How do you know that?"

"I'm a dad. It's my job to know which boys I need to threaten with castration."

Drea laughed. "I'll leave you to it then."


"They've asked for a chaperones for the Prom this year," Rhys said walking into their shared bedroom.

"Are the even girls old enough to go to the prom?" Drea asked from her dressing table.

Rhys smirked. "Poppy isn't. But the rest of them are. Although I think Annie's only going because her best frenemy got grounded and she wants to rub it in that she got to go and Maia didn't."

"What about Lily, Rose, and Sakura?"

"Sakura and Lily both have dates and I am looking forward to threatening them thoroughly. Rose doesn't have a date yet, but I think she's still mooning over that blue-haired kid. She's planning on going stag if she can't convince someone to go with her. Show him just what he is missing."

Drea paused in brushing her hair. "Good for her. I suppose I should take them dress shopping."

"Nah," Rhys flopped down on the bed. "I got it already. Lily and I organized a dress hunting party a week or so ago."

A flash of disappointment crossed Drea's features. "How did that turn out."

"Nothing too high and nothing too low. Although if I had my choice, they'd be going dressed in muumuus ."

"Rhys! No girl wants to wear a muumuu," Drea said turning around on her chair to face her husband.

"And no guy wants to see a girl wearing a muumuu, it's the perfect outfit!"

"Oh Rhys."

"That's me! So do you want to take chaperone duty?"

"And take away the pleasure you'd get from glaring at our daughter's dates all evening," Drea said turning away so missing seeing Rhys' frown. "I think I'll let you field this one."

"Thanks, hun. But you know what that means?"

"What?" Drea asked going back to brushing her hair.

"You get to go get the kids when they break curfew."

"It's a deal."


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