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Before I finished the apocalypse, I made myself a promise that there were two sims who I owed happiness to: Wally and Koriand'r. Well Wally got his Bachelor challenge and ended up with RoseFyre, another apocalypse writer. But long before the bachelor challenge started, Rose and I had discussed how compatible two of our sims would be since they really had so much in common. I couldn't resist and started shipping the two of them together. It was just amusement that I'd intended for whomever won Wally's BC to live in the same house as Kori and her person, Liam Whedon from Rose's Apoc. Another sim who has some serious creator issues. But I am getting ahead of myself...

Let me show you instead... 30+ Pictures behind the cut )
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I am still pulling together the stuff for the getting bigger chapter 14. So I want to make sure I get this up before then.

70+ Pictures under the cut )
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It's only been over a year... Not that bad... Really...

Okay it is. But Hey, I didn't give up on this.

So without further adieu I present Unlucky Chapter 13!

Poland, Romania... )

Please comment on Boolprop...

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Because it is needed:

cut for friends' lists )

Comments appreciated and cheerfully accepted. Please do so on the Boolprop Thread please.

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It's been a while.

A long while

But I am finally done

Here is day 6 of Surprise!Baby Frank's Bachelor challenge. I hope you enjoy

Cut to spare friends pages )

Comment on boolprop please.

Oh shit!

Dec. 24th, 2009 10:40 am
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I open my game and I really didn't expect this to happen.

Bloody hell. Really seriously...
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Today's [ profile] sim_spiration prompt features my bug nut. So naturally I needed to write something.

It was a bit slow going one-handed but I did it.

It is here for those who want to read it.

It isn't the greatest but it is about the best I can do at the moment.
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Finished this last night, but I wanted to proof it a little before uploading it.

I've played with the embedding to see if it is easier to read.

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So I finally got it done. Be impressed.

It may not be as good as some BCs out there, but at least I can say this part is done.

Thread on Boolprop

I would prefer comments there rather than here.
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So today's prompt from [ profile] sim_spiration was pretty much made for me. Considering what is going on with my OWBC. The Prompt: Raising another man's child...

The first is about Kelvin called 'Baby Mine' and is Here, if you want to read it.

The second: 'Screwing it up' is behind the cut. )

I hope that you enjoyed them.
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Because I wasn't feeling up for working on Otakon stuff when I got off of work last night and I don't want to play ahead in the BC but I wasn't in a good place to write comedy. I started my OWBC rotation.

The first house up is Osaka's and the poor girl has been pregnant for four chapters...

Cut for a few pictures... )
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Because you know. Spork
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And because I miss my Warners, you get a little picspam/Outtakes from the last update and randomness...

I'm also having issues writing the next part of the RR - which I really need to get done so I can shoot and write the final part. But um yeah. I miss my Warners!!!!

Babble and pictures behind the cut - some nudity be warned )
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Last chapter from me for a while. So this will have to tide you over

Capitulo Doce - Italy, Turkey, and Greece!

I am now going to head to bed and dream of Gethin and his story. ^_^
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It's later in the week. Not a whole lot later, but still later.

For this rotation, I deliberately left Oman's house to last. I wanted to have as many chances for him to interact with Marina and Cee before I did the dates and final decision process.

He looks so studious and innocent here. I really wanted to use this picture in the update - but I ran out of room...

50+ pictures behind the cut )
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I could announce that chapters Ten and Eleven of my OWBC are up - but I think that most everyone knows that.

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 actually all came from the same rotation. And since I was bouncing between houses update wise I didn't want to do my pic spam until I finished publishing what I covered in the rotation.

You are going to get two bouts of Pic spam - here is the first.

50+ pictures behind the cut. )
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Because I can, I did.

Chapter Nine is now up and if I never have to write that many weddings again it will be too soon...

I really want to know if parts of this worked for you and if they didn't why not.
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Lots of weddings and LOTS of babies in this rotation. I made the decision to play each house for a season then switch houses. I also made the decision that since there were two simselves Vying for the affections of one Oman that I would just invite all three of them to every party that I threw and let it go at that. After playing all of the houses but Oman I think I know who the lucky simself is going to be. Let me say it was close. But one really threw herself at Oman with a reckless abandon not seen in ages. I am glad my simself made the decision back when Oman was in college to back off else her heart would be broken.

After all of my playing, I am happy to announce that Belladonna Cove has had population explosion of cute. And that Yakko and Jo are living the family sims dream - too bad that they are two pleasure sims.

Yakko has entrenched himself in my heart as one of my favorite sims ever. He loves his kids and shows up to visit them just whenever and he seems to know when there are toddlers around so will just let himself in to play, cuddle, feed and care for them. I have the evidence.

3 pictures behind the cut but beware of cute... )
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Because LJ hates me )
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I didn't announce it on the 11th when the first part went up because I knew that I would the second part out fairly quickly.

So here they are:
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Then of course I have some outtakes for you all but lets start with some eyecandy...

Lots of pictures behind the cut... Some racy... Many very spoilery... )

I hope you all enjoy!
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She did )

Le Sigh

Feb. 9th, 2009 09:27 pm
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It's been figured out.

The sims chose for themselves...

But it's been resolved.
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Because the Tudor's are kicking my ass I switched gears. And less than 24 hours later I present to you Chapter 6.

Please keep your hands and arms inside the coaster at all times. This is going to be rough - on some people.
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In my random sleepy fuzzed mind I forgot to announce that I put the next part of my OWBC up - the boolprop people have already seen this but for the sake of consistency I am saying it here anyway.

So here is chapter 5 - it went up on 1/28/09...

Here are two pictures that will not be making it into the next update for those who like that kind of thing.
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I am heading out to Baltimore for Comcon - the major Otakon Planning meeting. I will be back Sunday some time.

Until then I will leave you with these tidbits.

Three of the four boys in college have picked their spouses. One has already proposed and he and his intended are very cute together.

I will be closing the heir poll when I get back. I have enough pictures to get at least two updates out of it and I want to start focussing on a few things.

See you in a few.
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After a spurt of sleeplessness and creativity I present chapter 4 of Yakko's World now on an exchange near you.

I am not including suprise baby because I don't know how long Jo and Yakko have left. Even Oz will be a challenge since he is not in college yet.

Non BoolProp HeirPoll behind the cut. )
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People want to know what made me cringe when Jo aged up.

Pictures behind the cut: )
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I haven't encouraged any of my kids to be anything and all of a sudden both Burundi and Oman have different stats. Massively different stats.

I am going to fix them in SimPE but I hope this isn't a Fiery Ball Visible From Space thing of doom.

Edit: It is only those two. I wonder if the game did something when they aged up to young adult. Since that is the only thing different between them and their siblings.

But here is the difference: Burundi is 3/9/7/7/7 she was 2/10/8/8/5 when I noticed the difference. Um Yeah.

Oman should be a 2/7/2/7/7 he was 0/9/3/8/5 - if I didn't know better I would say yakko or jo were encouraging them but I know that they haven't been. Just weird. They are now back to where they should be.


Jan. 20th, 2009 08:27 am
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Frammit Jo! This is all your fault! Fragnabbit on a stick.

Um the heir poll is going to be delayed. I have a simself I need to torture.
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I don't have a whole lot since most of the pictures I either use or if I don't use them they aren't interesting or are just oopses (walls down anyone?)

So I've got four pictures to share with you.

Behind the cut... )
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Because I don't have a life.  I have chapter 3 of my OWBC, Yakko's World up. 

Hoofdstuk Drie - Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too!

Behold the wonder that is the bad apple.  Marvel at the Golden Trio.  Feel bad for the neglected elder children.

I had too many pictures so Yakko's elderification will go into the next chapter which I hope to have out by the end of the week so I can do the heir poll.  ^_^

On the Tudors.  I am pretty much finished downloading (I have almost 4GB of CC for it.)  Now it will be a matter of building the neighborhood.  I am already formulating plot and planning events that I want to incorporate into the story.  I hope you all will enjoy it.  I am willing to have simselves in the story however just like in the OWBC the simselves will not be immune to death.  So if you are willing or want to be included let me know.  I will likely be creating some custom townies for variety in genetics so let me know if you are willing to be a townie. 
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Finished playing today.  Now I just need to sort pictures and get stuff ready for the heir poll.  ^_^

Quick picture of one of the events that will happen in the next update

Damn but is Yakko hot as an Elder.  And those are the clothes he grew up into, too. 

I hope to be able to get the next part out this weekend.  Then it is Tudor building time.
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Still having issues figuring out what is up with my graphics.  Not sure how interesting the chapter is.  Suffered a major, major glitch too.

Chapter 2 is here

My simself has been culled again.  Gotta love how the exchange figures that out.  Ah well.  I think it is getting to the point that I need a account rather than the exchange.  That way I don't have to worry about most of this.  Although I think still culls if there are no downloads in a 30 day period.  

We will see if there is interest.


Jan. 11th, 2009 07:18 am
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So I published the first chapter of my OWBC today - Yakko's World.

Now you can all see what I've been babbling about.

In addition after finishing writing the chapter I added in a few more simselves and legacy sims.

This time around I added
BlueBerryPie (my only male Simself)

So yeah. Joy for fun and stuff. Now off to edit personalities of the last two in simPE.
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After cracking the case and removing all 4 chips of RAM this is what I have:

Three confirmed good chips - Yay!
One Really bad chip - Boo
Four good slots - Yay!

On the laptop front, I have installed basegame, Uni, Seasons. I am looking at installing Freetime, OFB and BonVoyage (Maybe) No stuff packs. Rationale. I am likely to do the Tudor Based Legacy on this machine and I don't want any expansions that have nothing on them that I can't use in the story. There are likely to be some anachronisms, but I can't avoid it. It will obviously be using a naming scheme of English/Scottish/Irish and other Nobility names connected to the Tudors. It is going to be CC heavy. And I am going to have to modify the clothing of the custom townies. This will be a long build time and prep time.

Both the genetic and plotless legacy are tied. At least with people who forgot to vote for two - like they should have.

At some point I may make another poll. But for now I am working on captioning the slides I have for the OWBC. I've got 25 done out of 115.
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So if you were a sim and could categorize your life down to 7 skills how would you rate?

Cooking: 9 of 10 - I can cook a turkey without burning it and do everything other than make Lobster Thermidor. Salmon, Pork chops, all of the rest I can do with ease.

Mechanical: 4 of 10 - I can do computer repair, change spark plugs on a lawn mower, basic stuff. And I don't get electrocuted either.

Charisma: 5 of 10 - this one is hard to quanify. I am good with people but I can get on people's bad sides too. I also sometimes miss hints and body language cues if I am focussed on something. But overall I am likable ^_^

Creativity: 6 of 10 - You don't want to see my artwork or ask me to play an instrument. But I can sing well and write decently. That has to count for something.

Logic: 5 of 10 - also a hard one to quantify. I got a B in my logic class in college. But I am not that great at chess (I am better at Go) and I am not a huge fan of looking through telescopes. But I have fun with statistics and probability...

Cleaning - 2 of 10. I can be neat if I work at it. But most of the time I don't see the mess or it doesn't bug me. However I don't get tie-dyed clothes when I do laundry either.

Yeah you can tell what I have on the brain.

On a work front - they back dated RDN to the previous version so it is usable again. New computer is annoying.

OWBC -- OMG herring! *jaw drops* You just did not! Oh hells no! Well, this is going to be interesting... I have no idea if I am going to be able to do it...

That is all.


Jan. 4th, 2009 04:05 am
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As a test of my new graphics card I am going to be playing a OWBC until I figure out what settings I need to have with my monitor/resolution settings/etc.

I am playing in Belladonna cove and downloaded the simselves from those people who commented on my asylum, if they had a simself. Cee's was the most annoying to deal with on a technical level. I refuse to go to Peggy's site and couldn't figure out if it was donation or free so she got hair that is either liberated from the booty from rose or is a binned Rose free hair. It looks good. It glitched through her bonnet so I decided to do away with it.

So far in my OWBC 'hood I have:

Frenchie who has commented didn't have simself on the exchange (I looked) and a few people were culled. I am definitely amenable to having other simselves in game. ^_^ These are the start.

I also grabbed Archie from Doc's Duelegacy. I wanted to see if I could get his personality right using SIMpe I am still not totally comfortable with that yet.

Oh and the title of my OWBC - Yakko's World.


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