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Am I sick and wrong for finding the punchline of this strip absolutely hilarious?
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I just cleaned out the Ohayocon 2002 guest stuff that I did, along with stuff from Katsu 2002 and Nekocon's 2001 & 2002 guest information. I haven't needed it in 6 years, I don't think I am going to need it. The only things I saved were my panel stuff and guest contact information. Just in case.
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1. Emailed Rochelle for stuff from last year
2. Contacted Rich and talked to him about his role for this year.
3. Called Kendo and left a message
4. emailed Sean, andrew & Kendo about stuff

Still have more to do. But I am working on things.
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Boldly going where lots of Otaku have gone before to attempt to herd them in a manner resembling order.

See you at the con!
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But nothing works quite so well at getting me out of my chair and destressing. It is that moment when I can stop and think and allow myself to refresh. I don't smoke much at home, unless I get stressed. But I smoke at work - I have reason but it isn't worth going into - and I smoke on car rides. I decided a couple of years ago that if I was going to so smoke, then I was going to do it right. So my current lung charring cancer stick of choice are Djarum Supers. I started off with the originals and then wandered into Splash. I never liked Bali Hai and the Interationals. The Lights are okay. But my favorites are the Supers and Blacks. I've even tried the Filterless ones - got them for a friend for Giftmas. They taste good and smell better than regular cigarettes.

Besides the get me away from my evil co-workers. So yay!

Why am I talking about smoking? Because it is a con weekend and I won't be seeing my people in the Bar like I want to. So I am visualizing sitting with them and all of my other missing friends. Smoking a Clove with a Martini in one hand listening to the exploits of Chad and Brad or some other con story.

I miss those days.


Apr. 8th, 2006 01:52 pm
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I went to Tekko and it was a good thing. It gave me some closure on a part of my life that I thought I had put behind me. It also gave me to opportunity to learn that I have been really spoiled by working Otakon.

I left work Friday at 2:00pm and from there went to renew my AAA membership - remember kiddies when travelling by yourself for long distances that AAA and a cell phone can be your two best friends - I also got some Djarums (it isn't a con unless you have the opportunity to turn your lungs into blackened husks) and gas. I finally got on the road at about 3:00.

I'd only gone about 35 miles when I got a call from my friend Josh. He'd been in a car Accident in Pittsburgh (where the con was) and while everyone in the car was mostly fine - the car itself was feeling rather poorly. My Matrix probably wouldn't hold all of them and their stuff so they were trying to figure out a way home that didn't involve breaking the bank and would I be willing to cart some of their stuff back to G.R.

I said yes and kept driving. Considering that Josh has been my friend since we were in diapers, I thought it might be a good idea to call my parents to let them know. As it turned out, that was probably the smartest decision I made that con. My parents have a Honda Oddessey and when my dad heard the problem he offered it to me. When I Called Josh back to let him know, the relief in his voice was palpable. So I didn't end up leaving Grand Rapids until close to five. I drove through a hailstorm & a tornado warning (oops) and got to the con at midnight.

For the duration of the con I worked Security. It was amusing. Carlo & Jim were there from Otakon and they normally are out running and putting out fires while I stay in Spec ops & mind the fort/radio. This time it was switched. Carlo was in Security Ops, Jim was running tech, and I was in charge of Main events. Which I am really not fond of. Because no matter what you do with seating people, they are going to bitch. This is where my longing for a big con came in. At the large cons you get fewer people complaining about splitting their groups. They know you have to sit people & fast. So they are more tolerant. I don't know how many times I wanted to throttle people who whined. I just know that alcohol became necessary.

The majority of staff heads seemed nice. I know that we had some real dead weight in Security which made me feel better since I literally only came on board a month ago. I know I earned my badge.

I didn't really see anything there. The Green room party was fun, and I put a few demons to rest there.

I would go back and help out again. Assuming they want me. However, I think some changes need to be affected in security. Including raiding the gophers/minions for talent.

It was nice seeing Bob & Emily again. But other than that I didn't really hang out with the guests much. I mostly worked my ass off.
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I've been trying for days to come to terms with Jeff Thompson's death. For a long time, I would crawl all of the usual news outlets looking for reactions. I read about how Jeff was this and Jeff was that. And it seemed out of place. Because Jeff was always such a vital person that the past tense never applied. Jeff is caring. Jeff is opinionated. Jeff is a cranky goat who is older than sand but younger than gravel. Every word I read from [ profile] parasitegirl, [ profile] janscottfrazier, [ profile] evilblackrabbit, or [ profile] goldenboyd the people on ANN or Ohayocon brought me to tears. Because I kept remember Jeff as the friend I had and let slip away.

Jeff is/was one of those people who always seemed to take great pride in the people he knew and was friends with. I think he took more pride in his friends than in his work. He lived for his friends and would bend over backwards for them. He would rejoice in thier successes such as spreading the word of Kayt's job Japan or Melissa's Graduation and acceptance to Graduate school. He would be there as symapathetic ear when you needed one, always ready with a hug if he were there or a phone call -- often at odd hours of the night. I remember sitting on the floor of my dorm bathroom talking to Jeff about nothing and everything all at teh same time. It was a gift he had. Jeff always seemed so self deprecating when it came to himself. He was proud of his work and took a lot of pleasure in making it just right. He strived for perfection in everything he did.

He was an easy man to be friends with, and hard at the same time. There were moments that he seemed fragile and insecure. He could hold a grudge better than my Polish Grandmother. He loved with a passion and disliked with equal fervor. He loved being in the middle of things.

We grew apart after I moved to Florida. It had started before then -- but my move finalized it. Other things got in the way and ultimately the rift just grew too large, and well, I don't really have much other than excuses at this point. But For a very long time though, he was my best friend. One of three people I could trust. I have other friends now, but you never forget the people who you were close to. Even when you aren't anymore.

I still haven't fully managed to cry yet. I keep trying. I want to cry, Jeff deserves my tears.

I think of all of the people who love him and will miss him. And I feel happy and sad at the same time.

I'm sorry we never got to work things out, Jeff.

Have a safe journey.
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I think it says something both about your life and your pleasure centers when driving across the country to work your ass off as a part of the most hated department in any Convention constitutes as a frolicking good time and you mourn when the torture is over. Because it wasn't torture. Not a bit.

I love working Otakon. I really, really do. I love my department -- Special Operations (aka Security). I love the people I work with at the con. This year was a little different than the rest and I definitely had some issues - but they are all VERY fixable and since things change from year to year, who knows if they will be an issue again. But there is something Very Machocistic when you find working fourteen hours a day and sleeping only 3 to be a relaxing vacation.

I would hate to be my travel planner. No wait, I am. :-p

Things that made this con worth it --

Oki as my department head -- he does a good job. I will miss him next year. But I think he needs to take care of him -- something that he is starting to get better at.

Grace & Jim as my Captains -- I love them lots.

My Awesome team Kami and Jay -- I couldn't ask for a better Radio team than what I got this year. They were awesome! And both are coming back next year -- with the addition of Fan to the mix Radio is going to have one kick ass crew.

Seeing all of my friends who I haven't seen in forever -- This means you Toshi. ^_^

The dead dog party -- what happens at the dead Dog stays at the dead dog.

I have some great memories of the con but two stick out the most. The first is the screening of "Howl's Moving Castle" as the closing of the con. I don't know a better way to cool down than by watching Miyazaki. That whole experience of Spec Ops depopulating to go watch an anime was something. We damn well deserved it since we worked our butts off -- but it was great. The second great memory has to do with the dead dog -- Cockblocking, snuggles, a real bartender, and the orgy bed.

I plan on going back next year if they will have me. I am still drained and trying to avoid getting sick. But Otakon was great. The attendees this year were politer, better behaved, and slightly less stupid than in previous years. The AMV contest was much better this year. Although I missed sitting with Danny T and doing the running commentary. I actually had a chance to go shopping in the dealers rooms -- I know shock. I bought manga -- again shock. I don't see a point really in buying stuff. The only things I seem to collect are Manga, anime and Cels. That is it.

I want to go back.

Kami and Alicia want to go back. In fact, it was the main topic of conversation on the car ride home. Oh, and thank you Kat for letting me rant to you. It was much needed and I felt lots better.

Now I have to attempt to go back to work.
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I'm alive.

Still recovering from Otakon.


More later.
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Is it sad that I am looking forward to JAFAX?
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Well I finished one of the stories I was writing last night. It is fairly short, only three pages, but it the most I have actually written in a long while. I haven't been doing as much as I wanted to lately. Real Life has been rearing it's ugly head way too often.

School is a bitch. I am taking two Spanish courses for the first time in over four years. Let me tell you I am extremely rusty. And the commute is hell. I spend Nine hours out of my week on the road. May I tell you that sucks. I would much rather be reading or writing or something, anything other than that.

In addition to school I am trying to find a job. NOt easy in a recessed job market and I can only work certain hours which makes it harder. But I need money badly. I have other things coming up.

Like a move to Florida. I am moving to Florida sometime between the beginning of May and the middle of July. The state needs teachers crazily but I still have to apply and jump through all of their hoops to get temporary certification. Which means that I have to graduate. And the move to Florida isn't cheap. It will cost me $631 to rent a 15-foot van and that is cheaper than U-Haul's 800 or Allied's 1500. Not to mention that I am trying to find an apartment in addition to this. My roommate has two dogs that have to come with us which makes it more difficult. But I have found 6 potential places although who knows if we will get accepted. Neither of us has the greatest of credit.

On top of all of this, I am working Guest Relations Head for two cons. I know I can handle it and I know that I will be able to take off the time I need from school to attend them, but that just means that with the move that I am going to have to prepare extra hard and make sure I stay in contact with people when I do move so I don't fall off the face of the Earth like other GR heads have done.

And I am missing Katsucon right now and it makes me sad. I love Katsu, a lot. But I think that I won't be able to attend it any more. Not if I plan on staying with Ohayocon. I just won't be able to get off work.

There is so much going on here that I sometimes can't keep it all straight. The logistics of a 1000 mile move are insane. And on top of that I am trying to graduate and keep doing the things I love.

It is hard. I feel myself losing grip with reality sometimes. And I fear my priorities are slipping. Sometimes I don't even know what my priorities are.
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First off this is going to be long so I will give you a quick overview of what I did.

The Question - How will Ohayocon do in the coming year?
I asked this question on Friday.

The Spread was the basic Celtic Cross

Card 1 - The concern - The Tower (Rev)
Card 2 - The conflict/obstacles - Strength (rev)
Card 3 - The Objective - Eight of Swords
Card 4 - Thoughts and Feelings - King of Swords
Card 5 - The Past - Seven of Wands
Card 6 - The Immediate Future - Two of Cups
Card 7 - Attitude about the Question - Four of Wands (Reversed)
Card 8 - Outside influences - Eight of Pentacles
Card 9 - Hopes and Fears about the Final Outcome - Knight of Pentacles
Card 10 - Final Outcome - Death

I am interested to see what others interpret this as. I have my own interpretation. But before I tell it, I want to see what others think.

For the card meanings click here )
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Ye gods above and below, I can't wait to get a vacation. I have been working and taking classes for over 12 weeks straight. I need a fricking break before school starts.

SO I am going to Otakon. I will see my friends there and hopefully meet some of my Online Friends as well. ^_^

All I know is that I am really looking forward to getting the hell out of Michigan for a while.
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Ye gods above and below, I can't wait to get a vacation. I have been working and taking classes for over 12 weeks straight. I need a fricking break before school starts.

SO I am going to Otakon. I will see my friends there and hopefully meet some of my Online Friends as well. ^_^

All I know is that I am really looking forward to getting the hell out of Michigan for a while.


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