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Allow me to introduce the inmates (surrounding the bachelor) for the ABC (asylum Bachelor Challenge)

From Left to right

Genie Doran
Molly Penguino
Elizabeth Doran
Malcolm Landgraab V
Joss Whedon Warner (Bachelor)
Katmiester Simself
Seren Doran
Rose Fitzhugh
Eve Vetinari
Rachel Contrary-Doran

Rachel Austen Fox
Marina Simself

As for the caretaker of this challenge I proudly present:

That's right, she's got twelve inmates to oversee as well as any babies that they produce while getting her LTW. And yes, she is still a family sim...

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I am probably going to babble about the epilogue at some point. But before I do that, I figured some picspam was in order.

First off, one of the things that I noticed that tends to happen in an asylum - or at least a documented one. Is that you queue up a ton of skilling/friends calling/or general housekeeping things for the caretaker then zoom around taking pictures of the crazies. The upside is that the crazies are the fun part of the asylum. The downside, the caretaker doesn't really get a lot of camera time.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Lennox Macbeth. 8 pictures under the cut )

There were two inmates who really made the asylum amusing in my book. While Voldemort's multiple aspiration failures were highly entertaining. Susan's and Orochimaru's antics are really what made the asylum, in my book, a success.

I'm going to cover Orochimaru in another post. But I've got a ton of slides with Susan that I didn't get a chance to use. So here are the cream of the unused.

Stalky Susan Stalks at midnight )

Oh and for those of you who want him. I uploaded my version of Spike to the exchange.

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I finished off the Epilogue and uploaded it to the exchange today. I hope that everyone enjoys it... Although I have my worries.

I don't want to say too much but I do want to say one thing... [ profile] lennoxmacbeth it is all your fault! You asked for this.

More blabber on this later.
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Okay all of you who stage huge scenes in the Sims for your stories, you officially have my respect. Oi vey. I am trying to shoot the end of the Asylum wrapping up my loose ends and boy is it difficult. I have all of the asylum people to control. Plus Tyler, plus Lark and Gaara. And of course the antagonists.

BTW Fire, there will be spoilers for the end of Buffy and Angel, just so you are aware. But they are important to the plot. So Sorry. On a random note, James Marsters as Spike seriously rocks the galactic muffin. He steals every scene he is in. I think I am going to rewatch the musical today.

Hopefully I will please people with what happened. But boy all of those sims were annoying. And turning Free Will off didn't help. Just Ugh. I am probably going to try several shoots of the key scenes to see what I can do.

But yeah. I'm gonna leave you with my Spike quote of the moment:

Spike: Oh, poor Watcher, did your life pass before your eyes? Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea?
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This is it folks.

Part Eight of they Asylum is now up on the exchange.

I hope you all like. I didn't proof it as thoroughly as I normally do, I wanted to get it up before the weekend traffic got too insane.

The end is near.
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In my Asylum, Tyler - the random townie who I write as a wannabe hero - and Mac - the simself of one of my best friends are really the power couple. I tend to send them on a date about once every 2 days for the aspiration and other benefits. It all started when Mac heart farted him and I went, "I can go with this."

In the game, Tyler is nothing like I write him. He is a knowledge sim and is currently at the top of the Athletic Career. His personality was created when he walked by the Villain household and scowled at them. The whole scene with him was not staged. He autonomously fought, got pranked, argued and insulted Anakin. They hate each other and I was mightily amused since at that point I hadn't planned on including him in the storyline. But he insisted on it.

In my last update, I showed Mac and Tyler's first woohoo. I only used five of the thirty pictures I took for the story. I had to weed down from 350 pictures to 120.

about 30 pics behind the cut )
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In my last update, I highlighted the people who would be willing sleep together. Many people were squicked by Buffy and Voldemort spooning and I said that it was worse.

I present to you the amusing and the worse:

8 pictures under the cut. )
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EDIT: Fixed the pictures -- apparently Picasa and LJ don't like each other. GRRRR!!!!

I've been saying for a while that my laptop was causing me issues with taking pictures both in and out of cameraman mode. The issue - I have an nVidia graphics card and it is a known Sims2 issue. Funnily enough I never crashed until I started picture taking.

So I proudly present the two fires that never happened.

Only Seven Pictures behind the cut: )
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I was reorganizing my storytelling folder tonight after posting my chapter. I find it is easier to figure out what all is going on when I pull the pictures I've used and the ones I am never going to use.

I present to you some of the weirdness and amusing things I didn't use in the asylum.

10 pictures behind the cut )


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