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This is it folks.

Part Eight of they Asylum is now up on the exchange.

I hope you all like. I didn't proof it as thoroughly as I normally do, I wanted to get it up before the weekend traffic got too insane.

The end is near.
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Update -- I has one.

This was the probably the easiest chapter to write. It would have been up sooner if I didn't have computer issues.

Only one more chapter and an epilogue to go.
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Well Part Six of my Asylum is now up on the exchange.

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully the next chapter won't take so long.

As always any and all comments are appreciated and loved. Even though I don't think this is the strongest of chapters. The next one should be more interesting.
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Part 5 is now up. 

Full of begging Dark lords and a few surprises or two.  The plot heats up! 

Check it out.

/end advertisement.

So this is what I did today while chatting with people about Otakon's Budget.  The last few slides were like pulling teeth to write.  I actually don't consider it my strongest writing but it is okay.  I am still shooting for trying to finish this up before the end of the month.  Although I doubt I will be able to since I think that there are at least two more parts and an epilogue.  I am still going to try. 

I just want to start playing and shooting my apocalypse soon.
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In a final push to get the dang thing up so I can hopefully have this finished by the end of the month we now have part 4 ready.

Love is in the air lotsly for pretty much everyone.
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The next part of my Asylum is up at the exchange. 

I got it out about when I said I did.

I definitely like loading on the weekdays more than the weekends.  Less lag time trying to upload. 

I hope you all enjoy.  ^_^


Oct. 13th, 2008 06:46 am
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It was a weekend.

You can tell that people are worried about what happened on wall street. The malls were empty. Restaurant parking lots were half to a quarter full on Saturday night and there are random runs on "essentials"

I went out to my dinner with my parents on Saturday to support a local restaurant. Last weekend was Beltline Bar a Mexican Restaurant. This time was Grand Rapids Brewing Company - a local micro brewery and restaurant. They were doing octoberfest thing and gave us all way too much food. The wienerschniztel I had was good although without spaztle it isn't quite the same.

I mowed my grass and worked on the house for a bit.

Sims Babble )
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Okay I buckled down and got the next part out of my asylum. More random picture goodness. I will have to pic spam at some point when they pictures I have aren't spoilery.

But here are a few for now. )


Oct. 10th, 2008 08:05 am
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Why must the plot bunny bite NOW for the Apocalypse/Legacy thing I want to do. I already had a clear idea of where I was going and now my brain has modified it, edited it, recast it, and is now planning out conflicts and loopholes to rules. I will need to ask about one of the rules things on the boards because it is so weird.

Grumblefish on a stick!!!!

And I still need to finish the next chapter of my asylum. I've got maybe 20-30 more slides to caption. Then a read through or two to make sure I can spell and that it flows together. I've already had to shoot a few pick up shots. I am hoping to get the next part out tonight as well as lay out Chapter 3 -- It should speed up because there were a few days where pretty much NOTHING happened of interest. They all drank and bowled and played piano. It was dull as doornails. Although I am introducing plot into the story. But most of the conflict won't happen until after the asylum is over. I need to be able to click on the patients. I've already played through to the end of the challenge proper. So this is of the good.

The problem is that I took most of the pictures in Not!Cameraman mode. My graphics card still hates Cameraman mode. But I can deal with it for a few shots here and there. I have also learned my lesson on overhead lights. They suck the galactic muffin. The problem is that I have an older laptop (2 years old) and the graphics card has a known issue with the Sims2. Not much I can do about it other than save a lot and be careful on the number of pictures I take.

That will be so much fun for the Apocalypse/Legacy thing. *Rolls Eyes*
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Where does the time go? Really I wonder.

Let's see. End of month came and went with more than it usual craziness. We hit record numbers this month. My department accounted for 3777 repos and we are just one division. The total for the whole company was 9685 repos. That is a heck of a lot of cars picked up. It was a record-breaking month. The reward, we can wear jeans on Friday and they are buying Pizza for the office tomorrow. I laughed. I get to wear what I want all the time (I haven't looked at my work shirts in 6 months) and I can have Pizza when I want it which is about once every 6 months and I got my fill at Otakon.

Moving on, since noone wants to hear me talk about my work unless it is the fun part - like guys running out in their skivvies chasing after thier car at 3am, to Otakon Stuffage.

I am the Section Chief of Human Resources this year. I am working on my budget but I still need to get in touch with a few people. The budget is smaller this year than last so I am having fun with that. But it is coming together. I still need to talk with Hotels, Gofers, and Staf support. I know what Spec Ops needs and I still need to find a new head of that. The search for a Chief of Staff is going well. Hopefully there will be an announcement soon. There is so much stuff to do and so little time to implement it. I wish I could go to the meeting on the 25th but that is not happening.

Writing front. Well I am writing. But it is not on my fanfics. I know bad, Lark! But with everything going on with Work and Otakon I haven't had the inclination like I should. I am probably going to buckle down for NaNoWriMo and do something like "Finsh a story, Yo!" with that month.

Right now I am working on telling some Sims2 style stories. Let me tell you that I have never yelled at my laptop like I have lately. I am doing an Asylum challenge with [ profile] lennoxmacbeth as the star. I like to torture my friends. But this shouldn't be news for you all. ^_^ Here is the linky -- don't kill me because of the crappy picture taking. Although for those of you who play, i dare you to play Spot the Cameraman Mode pictures. They are there. Just not many of them since they cause Blue Screens of Death when I use them too much. Hence part of the screaming. *Begs Mac for an Advertising like banner for the story* You know my photoshop skills suck the galactic muffin.

I still need to mail out the prizes for the Max Challenge contest. But Money is killing me right now. Thank you vet bills.

Speaking of the pets. Rikku is very cuddly needy. She jumps up on my lap while I am working and cuddle sleeps. It is very cute. Shika wants to, but his hip is still bugging him I don't think the weather helps. He is just so happy to be alive that he will bound around the house while being gimpy. I am slowly starting to harden myself to the fact that it is very likely that Shikamaru will not live for very long. I am going to do my best to keep him going and the walks and playing fetch help some. But I think that his hip isn't going to improve and there will be a time where his quality of life is going to deteriorate to the point where it isn't a joy for him anymore. That is the day I am dreading. Until then, he still loves to play fetch and tug the disemboweled remains of squeaky toys with Rikku. He loves her and is currently cuddled against her sleeping. The cats are the cats. Affectionate, easy going, although Rin has taken to fighting with Rikku over who can sit on my lap. He claims he had it first. And he is right since he is the oldest pet in the house.

But that is generally what is going on with me. Today I am going out shopping with my mom at the Asian food store and Farmer's Market. Then later I am heading over to Josh's for Battlestar Friday. But for right now, Coffee!!!! and Dinner.


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