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I hope you have a good one with lots of candy, cake, and gothic smut!
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I almost forgot it but thank boolprop that I remembered!

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Not quite late, but close. Sorry for the recycled photo from Desiderata valley, but I thought it would work. I hope your day was a good one!

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I admit I totally stole the idea of using one of one of your favorite couples from Rose. Except I don't have Greg downloaded to this machine. So that left out Greg and Mari. So I decided to go for the couple I've hinted and written about.

Eddie and Rhodri are very happy together and amusingly the first thing they did upon entering the lot was go in for a romantic kiss. I totally Awwed!

Thank you for being awesome and I hope you have a great day!

Oh BTW I totally figured out Mari and Greg's song. At least in my 'hood.

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It's hard to believe it's been a year.

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I wish they had hockey in the Sims games I would have so done that instead....
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Click to find out... )
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There's going to be a slew of these in the next three days.

But here's the first.

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January is a busy month for my friendslist.

So let's kick it off!

Tempe: You didn't like my gift last year.
Fire: Is that Rhys Fitzhugh?
Tempe: Yes. Kind of. He's a reasonable facsimile of him.
Fire: And you thought I needed a Rhys of my own?
Tempe: Well he's fucking everywhere. Literally.
Fire: I'm not sure I want to know anymore.
Tempe: Happy birthday, creator.
Fire: Well, I suppose it is the thought that counts.
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Happy birthday [ profile] profbutters you have a fun day to be born on.
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It's not Cake... But it's still fun...

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I hope it was a good one!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] nialyind! Sorry it's a little late.
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This is a tad early...

And even though Katy is not on my friends list:

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Okay I admit I am copping out on this but...

Feel free to write your own captions for this...

Thank you to all three of you for making my simming experience so much fun and for being great friends.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] regacylady, [ profile] smoothiesims, [ profile] fuzzy_spork
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Tempe: I made you something for your birthday, creator.
Fire: Who are you and what have you done with the real Temperance Chander?
Tempe: Look, Just take it or the crazy redhead that runs this world will tombstone me.
Fire: Okay, lay it on me.
*Tempe Pulls out the servo*
Tempe: Here.
Fire: A Servo... For me... Uh, thanks... You shouldn't have...
Lark: Yeah, really you shouldn't have.

Happy birthday, Fire! I hope it was/is a good one!
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Happy birthday [ profile] artistbettyanne. I am on time for you. Bu I kinda slept through the rest.

*hugs* I hope your birthday was a good one.


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