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I finally saw the Avengers today.

I was unable to see the film because I cannot go by myself because of my Vertigo Issues. And after seeing it I am glad I didn't try to go on my own. I am still unsteady as I type this. A few of you know that I have gotten pretty annoyed that people started spoiling me for plot points that happened during the movie. And now having seen it, I am still annoyed. This is why...

The Things that People Spoiled for me - and there are Spoilers here. )

So am I angry? Yeah, I guess I am. I still enjoyed the movie. I just didn't enjoy it as much as I know I would have if I hadn't been grossly spoiled.

Joss Whedon is one of those writers and directors who pride themselves on the sucker punch. The unexpected moment of levity. The stomp on your heart and make pate of it. His stuff is best left unspoiled for those who haven't seen it or aren't in the know.

I think it all comes down to respect. I understand that people want to squee and be fangirly over movies and books that they just read. But there's a certain point where you need to only do that with people who have seen/read the media in question. For me, that line for movies is when the film is still in its first run in theaters. Not everyone can go see it the first few weeks it is out. And then there are those people on our friends lists who are in other countries and may not see these films until weeks or months later. For a television show, I feel the line is shorter a week after the episode aired for the most part. For a book, the line is longer. A year after its first release. Because there are a lot of people who have to still get their books from the library.

I was horrendously spoiled for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I still haven't read the book yet. I don't see the point. The same is true for the TV series Lost or Heroes. I know what happens I don't need to see it.

So for me, unless I ask to be spoiled. Don't spoil me. If I ask for it, then that is on me. But as much as I liked the movie, I didn't enjoy it as much as my parents who were gushing about it today at lunch after we saw it.

And I think that angers me the most.
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Have I mentioned how much I love Young Justice? I totally do. I love it. When I break out into actual vocal squeeing they must be doing something right.

The story is over arching and complex. They have a very good vocal cast, including your favorite con-bunny Crispin Freeman. They make serious continuity nods all the time. And it's done by the man who brought you Gargoyles and David Xanatos.

I love the character development in this as well. The characters are three dimensional with hopes, fears, foibles, and desires. They have their quirks that make them really bloody interesting and even the villains get these. It's not just meant for kids. Although it is enjoyable by kids. But the plots, the grey areas, and motivations really are adult fare. And trust me they get some serious crap by the radar.

And then there are the canon ships. And I have to admit it, I am a big fan of one of them. Seriously big fan of it. It gives me a happy to see them together. Especially since he knows all of her secrets and she knows all of his. Yeah there's some weirdness to it, but it's a super hero romance, what do you expect?

No real reason for this post other than the first season just finished and it was awesome. Watch it people. If you liked the DC Animated Universe, you will like this. If you liked Teen Titans, you will like this. If you liked Gargoyles, you will like this. Seriously, it may be a cartoon. But it is a good one.


Aug. 21st, 2011 11:04 pm
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I've flipped from simming (damn computer crashing) to reading for fun when the spreadsheets or cleaning make me throw in the towel.

I am realizing more and more just how much I love the USA network's body of shows. White Collar, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Suits, Royal Pains, and Law and Order Criminal Intent (even though it is now over). So I am hunting down fic.

It's hard because there is a plethora of romance/slash and sometimes what I really want is a good gen heist fic. I know that people ship the fuck out of Neal and Peter and Harvey and Mike, but dear gods please stay true to the canon... Harvey isn't going to do a from the heart monologue and Peter isn't going to stop mistrusting Neal even though part of him trusts Neal with his life not just with any valuables.

So here are a few of the good fics I've run into in my searches.

Thefts that didn't go as planned - White Collar/Nightwing Crossover- Neal steals from someone he shouldn't have.

Confidence Lost - White Collar/Batman Comics Universe - Neal isn't exactly who he seems to be.

Connecting the Dots - Justice League/Naruto - I know what you're thinking. How in the hell does this work? Well it does. Beautifully. It really hits why Ninjas are not Superheroes and the characterization of Shikamaru is fucking amazing.


Oct. 4th, 2008 05:08 am
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Don't ever change fandom. When I start to think that a community might actually be mature stupid things like this come along to tell me nope your nice quiet fandom is a fucked up as the rest of them. Or at least there are three people who are all talking to themselves ad nauseum.

I thought I had managed to avoid the batshit crazy. Although I loved the circle jerking that seems to be going on with some of them.

This is why I am so happy I am not well known author.
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I've been reading the community [ profile] fandomsecrets and some of the secrets are funny. But there is a huge part of me that reads things about people roleplaying and I seriously wonder "Why bother?"

Roleplaying - especially in text format and over AIM - canon characters has not really interested me. The few times I've done it, I've done it for friends and I haven't really enjoyed it. The fact that people do it to write porn or have internet sex squicks me even more. And that people fall in love because of it, well I am not sure what I think.

All I know is that it makes me very uncomfortable. I think some of it has to do with what I saw in real life with LARP and tabletop roleplaying. I just think that people should fall in love with the person on the inside not the role or the part that we play.

And LJ comm roleplaying has never struck me as good writing. It just bothers me more than I can say.

I know I am likely to piss people off with this. But I am not sure I care. I know that people do it and they enjoy it but for me it is something I just don't enjoy and I don't see the point of. But it is something I have realized about myself. But RPing communities, forums, threads, or chats bug the crap out of me.
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I few days ago in the judging forum for the Max Challenge another Judge and I were talking about gender crossing fics and how to judge them and what categories they would fall into. Ultimately a pretty boring conversation but a necessary one. But the convo got me yearning to reread some of my old favorites. Particularly Ranma 1/2. I find it funny how in general I hate Ranma with any of the girls in the series but like him with several of the boys. Call me odd.

Anyway, I've reread Genma's Daughter by Deborah Goldsmith more recently, so I decided to seek out other fics. I've just finished rereading "Thy Outward Part" by Richard Lawson. It is still good, but I can definitely see the Gary Stu characteristics in it. I also noticed that some of the writing wasn't as tight and the dialogue got a bit stilted in certain parts. Strange, when I used to consider it among the best of the best out there. Either I've become jaded or the writing wasn't that good and I was too stupid to notice back then. The sad thing is that it is still one of the best Ranma fanfics I have read. Kinda sad when I can honestly say that I've read about half or more of the Ranma fics on Mediaminer and on

I've also been thinking a lot about my stories. I think I need to make a decision about the ones that I have unfinished. I want to complete "Plotting to Win" and "Journey of Illumination" but I don't think any of the others are going to happen. I've seriously thought about it and I haven't touched them seriously in 5 years so it is time to let them go.

Five years. I can't believe that in a little over a month will mark 7 years of my writing fanfic. I've been prereading for over 12 years starting with MASN by Joseph Kohle. It's amazing how much has changed. The whole philosophy of fanfic has changed. Back when I started in the community C&C was something freely given and sought after. The more people ripped you apart and nitpicked the better you felt. It was strange. Even when I started writing fanfic, the whole reviewing mentality was different. The demographics were very different too. When I started in the fandom there were a small amount of female writers and very few writers under the age of 18. The reason for that I think had to do with connectivity and availiblity of the internet. I remember when the demographic switched and it was shock to me.

I remember watching the first Anime Central Fanfic panel and listening attentively, the authors were amzing (Zen, Ryan Matthews, Richard Lawson and others I can't remember.) The Audience loved them and I remember sitting next to the man who wrote as Ucchan. Things are very different now and there is an obvious schism in the fanfic community. When I sat in the audience two years ago, I realized that I was looking at authors who hadn't published anything in several years or if they had it was continuations of their massive epics and they only wrote in obscure fandoms (and when did Bubblegum Crisis and Ah! My Goddess become obscure!!!!) Most of the panelists still had the FFML mentality which is different than the mentality. It just boggles my mind. I remember looking around the audience - over half of whom were still in high school and I could see that they didn't understand what the panelists were talking about. Many of them asked questions, good legit questions about Mary-sues and how not to make them. How to write romance well? And the difference between Flames and Constructive Criticism. The panelists didn't get it. And when I looked them up later I learned why. They didn't publish their works on any of the major multi-fandom archives. They probably don't see the drek published nowadays. I know know one of them for certain didn't, they stated outright that they don't read fanfiction anymore. THE HELL!!! Their back up panelist of Catwho seemed to be as frustrated as I was, but she wasn't on the panel.

Take that to now, and I can see the separation in the fanfic community grow. There are the Old Fogeys, of which I am one, who butt heads with the Newbies. Then there are the people in the middle who came in about 5 years ago when the whole thing was changing. They remember some of the "good Old days" but are more familiar with the current climate. It's a little strange. I've tried to keep up to date on current fanfic trends, but I have to admit that I get tired of reading the same cliched plots that I ran into 10 years ago. There is still good fic to be found. But I am getting tired of the male lead/Harem fics, the Everyone's gay fics, the AU High School stories, the wangst fests, and the like. Finding a good story is getting harder and harder.

I still love fanfiction. I still like alternate and canon pairings I am willing to read anything if it is well written and well plotted. But when I sit down at my computer to write, I keep seeing the pages of drek that has come before me and I am afraid that I am going to join them. I don't want to be known as a mediocre author. I don't want to be known as a person who never finished fics. However I sure as hell don't want to be a BNF. I think what I want is for me to find my niche in the fanfic community.

And I am not totally sure where that is.
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Every time I see OTW, I think "One True Wank" rather than "Original Transformitive Works."

Also the first time I saw OTW I tried to figure out what pairing or moresome it was for. Shows how much I follow fandom politics.
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The shadow retreated as Shakon stood up on his feet ready to ponder both boys for making him look like a fool.

Has anyone ever been ready to ponder? I mean normally it is something you just do and you don't prepare yourself for it before hand. While you're at it, you might want to consider pummelling them as well.

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing that little gem.

Also on the spectrum of too funny is Cassie Claire's young adult novel. It is just so hideously bad that it is just funny in a very depressing sort of way.

Here is a MST of the first chapter from [ profile] canon_sues. Go! Read it! Laugh at the snark and unintentionally funny phrasing! Then cry that this got published.
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Taken from the author notes of a story. This is not me attempting to talk fangirl, it is what someone actually wrote.

"Oh look! They're standing next to each other. It's canon! *SQUEE!*"

Who the hell thinks this? I mean I have some crack pairing tendancies, but I admit they are crack. I mean as much as I would love for my crack pairings to end up together, I know that is bloody unlikely if not impossible. I mean I like Duo/Relena - but it ain't gonna happen. I like Akira/Akari - but that ain't gonna happen either. Same thing for my other crack pairing of Allura/Lotor - and there is a whole lot more support for that pairing than some. But because they happen to share a screen for all of five seconds doesn't mean that they are gonna fall in love and get married.

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All of the manga series I have been following faithfully are wrapping up. It makes me sad - mostly because I want more.

Minor Reviews of the series I have finished up:

KareKano - Yukino Miyazawa, the seemingly perfect girl, hates her rival Soichiro Arima, the seemingly perfect boy. When Arima discovers Yukino's hidden self, he blackmails her into being his slave. Things only develop from there. This is one of the best love and life stories I have read. The problems that the two face are realistic (as much as they can be in a shoujo manga) and their reactions are well thought out. I started getting this series after I watched the anime series and discovered that it ended so very horridly. To be honest, it started to go a little awry after a point but it was always engaging. I have to say that the end more than made up for it. It has given me two plot bunnies that I am afraid are not going to go away. The art is lovely and there were times that I would just skim through a volume and stop to admire a scene or an image. But I think the thing I liked the most about this was that the characters were characters themselves. I loved Yukino and Arima. But I also liked Tsubasa and Kazuma, Yukino's family, and of course Asaba. I am only sad that I won't be able to see their further adventures.

Hot Gimmick - Hatsumi is caught by the Boss' son, Ryoki, when she buys a pregnancy test for her little sister Akane. Ryoki threatens to expose her unless she agrees to be his slave and girlfriend. Complicating matters, an old friend of Hatsumi's Asuza reappears and shows interest in her. To be honest, this is one of the weaker series I have followed. And to be honest I think that the only reason why I got into it was because of Ryoki. They just released a novel that is based on the manga but explores an alternate ending. But really Hatsumi bothered me in her wishy-washiness. And Akane was okay as a character, but really they were kinda just there. The Manga started strong but it started to falter about halfway through. The core plot wasn't strong enough to carry it and it appeared that the writer started adding cliches to pad out her contract. I still enjoyed it, but it isn't a series that I would say is a true gem. It is semi-precious at best. The art is okay, but it isn't anything to write home about.

W Juliet - A play on the the popular cross-dressing series. However instead of the woman having to disguise herself as a man, it is the man who needs to cross dress as the opposite sex. I wish this series hadn't ended when it did. I liked the characters and I liked their motivations. More than anything, this series was about following your heart and doing what you believe. Yeah there was romance, it is a shoujo manga, but it wasn't as important as the other themes.

Sensual Phrase - Gods I love this Manga. Let me say it again, I love this Manga. Aine is a shy student who writes sexy lyrics but is too afraid to put herself out there. Sakuya is the lead singer of the hot Visual Kei band, Lucifer. After nearly running Aine over with his car, he finds her lyrics and uses them to create the band's next hit. The series is about the trials of the music industry specifically what extreme fans do to love and lovers. This series is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. I mean visually it is pure eye candy. In fact, I think the art is what drew me to this. I think that Mayu Shinju is probably my favorite artist after Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yuugi) and Ryoichi Ikegami (Crying Freeman). Then there is the fact that I love her characters. All of the band members have different personalities. Not to mention the other supporting characters are well thought out, even the antagonists. Now granted, I will admit that this title is not for kids. It is very sexually explicit, but damn is it pretty. That and I love Sakuya. I want a Sakuya of my own. I am just sad it is over.

So Yeah, I need a new manga to obsess over. I am enjoying ES and Absolute Boyfriend. I am reading Skip Beat in the store - I don't know yet if I want to own it or not. I also like Tramps Like Us but that series is drawing to a close.

Yeah I have this thing for Shoujo manga - but for some reason I am really picky about it too.


Oct. 8th, 2006 03:39 pm
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I am such a geek. And I am not the least bit ashamed by it.

I just finished watching the first disc of Voltron and well despite the cheese and despite the annoyance that is Pidge, I feel like I am 8 years old again and coming home from school to watch it. I loved that show growing up. It was my favorite thing on TV and ultimately what got me interested in Anime later. I was a little afraid that the wonder and love that I had as a child for this show would have been worn out by now. I mean I knew back then that the acting was subpar - or at least stretched thin. And I hated Pidge as a child. I wanted him to be the one injured not Sven. Sven for all of his hokey Swedish accent wasn't bad.

I remember finding a beat up video tape of the second season while in High School and watching it endlessly until we could recite most of the two episodes by heart. I still love the line "You know, underneath his uniform, Lotor wears foam rubber shoulderpads." The first crush I had on an animated character was on Keith. I loved Keith. He was my hero. Even as a little girl, I wanted him for myself. Oh, I would be content with Keith and Allura hooking up on the show. But in real life I wanted a Keith of my own. I still do.

In third grade, I dressed up as Princess Allura for Halloween. It was one of the few times you saw me in pink. When I was older, I started trying to do my hair like her as well as Princess Romelle.

And I can still tell you my favorite episode. It is the one show after the first six that Voltron was never formed in. It was so shippy that it isn't even funny. The plot: Prince Lotor poisons Allura and she dies, in the Juliet way, which is to say she merely seems to be dead. He does this so that he can make Allura his Princess. Gotta love the love triangles. Keith, and the rest of the Voltron force, are devastated. Stuff happens and keith discovers that Allura isn't dead. He does the whole knight in shining armor bit and one sword fight later saves the princess. Cheesy, Huh?

But I loved that show. And I still do. Yeah it is hokey. Yeah, the voice acting needs work. (They had 6 actors for the whole cast, and only one woman.) Yeah, the animation is so reused that I swear that you can see the strain on the tape. But it is still Voltron. And it is still fun. There is a part of me that is sad though. The Voice of Hunk and Lotor died earlier this year. It makes listening to him all the more poignant.

And before anyone asks - or thinks to ask - I still have a small crush on Keith, but that's okay. I don't mind. After all, I still want to be Allura when I grow up.


Oct. 6th, 2006 01:45 am
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So [ profile] beccastareyes post got me to thinking. NaNoWriMo is approaching and really there are several things I could write so I'd like to solict people's opinions. (Be aware that I have had much alcohol while writing this. So any incoherence is due to that and not my normal incoherence. ^_^)

1. Work on/Finish "Plotting to Win.
Summary: Trunks bets Goten that he can't seduce and bed his sister, Bra, in a set period of time. Goten takes him up on the offer.
Meta: This is my ignore Dragonball GT and write a Goten/Bra Fic from the man's point of view. It is a romantic comedy - not my normal cup of tea. And is playing with the cliche of the whole "bet" thing. I want to see if I can make it work and make it interesting. I am about partway through chapter 4.
Pros: I have it plotted and some of the final scenes storyboarded and partially written. I also know my characters
Cons: I haven't been in the mood to write DBZ and it isn't technically a new novel - it is a continuation of an existing story.

2. Work on/Finish "Journey of Illumination"
Summary: Akari's Journey to become a pro.
Meta: Okay, I admit this one is a little, well, slow. Boring. What have you. I like Akari. I think she gets the short end of the stick in fanfiction. And I think that she isn't as ineffectual as a lot of the fandom thinks. I want to write a realistic story with her at the center and make it work. It was what I worked on for NaNoWriMo for last time I participated.
Pros: Again I know generally where I am going. I have the story semi plotted out. I just need to actually write it.
Cons: I have to throw out most of the last chapter I wrote and start fresh. I also need more Go experience. This fic takes a lot more in the way of research than my other fics.

3. Work on/Finish Law & Order: Criminal Intent/CSI crossover
Summary: Goren & Eames attend a Conference in Las Vegas and run into an old enemy as well as make some new allies.
Meta: This would be my first crossover, ever. It also would be outside of my comfort zone of anime fandom.
Pros: I know my characters and my series.
Cons: Only the basic rudiments of a plot. Also I am going to ignore anything in CSI that is happening this season and the last episode of last season. I am so anti Grissom/Sara I am boycotting the show. Also I have to watch out for Shippy-ness when it comes to Goren/Eames. I like them. I like them as a couple. That can be a problem. I don't like shippy-ness in general. It leads to bad writing and well other issues.

4. Work on/Finish Untitled Original - horroresque.
Summary: On the shores of Lake Michigan a group of College students go to a summerhouse with sinister history.
Meta: Zab knows about this one. It is kinda a continuation of my "Spring Fog" story. Another horror story that is a bit longer in the set up and climax.
Pros: Well it is Original
Cons: Bare bones idea of plot. I don't even know who my characters are except for in abstracts.

5. Work on/ Finish "Aspects of Vegeta"
Summary: The story of Vegeta as seen through various stages of his life.
Meta: This was the first DBZ story I ever started and my second fanfic ever. I have the first 2 parts written (albeit they need major tweaking) and each chapter is a different aspect.
Pros: I know what each chapter is about and I only have 7 more to write.
Cons: I am hung up on chapter 3, "Killer" it has a rape scene. It is essential for the character and story that it be there. Because it, more than anything else, show the nadir to which Vegeta sinks. The problem. I can't write it. It is too personal. Too much. And I can't move past it.

6. Work on/Finish "Legacy"
Summary: After Bulma's Death in "Who Wants to Live Forever" the Briefs' Family deals with her loss and learns to keep living.
Meta: WWTLF was my catharsis in a very bad time. Legacy was a continuation of that. It is extremely personal. Where I killed myself off in "Spring Fog" (The main character is me if you didn't guess/know) this story is my grief process. And it is painful to write. And necessary. It deals with me dealing with losing people to cancer. My Mom has cancer. I lost my grandma to cancer. My aunt to cancer. My grandfather to cancer. Two of my dogs to cancer. I hate cancer. That story is my grief process. And it is so intensely personal it is hard to write.
Pros: It is a catharsis.
Cons: It is so personal and so emotionally draining that I am in tears for most of the writing process. I don't know where I am going with it. It is me as seen though the various aspects of the Briefs family. Vegeta is my father and myself. Bra is me as I wish I could be. Trunks is me as I am. And each of them is a little bit of myself. I show so much of myself in that and WWTLF that it is scary.

7. Work on/Finish Untitled Hikaru no Go Story
Summary: Shuusaku was more than just a phenominal Go player and ________ was more than just a normal Geisha. This is their story.
Meta: Sai telling the story of Shuusaku and his affair one of the Edo Geisha at the height of his career. Basically it is Hikaru asking to know more about Shuusaku than what the history books tell him.
Pros: It is unwritten and there aren't many Shuusaku stories out there.
Cons: Bare Bones Plot and characterization. Not to mention the sheer amount of research needed.

8. Work on Finish "Scars"
Summary: Yamcha returns to Bulma after spending over a year away from her. His beautiful face is now criss-crossed with three scars.
Meta: This is my interpretation of how Yamcha got his scars. It is told in flashback and from a character that is often overlooked in DBZ fandom.
Pros: Prologue is written. Fairly unique.
Cons: Bare bones plot. No real clue about where to go with it.

9. Work on Finish "The Hunter and the Housewife"
Summary: A botched spell allows a demon to take over a host and start wreaking havok. To stop it. The most unexpected of heroes emerges.
Meta: This is me playing with Mrs. Briefs as a main character. I am also exploring some pagan beliefs and some things explored in Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde stories.
Pros: Fairly Unique in DBZ fandom
Cons: I only have the first chapter written. The rest of it is kind of a mystery to me.

So those are the 9 stories I could work on. Of those only 3 are unwritten and unstarted. All of them deserve to get written. Both Plotting to win and Journey of Illumination have a decent amount of reviews and/or following and really I haven't written much lately. I am in a writing mood and I am trying to get some of that out. So I would like you feedback.

My Stories can be found at both MediaMiner and if you want to see the fics I am talking about.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.


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