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So I've been kind of quiet over here. That's because I haven't really had anything of substance to say. I've been posting little things at Twitter but again, not much of substance.

I've been in a writing mood. And I've been writing fanfic. As some you might recall, one of my goals this year was to actually work on some of my fanfic works in progress and I did!

So, after a what was a 6 year hiatus, I've updated my Goten/Bra fic called Plotting to Win - some of you may remember it. What? Don't look at me like that. I actually mean to finish, the whole thing is plotted out. I just need to write it. (Like so many things)

I'd put it on Mediaminer, but I am not sure I remember my password there. How is that for ironic?

So yeah, I'm being productive and actually looking at Nano as finish fic month. Not sure when the sims stories that people care about will be back. I'm getting a little bored with the sims to be honest. This happens and I go in cycles. I will likely be back when I get annoyed at fanfic - which also happens.

I do mean to actually make my New Year's Goals. Including the one to get better.

So that is up with me. How are you?


Aug. 21st, 2011 11:04 pm
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I've flipped from simming (damn computer crashing) to reading for fun when the spreadsheets or cleaning make me throw in the towel.

I am realizing more and more just how much I love the USA network's body of shows. White Collar, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Suits, Royal Pains, and Law and Order Criminal Intent (even though it is now over). So I am hunting down fic.

It's hard because there is a plethora of romance/slash and sometimes what I really want is a good gen heist fic. I know that people ship the fuck out of Neal and Peter and Harvey and Mike, but dear gods please stay true to the canon... Harvey isn't going to do a from the heart monologue and Peter isn't going to stop mistrusting Neal even though part of him trusts Neal with his life not just with any valuables.

So here are a few of the good fics I've run into in my searches.

Thefts that didn't go as planned - White Collar/Nightwing Crossover- Neal steals from someone he shouldn't have.

Confidence Lost - White Collar/Batman Comics Universe - Neal isn't exactly who he seems to be.

Connecting the Dots - Justice League/Naruto - I know what you're thinking. How in the hell does this work? Well it does. Beautifully. It really hits why Ninjas are not Superheroes and the characterization of Shikamaru is fucking amazing.
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I have developed an inordinate hatred for the following words/phrases


I get it. There are a limited number of ways to describe someone but to refer to them as the Pinkette or the Sun-kissed or the Raven is going a little overboard. These people have names. Use them. Or if you can't, try something like the pink-haired medic-nin or some other descriptor. Laziness is all well and good but for fuck's sake let's try not to sound like a meeting of analogies anonymous.
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Author’s note: I should note that this was written while high on painkillers, lack of sleep, and lots of stress. A grain of salt or a tongue-in-cheek is advised.

So you want to publish a story. Or you've already published one but really want to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the online reading community, which I am pleased to say I am not a part of, but don't know how. Fear not, writers! I, Lady Lark, am happy to provide you with a few easy to follow steps guaranteed to make the most discerning reader blanch in horror and hit the back button and possibly seek out brain bleach. As an added bonus, I shall include examples from well-reviewed fiction. After all, isn't that the goal of all online authors? Who cares about quality so long as people slavishly tell you how awesome you are, even if you aren't?

TL:DR Ahead – don’t say I didn’t warn you )
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WOOO!!! I finally rate!

I've gotten plagiarized.

A reader of my story "A Daughter's Love" that I wrote 8 years ago sent me a PM which pointed it out.

Here is the plagiarized story and here is mine.

Please note that they didn't even bother to change the the disclaimer and that they did bother to change the authors note. Now I am debating if I want to leave a review stating that "No really, this is mine."

Or if I just want to sit.

But I've finally made it in the writing world if some chicky-poo rips me off.


Oct. 16th, 2008 01:43 pm
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I can't sleep.

There is stuff going on with work that I don't want to talk about. And the same is true with Otakon.

I need to work on my Sims stuff and I have done some - Pulled the next set of pictures I want to use and put them into an album. Not all of them will make the final cut. I also need to figure out how many more chapters I have. I estimate about 4 after this one although I hope it is less. I seem to recall playing the last part of the asylum on fast forward toward the end because the inmates kept doing the same things and there are only so many ways you can caption people standing around a bar bowling talking about fried eggs.


I don't even have any fics I want to read. The most interesting to come out lately are the sniippets from [ profile] askerian in her Teamwork universe. She has really made me into a Team Seven OT3 to the point where I am not fond of reading of the three of them without the other three. Sakura is the most versitile in that respect. But Sasuke-wise I don't like him with anyone else other than Team Seven and Sakura under specific circumstances. Naruto, I am the same way. I don't like him with Hinata even - and I know that Kishimoto is likely to make that pairing canon.

Le sigh. Just listless.
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Where does the time go? Really I wonder.

Let's see. End of month came and went with more than it usual craziness. We hit record numbers this month. My department accounted for 3777 repos and we are just one division. The total for the whole company was 9685 repos. That is a heck of a lot of cars picked up. It was a record-breaking month. The reward, we can wear jeans on Friday and they are buying Pizza for the office tomorrow. I laughed. I get to wear what I want all the time (I haven't looked at my work shirts in 6 months) and I can have Pizza when I want it which is about once every 6 months and I got my fill at Otakon.

Moving on, since noone wants to hear me talk about my work unless it is the fun part - like guys running out in their skivvies chasing after thier car at 3am, to Otakon Stuffage.

I am the Section Chief of Human Resources this year. I am working on my budget but I still need to get in touch with a few people. The budget is smaller this year than last so I am having fun with that. But it is coming together. I still need to talk with Hotels, Gofers, and Staf support. I know what Spec Ops needs and I still need to find a new head of that. The search for a Chief of Staff is going well. Hopefully there will be an announcement soon. There is so much stuff to do and so little time to implement it. I wish I could go to the meeting on the 25th but that is not happening.

Writing front. Well I am writing. But it is not on my fanfics. I know bad, Lark! But with everything going on with Work and Otakon I haven't had the inclination like I should. I am probably going to buckle down for NaNoWriMo and do something like "Finsh a story, Yo!" with that month.

Right now I am working on telling some Sims2 style stories. Let me tell you that I have never yelled at my laptop like I have lately. I am doing an Asylum challenge with [ profile] lennoxmacbeth as the star. I like to torture my friends. But this shouldn't be news for you all. ^_^ Here is the linky -- don't kill me because of the crappy picture taking. Although for those of you who play, i dare you to play Spot the Cameraman Mode pictures. They are there. Just not many of them since they cause Blue Screens of Death when I use them too much. Hence part of the screaming. *Begs Mac for an Advertising like banner for the story* You know my photoshop skills suck the galactic muffin.

I still need to mail out the prizes for the Max Challenge contest. But Money is killing me right now. Thank you vet bills.

Speaking of the pets. Rikku is very cuddly needy. She jumps up on my lap while I am working and cuddle sleeps. It is very cute. Shika wants to, but his hip is still bugging him I don't think the weather helps. He is just so happy to be alive that he will bound around the house while being gimpy. I am slowly starting to harden myself to the fact that it is very likely that Shikamaru will not live for very long. I am going to do my best to keep him going and the walks and playing fetch help some. But I think that his hip isn't going to improve and there will be a time where his quality of life is going to deteriorate to the point where it isn't a joy for him anymore. That is the day I am dreading. Until then, he still loves to play fetch and tug the disemboweled remains of squeaky toys with Rikku. He loves her and is currently cuddled against her sleeping. The cats are the cats. Affectionate, easy going, although Rin has taken to fighting with Rikku over who can sit on my lap. He claims he had it first. And he is right since he is the oldest pet in the house.

But that is generally what is going on with me. Today I am going out shopping with my mom at the Asian food store and Farmer's Market. Then later I am heading over to Josh's for Battlestar Friday. But for right now, Coffee!!!! and Dinner.
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LOL there are times that I love and hate review replies. First off I hate them that authors feel that they have to reply. At the same time I like them because reviewers can ask questions and get answers in the replies. However I don't like them when an author misunderstands what I mean and assumes I am an impatient reader. I am not one. I never will be one. Hell I am still waiting for the third book by Melanie Rawn to come out for the Exiles series. I can't be an impatient reader since I myself write slowly. It woudl be hypocritical.

So I never say things like "Update soon" "More please" or "When is the next part coming out?" It would be rude. I do say things like "I look forward to the next part" which I guess is where this author who got kinda snippy with me got confused. Either that or they were doing a stock review reply. I have those. But they are typically "Thanks for the review. The next part will be out as soon as it is finished." This didn't have that in it.

Ahh well.

It just means I don't review this author anymore.
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On the fanfic reading catch up front. I have gone from 92 fics to read (a number which actually fluctuates) on 8/18/08 down to eight. Go me. The ones I have left, three of them I haven't followed since 2006 or earlier, there are three new long fics to read that I haven't read, and then the two remaining I need to do a reread on them because I have forgotten too much of the story and it is pretty far in. But eight fics to go - that isn't bad.

Some fics I have found that are good reads in this clean up:

- Just One Chance by AmunRa Team 7 Gen After 6 years, Naruto and Sakura save Sasuke from Orochimaru and bring him home. When a neighboring village threatens to invade, Konoha will have to put aside its hatred and mistrust of Naruto and Sasuke in order to survive. (This is one of the better Sasuke gets dragged home by Naruto and Sakura fics -- I love the fact that there is plot and intrigue going on in the story)

- Three Thousand Days of Innocence by cinnamon badge [DracoGinny] Draco Malfoy wasn't guilty of anything until no one could find him after the last battle... and to the Aurors, his absence spoke volumes about his culpability. (A good post DH fic that actually makes a crack pairing possible while keeping the majority of characters in character)

End of one world by esama With his fire cold and all he left behind in ruin, Sasuke gives up his life and trusts in his brother's word. Time travel, spoilers. (A gen time travel fic that is unique in that Sasuke is the lone time traveller - most fics have Naruto in that role - the changes and the various little twists on canon are well done.)

Team 8 by S'TarKan What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he'd had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large? (An AU to make you like AU's. This is probably one of the best Naruto fics out there.)

This Time Around by Crimson Skies A six year old Sasuke wakes from a nightmare...but Itachi wouldn't really kill the clan, right? As for Naruto, well, maybe he won't be so alone...this time around. (Another twist on the time travel genre - both Naruto and Sasuke go back in time. There are some time skips in the fic but in general it is fun to read. )

Watch and learn by esama When God gives Hikaru his wish, he begins his journey again with a new goal in life, to prevent Sai from fading. (A HnG fic that really makes you think about the meaning of sacrifice and selfishness. It is a fic for both Hikaru and Sai lovers but it doesn't make either one into a saint. There are some parts that will make you think about just how much Sai took from Hikaru.)

The Will to Be Strong: Legends in The Making by Tenshi no Hana-chan Team 7, legends in the making. Their lives will weave an epic once more. Part Five: The Jounin Exams are under way, and in the midst of the chaos Kakashi's team will be thrust into once more. [SasuSaku, NaruHina] (I can't recommend this fic enough. Even the end catches are in character. The characterization is spot on and the storytelling is sublime. I love this fic. From the word go it will suck you in. This is a Naruto and Sakura bring Sasuke back fic and if I had my way, this would have been canon not what is going on now.)

There are more but I am forgetting them at the moment.

Fic Titles

Feb. 8th, 2008 03:47 am
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So I am clearing out the back log of fics I have to read (I have 163 emails/alerts to follow up on yet) and I've noticed a trend.

Time Travel Fics - Especially Naruto - are named Second Chance, Second Chances, or Another Chance. In fact, about a third to half of the time travel fics have the word chance in the title.

Alternate Universes - Tend to have the words Alternate, Twist, Change, or Parallel in them

Crack Pairings - These tend to have things like Fate, Dream, Guess, or New in their titles

So I've decided, as bad as my titles are, at least they are semi-original. Except for Remembrance and my Song Title fics - those need to be taken out and shot. But the others aren't as bad. I hope at least.

And I will never name a fic Second Chances no matter what. Seriously, there are literally over 2,000 fics with that title on, 92 of which are in the Naruto fandom. That is waaaaaaay too many.
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I left a review today on a piece of fanfiction that the author is probably not going to appreciate. I am going to save it here in case it gets deleted, which is what I expect will happen.

This is not going to be a gushing review. However, it is going to be honest.

You have an interesting story on your hands. I really liked how you took the time to train Sasuke and show how that was done. And for the first few chapters the spelling and grammatical errors were not too problematic.

However, around chapter 7 things started going all to hell technically. The misspellings of Sakura's name became more prevalent as well as Orochimaru's name, this is something that you could fix pretty easily in any word processing program with the Find and Replace feature.

Also starting at this point, your ability to capitalize names and the beginning of sentences went away and never came back. Again this is easily fixed in most word processing programs. What I feel happened is that you got anxious to appease your readers and published too quickly. While I appreciate your efforts in that regard, those errors are costing you readers of your finished work. I know I have started this story more than once and then had to get up and walk away when the mistakes became too much. The fact that I am even leaving a review should let you know that I appreciate your efforts and think you can improve. Because I do.

This story has a lot of potential. The action scenes are well done and I liked that Naruto was not the same go lucky guy after his experiences.

But the mistakes literally break this piece. I hope you take my advice. Good luck.

The thing is, the fic really had a lot of potential. But it just died with all of the mistakes. I know that I can make mistakes myself. But I do pay attention to my word processor and try to proofread. Le sigh.

It's sad that I am getting anxious after leaving a review on a fic that I would love to get on one of my own.
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Authors who whine bitch and moan about everything.


It pisses me off.

Take this gem for example:

Author's Notes:

You know, I used to enjoy this story. I was riding high and havingfun, with inspiration that never seemed to stop. But then the debacleof chapter twelve, where all and sundry by and large ignored thewhole deal to give me a load of CRAP about a paragraph at the end ofit, happened all over again with chapter twenty six where I had abouta hundred different people all jumping down my throat over minorquibbles they disagreed with.

You know what? I don't care anymore.

At the point the storm of criticism ignited I decided I needed amental health day, but no wise man does that until he's first put outthe fire. So chapter twenty seven happened, explaining how I wasright all along, and they should have trusted me to know what to dowith my own story.

But now, I know they're lying in wait, ready to do it all overagain. I used the fan-convention name for the Fourth Hokage. I likeit more, and it sounds better and I'M ACTING OUT MY OFFICIALDISCLAIMER LISTED RIGHT AT THE START, PEOPLE! IF IT GOT REVEALEDPOST-TIME SKIP THEN IT NEVER FRIGGING HAPPENED!! AND THATINCLUDES THINGS LIKE NAMES IF I FEEL LIKE INCLUDING THEM!!!!

No, I'm just too angry to write this story now. And I don't knowif that will change, if ever. Consider this the end. I wish that wasnot so, but for right now... it is. Sorry.

I can't write a fun, happy fic when I'm boiling mad.

And this bit from the same author later in the story.

Author's Notes:

Continuity errors? YEP! By the bucketful! I just re-realized thatone of my most successful strategies for dealing with whiningcomplainers before has always been to grant them MORE of whateverthey bitch and moan about!

The other has always been the "unexplained, unwantedcrossover" -and if you don't believe me, look up Exiled Jedi,where I put BUGS BUNNY into a Star Wars fic already several hundredpages into the plot.

If you think I can't perform a 'time-space jutsu' experiment gonewrong and suddenly dump this into a Robotech continuity, then thinkagain!

And, if that doesn't work, there's always even more disturbingthings to add.

You see, there is a true story of a hitchhiker who pulled a gunand tried to car-jack the vehicle giving him a lift. After the driverhad pushed the pedal down, getting it up to above a hundred, thensideswiped a few concrete barricades, he informed his terrifiedpassenger that he'd forgotten just who had the power in a movingvehicle, and after threatening to kill them both in a massiveaccident (which was also, incidentally, guaranteed if the guy shotthe driver at that speed), the hitchhiker threw his gun out thewindow and gave himself up to be arrested, after they drove off tofind some police.

As the Author, I have the power over this story. If you don't likeit, only be reminded that if you're reading it, and hate it, I haveevery ability to make you hate it more.

I take a perverse glee out of ticking off people who nag me aboutmaking my stories better when they themselves have never written athing! It's also so MUCH easier to have Konoha attacked by a 100fttall marshmallow man than think up quality material! I am perfectlywilling to trash a story they like, but say they hate, just to see them squirm!

I have done so on more than one occasion. In certain circles I ameven famous for it.

You have been warned.

It it is driving me nuts. The story started out so promising too and now, I feel like I am reading the same drek that others are publishing. And the moron is whining. Whining and bitching. You know he has the option of turning off reviews if they bother him so much. But then he whines about not getting enough reviews.

I love authors. I really do.
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I few days ago in the judging forum for the Max Challenge another Judge and I were talking about gender crossing fics and how to judge them and what categories they would fall into. Ultimately a pretty boring conversation but a necessary one. But the convo got me yearning to reread some of my old favorites. Particularly Ranma 1/2. I find it funny how in general I hate Ranma with any of the girls in the series but like him with several of the boys. Call me odd.

Anyway, I've reread Genma's Daughter by Deborah Goldsmith more recently, so I decided to seek out other fics. I've just finished rereading "Thy Outward Part" by Richard Lawson. It is still good, but I can definitely see the Gary Stu characteristics in it. I also noticed that some of the writing wasn't as tight and the dialogue got a bit stilted in certain parts. Strange, when I used to consider it among the best of the best out there. Either I've become jaded or the writing wasn't that good and I was too stupid to notice back then. The sad thing is that it is still one of the best Ranma fanfics I have read. Kinda sad when I can honestly say that I've read about half or more of the Ranma fics on Mediaminer and on

I've also been thinking a lot about my stories. I think I need to make a decision about the ones that I have unfinished. I want to complete "Plotting to Win" and "Journey of Illumination" but I don't think any of the others are going to happen. I've seriously thought about it and I haven't touched them seriously in 5 years so it is time to let them go.

Five years. I can't believe that in a little over a month will mark 7 years of my writing fanfic. I've been prereading for over 12 years starting with MASN by Joseph Kohle. It's amazing how much has changed. The whole philosophy of fanfic has changed. Back when I started in the community C&C was something freely given and sought after. The more people ripped you apart and nitpicked the better you felt. It was strange. Even when I started writing fanfic, the whole reviewing mentality was different. The demographics were very different too. When I started in the fandom there were a small amount of female writers and very few writers under the age of 18. The reason for that I think had to do with connectivity and availiblity of the internet. I remember when the demographic switched and it was shock to me.

I remember watching the first Anime Central Fanfic panel and listening attentively, the authors were amzing (Zen, Ryan Matthews, Richard Lawson and others I can't remember.) The Audience loved them and I remember sitting next to the man who wrote as Ucchan. Things are very different now and there is an obvious schism in the fanfic community. When I sat in the audience two years ago, I realized that I was looking at authors who hadn't published anything in several years or if they had it was continuations of their massive epics and they only wrote in obscure fandoms (and when did Bubblegum Crisis and Ah! My Goddess become obscure!!!!) Most of the panelists still had the FFML mentality which is different than the mentality. It just boggles my mind. I remember looking around the audience - over half of whom were still in high school and I could see that they didn't understand what the panelists were talking about. Many of them asked questions, good legit questions about Mary-sues and how not to make them. How to write romance well? And the difference between Flames and Constructive Criticism. The panelists didn't get it. And when I looked them up later I learned why. They didn't publish their works on any of the major multi-fandom archives. They probably don't see the drek published nowadays. I know know one of them for certain didn't, they stated outright that they don't read fanfiction anymore. THE HELL!!! Their back up panelist of Catwho seemed to be as frustrated as I was, but she wasn't on the panel.

Take that to now, and I can see the separation in the fanfic community grow. There are the Old Fogeys, of which I am one, who butt heads with the Newbies. Then there are the people in the middle who came in about 5 years ago when the whole thing was changing. They remember some of the "good Old days" but are more familiar with the current climate. It's a little strange. I've tried to keep up to date on current fanfic trends, but I have to admit that I get tired of reading the same cliched plots that I ran into 10 years ago. There is still good fic to be found. But I am getting tired of the male lead/Harem fics, the Everyone's gay fics, the AU High School stories, the wangst fests, and the like. Finding a good story is getting harder and harder.

I still love fanfiction. I still like alternate and canon pairings I am willing to read anything if it is well written and well plotted. But when I sit down at my computer to write, I keep seeing the pages of drek that has come before me and I am afraid that I am going to join them. I don't want to be known as a mediocre author. I don't want to be known as a person who never finished fics. However I sure as hell don't want to be a BNF. I think what I want is for me to find my niche in the fanfic community.

And I am not totally sure where that is.
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Title: Faith and Valor
Author: Rurouni Tyriel
Rating: PG-13 although I would rate it PG
Fandom: Justice League - the Animated Series
Summary: The Justice League awaken one day without their powers. How will theycope, how will they adjust to their new lives as normal people? And canthey still be heroes? Even when they find others are not similarlypower-handicapped.

Comments: It's rare that I read a story that would fit seamlessly into the continuity of the series in question. This one really does. It remembers the continuity of the series and the others of the DC Universe. This is one of those stories that you can reread and it is one that I think needs more recongnition. It is completed, which is a plus. And it is well-written technically.

Check it out!
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Title: Pressing Engagement
Author: LadyLark
Rating: PG
Summary: "Jack Sparrow was in a bad situation and he knew it - which in and of itself said volumes." Gift fic set two years after the end of AWE. Gen.
Chapter Summary: In which Jack meets an old friend

FF.Net Link EDIT: The link isn't working - it is supposed to but it isn't yet - dang nab it

MM.O Link

Previous parts can be found here and here.

Let me know what you think!
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Title: Pressing Engagement
Author: LadyLark
Rating: PG
Summary: "Jack Sparrow was in a bad situation and he knew it - which in and of itself said volumes." Gift fic set two years after the end of AWE.
Chapter Summary: In which Jack Tells a tale

FF.Net Link EDIT: The link isn't working - it is supposed to but it isn't yet - dang nab it

MM.O Link

Let me know what you think!
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Title: Pressing Engagement
Author: LadyLark
Rating: PG
Summary: "Jack Sparrow was in a bad situation and he knew it - which in and of itself said volumes." Gift fic set two years after the end of AWE.

FF.Net Link

MM.O Link

Let me know what you think!
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I started writing [ profile] lennoxmacbeth's birthmas fic - it is going well but it will not be porny. Sorry. It has a minorly stupid plot and for some reason Jack and Will seem to be heading for a deep conversation about Life, The universe and Everything. Damn you stupid plot bunnies - or in this case random opening lines that give me no real indication where the fic is heading. Damn you to hell!!!!!!!!!

The opening line in question: "Jack Sparrow was in a bad situation and he knew it - which in and of itself said volumes." I love how that flows but come on fic make yourself known! It doesn't help that I only have Dead Man's Chest to work off of for characterization at the moment. ARGHHH!!! And I keep wanting to put periods after my exclamation points.

Anyway, I am keeping up with my 100 words a day thing so far and have about 300 words of the fic done. However I have a hunch then thing will be about 1500 to 2000 words long when I am done. It is definitely going to be over 1000. So Mac, sorry for the wait. But it is coming along.

Up next I think I am going to poke at Plotting to Win. If I can keep this up, my sock is also going to get the 100 words a day challenge. It will be nice to slip between fandoms to keep me fresh. And it doesn't help that I have a Naruto fic that I want to write and I promised myself no new multi-chapters until I am done with Plotting to Win. So that gives me incentive to finish it.

I also would like to have something to enter into the Max Challenge Contest on MM.O assuming it takes place. I haven't had the interest in the site or in any site really for a while. Burnout - thy fingers have curled around my heart.

I need to work on Otakon stuff too and in no particular order I need to do the following:

  • Call Rochelle to get the sign in sheet from last year and any other info she can give me.

  • Call Kendo and talk about the plans for the department.

  • Call Rich Fan and offer him a position

  • Call the people we want for team leaders to get them on board

  • Get a prelim staff list

  • Contact other departments and start establishing relations with them

  • Find a new Hired Security company - need to talk to Sam first

  • Talk to Sean

  • Draft up any changes to existing policies

  • Draft up any staffing info changes

I know there are other things I am forgetting but for now it is a start - Oh can't forget closing Sharp Street and see about getting more staff. Gods, why did I do this again? I know I like pain. . . le sigh.

Back to housecleaning.
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But instead I have been playing the Sims and Sims 2. I've also been watching House, reading my LJ friends pages and Ooodles of Harry Potter fic.

None of which is helping me write my fic.

I've had two ideas for this time around. A crossover and an AU. The AU is definitely multi-chapter so I don't want to do that. But the crossover is not speaking to me. *Bangs head repeatedly*

Oh and Happy Birthday to [ profile] aishuu & [ profile] redhairedferret. I hope it is a good one!
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I haven't done this in a while ^_^

One Hundred Days [Naruto] by Aaron Nowack - Rating T

Naruto leaves on his three year training trip, and Sakura begins the struggle to improve herself. How much will they have changed when they meet again in one hundred days?

The summary does not do this thing justice. This is one of the most tightly plotted and well thought out stories that I have encountered. Little arcs feed into larger ones. Things that you don't consider important early on become very significant later. The characterization is very good even with minor and original characters. Everything is connected. And the writing style is excellent. I haven't read a story like this in a long time. And the best thing, it's gen. There are hints of pairings if you want to see them, but really this story is gen. But that is what makes it so great. It doesn't need a pairing to work.

Read this! Review this! (it needs more) The author only has one more chapter to go but I'll tell you considering this thing averages 21,000 words per chapter it isn't a short read and the chapters are worth the wait..
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The shadow retreated as Shakon stood up on his feet ready to ponder both boys for making him look like a fool.

Has anyone ever been ready to ponder? I mean normally it is something you just do and you don't prepare yourself for it before hand. While you're at it, you might want to consider pummelling them as well.

Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing that little gem.

Also on the spectrum of too funny is Cassie Claire's young adult novel. It is just so hideously bad that it is just funny in a very depressing sort of way.

Here is a MST of the first chapter from [ profile] canon_sues. Go! Read it! Laugh at the snark and unintentionally funny phrasing! Then cry that this got published.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 09:50 pm
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Another day, another Final Fantasy beaten.

No spoilers, but Final Fantasy XII is really up there in my favorite Final Fantasy's of all time. I don't know if it beats VI, but it is beating out IX for me. (I never was a fan of VII)

It is definitely worth the money and time spent. Good game. Really good game.

So? Now what?

Well I finished the next part of Plotting to Win and have published it on Mediaminer (no reviews yet - but I've stopped expecting them from that site) but I haven't put it up on yet since I noticed that I haven't gotten any email alerts on either of my accounts (yes I have a sock account - it is for my crappy writing and other things) since Monday evening I think they are having major issues. I don't know if anyone has gotten any kind of alerts from them or if it is just me and few other people. But I am not putting up a fic that I know that will get buried without knowing that my readers are going to get the alert.

I should probably work on a few fics to enter into the Max Challenge fanfic Contest on Mediaminer. There are a few categories that are tempting me.

Otherwise, I've been kinda blah - sleeping a lot more than I should be - but eh.

Things for Otakon are starting to come together. But that is another post.
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Taken from the author notes of a story. This is not me attempting to talk fangirl, it is what someone actually wrote.

"Oh look! They're standing next to each other. It's canon! *SQUEE!*"

Who the hell thinks this? I mean I have some crack pairing tendancies, but I admit they are crack. I mean as much as I would love for my crack pairings to end up together, I know that is bloody unlikely if not impossible. I mean I like Duo/Relena - but it ain't gonna happen. I like Akira/Akari - but that ain't gonna happen either. Same thing for my other crack pairing of Allura/Lotor - and there is a whole lot more support for that pairing than some. But because they happen to share a screen for all of five seconds doesn't mean that they are gonna fall in love and get married.

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As of today at 1:00pm there are 1,248,179 registered users. My user number is 44,604. That means that there is more than 1.2 million accounts registered after me. Excuse me while I goggle for a bit.

That is bloody insane.

And just for fun ^_^

"A study in the Washington Post says that women have better verbal skills than men. I just want to say to the authors of that study: "Duh"
--Conan O'Brien 
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Please explain to me why 90% of the fics for this fandom are Mary Sues?

Because seriously, I want to know.
We have in no particular order:
The Female Pirate Captain who captures Jack's Heart
The Obligatory Time Travelling Self Insert
The Merchant's/Governor's Daughter
The Runaway Noblewoman
Jack's Undiscovered Daughter
Will and Elizabeth's Daughter
Will's Missing Sister
Jack's Missing Sister
And of course My Sue's backstory is too cool for you - High School Fics

I mean seriously, I am trying to find a decent fic that is not any of the following and it is bloody difficult. I don't want to say how many Jack/OFC pairings I have seen.

I'll admit it makes me want to write something for the fandom just to show you can write a good story and have action/adventure and even romance and not have to create a Mary Sue to do it.

After all Elizabeth is enough of one on her own.
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So I've managed to get rid of the majority of my gremlin one shots as [ profile] pareathe calls them. At least the ones on my main computer. The laptop is another story. I still have to figure out what is going on it and what isn't.

However, with those gremlins finished (I relegated a few to - these will never get done ever - and moved on) I can start looking at my chaptered fics.

I finished outlining the next part of "Plotting to Win" (Still hate the title) which is a good thing. Because once I have a solid outline in place I write ever so much faster. I don't have the excuse of not knowing what I am going to do next and most of the time I am just stymied by wording and I can fix it by muddling through it to the next marker and then going back later.

I also took a look at the next chapter of "Journey of Illumination" (really hate that title) that one has me baffled. I've written about 20 pages of story that just aren't good (most of it is me writing and rewriting how I want to open the chapter). I think that I need to go back to my outline and figure out where I went wrong. I may be able to salvage some of what I have written. Part of the problem is that this chapter is really the last chapter that is set up. It gets most of the key players into place and sets up a healthy chunk of the conflict for the first arc of the story. It's just getting the damn thing started. Anybody up to being a sounding board?

For those of you who are interested in how I plot fics - this is an example of how I do it.

Chapter 1 of Journey of Illumination )

Blargh. Now that I have some time to write, I want to make sure that I am actually being productive. I am going to see if I can either get a chunk of the next part "Plotting to Win" done or maybe revise my outline for Journey so that I can get unblocked.
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Hey [ profile] hostilecrayon you know that fic you requested from me ages ago - it's finally done! *Does the Happy Dance*

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy IX and its characters are property of Square Enix. I am merely borrowing them for a bit.

Read more... )

AN: This thing is a lot longer than it was supposed to be - it is also really shippy and sappy. But damn was it hard and easy to write. I just had to be in a Final Fantasy mood - I also had to beat the game again ^_^;;;;;
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As most of you know, I hate bad fanfiction. And I hate it more when I write it. I actually wrote a Spirited Away story and well, it sucks. I don't like the voice. I don't like the plot - if you can call it that - I just don't like it. And Every time I tried to steer the fic in another direction it would thwart me.

This peice of fiction had been sitting on my computer for two years taunting me. I tried ignoring it and it would just jeer at me going "You know you want to finish me. Go ahead, open me up. Work on me. You know you want to." Then when I would it would just stare at me, like we were engaging in a battle of wills.

I had the opening line, and I had the end line. It was the middle that gave me fits. I wanted to write something more upbeat instead I ended up with something that sounded like it came out of 14-year-old's diary. I wanted to write a more dialogue driven fic - something I know I am good at. This fic has maybe three lines of dialogue total. I wanted to have more romance, instead I ended up with angst.

I debated publishing it at all - it is not my best writing and I am honestly embarassed by it. I considered publishing this under my other writing name - yes I have two - no I am not sharing what it is. But in the end, I felt that people deserved to see my crappy writing style. And they deserved to mock it. I am not going to fix it. I have washed my hair of it. But I needed to rant about it.

To a degree I think it has turned me off of ever attempting to write Spirited Away fic in the future. I have ideas - but I will not work on them because of the headache this fic has caused.

If you want to take a look at it you can find it here or here.

However on the positive side, I feel like the damn thing is no longer hanging over my head and I can move on to other fics.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:57 pm
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It started at Otakon - where I am pretty sure someone dropped it. But my laptop has been having issues - to the point where I only used it two times since the con. Once was to try to get the staff list from it. The second was tonight when I intended on working on things for NaNoWriMo. I fired it up and it took over 20 minutes to load and made a lot of funky sounds. Then it hung.

I tried to restart & nothing. I had to do a forced restart and it gave me a "hand error" while trying to load windows. I then restarted it again going to the command prompt to try to get the data I wanted off of it - mostly stories and story ideas. And I couldn't get all of it. A few story ideas (not backed up) and completed fics (thankfully backed up elsewhere) were on bad sectors. Gods I am glad I remembered my DOS commands.

It doesn't look like the data is good either.

It is dead, Jim.


Oct. 6th, 2006 01:45 am
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So [ profile] beccastareyes post got me to thinking. NaNoWriMo is approaching and really there are several things I could write so I'd like to solict people's opinions. (Be aware that I have had much alcohol while writing this. So any incoherence is due to that and not my normal incoherence. ^_^)

1. Work on/Finish "Plotting to Win.
Summary: Trunks bets Goten that he can't seduce and bed his sister, Bra, in a set period of time. Goten takes him up on the offer.
Meta: This is my ignore Dragonball GT and write a Goten/Bra Fic from the man's point of view. It is a romantic comedy - not my normal cup of tea. And is playing with the cliche of the whole "bet" thing. I want to see if I can make it work and make it interesting. I am about partway through chapter 4.
Pros: I have it plotted and some of the final scenes storyboarded and partially written. I also know my characters
Cons: I haven't been in the mood to write DBZ and it isn't technically a new novel - it is a continuation of an existing story.

2. Work on/Finish "Journey of Illumination"
Summary: Akari's Journey to become a pro.
Meta: Okay, I admit this one is a little, well, slow. Boring. What have you. I like Akari. I think she gets the short end of the stick in fanfiction. And I think that she isn't as ineffectual as a lot of the fandom thinks. I want to write a realistic story with her at the center and make it work. It was what I worked on for NaNoWriMo for last time I participated.
Pros: Again I know generally where I am going. I have the story semi plotted out. I just need to actually write it.
Cons: I have to throw out most of the last chapter I wrote and start fresh. I also need more Go experience. This fic takes a lot more in the way of research than my other fics.

3. Work on/Finish Law & Order: Criminal Intent/CSI crossover
Summary: Goren & Eames attend a Conference in Las Vegas and run into an old enemy as well as make some new allies.
Meta: This would be my first crossover, ever. It also would be outside of my comfort zone of anime fandom.
Pros: I know my characters and my series.
Cons: Only the basic rudiments of a plot. Also I am going to ignore anything in CSI that is happening this season and the last episode of last season. I am so anti Grissom/Sara I am boycotting the show. Also I have to watch out for Shippy-ness when it comes to Goren/Eames. I like them. I like them as a couple. That can be a problem. I don't like shippy-ness in general. It leads to bad writing and well other issues.

4. Work on/Finish Untitled Original - horroresque.
Summary: On the shores of Lake Michigan a group of College students go to a summerhouse with sinister history.
Meta: Zab knows about this one. It is kinda a continuation of my "Spring Fog" story. Another horror story that is a bit longer in the set up and climax.
Pros: Well it is Original
Cons: Bare bones idea of plot. I don't even know who my characters are except for in abstracts.

5. Work on/ Finish "Aspects of Vegeta"
Summary: The story of Vegeta as seen through various stages of his life.
Meta: This was the first DBZ story I ever started and my second fanfic ever. I have the first 2 parts written (albeit they need major tweaking) and each chapter is a different aspect.
Pros: I know what each chapter is about and I only have 7 more to write.
Cons: I am hung up on chapter 3, "Killer" it has a rape scene. It is essential for the character and story that it be there. Because it, more than anything else, show the nadir to which Vegeta sinks. The problem. I can't write it. It is too personal. Too much. And I can't move past it.

6. Work on/Finish "Legacy"
Summary: After Bulma's Death in "Who Wants to Live Forever" the Briefs' Family deals with her loss and learns to keep living.
Meta: WWTLF was my catharsis in a very bad time. Legacy was a continuation of that. It is extremely personal. Where I killed myself off in "Spring Fog" (The main character is me if you didn't guess/know) this story is my grief process. And it is painful to write. And necessary. It deals with me dealing with losing people to cancer. My Mom has cancer. I lost my grandma to cancer. My aunt to cancer. My grandfather to cancer. Two of my dogs to cancer. I hate cancer. That story is my grief process. And it is so intensely personal it is hard to write.
Pros: It is a catharsis.
Cons: It is so personal and so emotionally draining that I am in tears for most of the writing process. I don't know where I am going with it. It is me as seen though the various aspects of the Briefs family. Vegeta is my father and myself. Bra is me as I wish I could be. Trunks is me as I am. And each of them is a little bit of myself. I show so much of myself in that and WWTLF that it is scary.

7. Work on/Finish Untitled Hikaru no Go Story
Summary: Shuusaku was more than just a phenominal Go player and ________ was more than just a normal Geisha. This is their story.
Meta: Sai telling the story of Shuusaku and his affair one of the Edo Geisha at the height of his career. Basically it is Hikaru asking to know more about Shuusaku than what the history books tell him.
Pros: It is unwritten and there aren't many Shuusaku stories out there.
Cons: Bare Bones Plot and characterization. Not to mention the sheer amount of research needed.

8. Work on Finish "Scars"
Summary: Yamcha returns to Bulma after spending over a year away from her. His beautiful face is now criss-crossed with three scars.
Meta: This is my interpretation of how Yamcha got his scars. It is told in flashback and from a character that is often overlooked in DBZ fandom.
Pros: Prologue is written. Fairly unique.
Cons: Bare bones plot. No real clue about where to go with it.

9. Work on Finish "The Hunter and the Housewife"
Summary: A botched spell allows a demon to take over a host and start wreaking havok. To stop it. The most unexpected of heroes emerges.
Meta: This is me playing with Mrs. Briefs as a main character. I am also exploring some pagan beliefs and some things explored in Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde stories.
Pros: Fairly Unique in DBZ fandom
Cons: I only have the first chapter written. The rest of it is kind of a mystery to me.

So those are the 9 stories I could work on. Of those only 3 are unwritten and unstarted. All of them deserve to get written. Both Plotting to win and Journey of Illumination have a decent amount of reviews and/or following and really I haven't written much lately. I am in a writing mood and I am trying to get some of that out. So I would like you feedback.

My Stories can be found at both MediaMiner and if you want to see the fics I am talking about.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

Fic Rec

Jul. 24th, 2006 12:10 am
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Secrets of the Stars by Phoenix of Eternity - Sinistra thought that getting her Hogwarts letter was the best thing that had ever happened to her. And it was at least until she left school. A short one shot about being Muggleborn and the ugly, hidden truth of the Hogwarts letter. A short little Sinestra piece that had me re-think so many things about Harry Potter. It is well worth the read.
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If you can't be bothered to capitalize your Title or any Names in your summary, then I can't be bothered to read it.

Morons. . . .

Don't they realize that the Title & Summary are the bait to draw people in?
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Ginny Weasley and the Curse of the Firstborn by Annie Penrose -- "Ginny Weasley is bound by a blood curse to marry Draco Malfoy and to live with him a year and a day." It sounds a little cliched but in reality it isn't. This is a well plotted story that keeps the characters true to themselves. Malfoy is still a brat and Ginny is still Ginny.

Cloak of Courage by Wendynat -- Hermione suffers a terrible loss and has to choose between two paths. Very loosely based on WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge. This is another one of those odd pairing fics that works. I love Snape's snark throughout all of the story. The plot is tight and the sex scenes are so very well done. If I were judging Hentai this year -- this fic woudl likely get my vote. Too bad it's not on MM.O.

Fic Recs

Apr. 8th, 2006 02:19 pm
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I've read a few good fics lately that I feel the need to share . . .

The Plaque by Scattered Logic -- Harry Potter -- Post Book Series. In a little visited garden at Hogwarts, there lies a little visited plaque. This story is very simple and very powerful in its simplicity. I especially loved how it was told through the eyes of Filch.

Say Your Right Words by Scattered Logic - Labyrinth - Post movie. "With Jareth, you can never take anything for granted . . . " How do I gush about this one without giving anything away? This story had me hooked line & sinker. I knew what had to happen but I couldn't look away. And this author is the master of end lines.

Two more:

The Mark by Scattered Logic - Harry Potter - Post HBP. Draco-centric.

Time and Again by Scattered Logic - Labyrinth - post movie - I've really just fallen in love with this author. Everything she writes has gem written all over it. The plot is simple but powerful. And it appeals to the sappy romantic in me as well. I love her characterization of Jareth. I think that is what has me coming back to her.

Read and enjoy.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:15 pm
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I got this review on a story I posted on -- I need translation services. Because this thing made no sense.

hi im josh and i think this is a good story layout i would like u to update and i would give u the support u need and here u may not know this but i have some hentai on them and here my email if u need it

BTW the story is a one-shot, crack fic, that while does not violate the TOS of the site is Lemon-y scented. But I think that my author notes state that The story is only a one-shot and that I don't even like the pairing since it splits up my OTP. But Um yeah.
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I am having a really odd urge right now -- well to be honest for the past two weeks.

I have been seriously debating going through and reading EVERY SINGLE Hikaru no Go fanfic on and MM.O and then leaving a review for each story. I don't know what I am smoking -- well I do . . . Djarum Cloves -- but I can't stop from wanting to do that.

Am I sick, or what?

Rec Time

Jun. 30th, 2005 09:27 am
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I haven't been able to do all of the things I wanted to . . . *shakes fist at people monopolizing her time*

I'm sorry to the people at MM.O everything that I was going to do for you guys is going to get pushed back. I have to apply for jobs tonight while I have the opportunity. Which of course means that I am slacking on my fic recs.

I have become a HUGE fan of Favorite's lists. It is a much faster way to find the little gems in the big fandoms. For example.

Those Ever Fateful Hogwarts Letters by purplerebecca -- Harry Potter -- Set several years in the future Dudley Dursley's gets a very unwelcome piece of mail. What really impressed me about this fic was the feeling that it was a part of something bigger. Like the author slipped in, took a snapshot, and then left. There really wasn't much in the way of exposition and what there was sounded very similar to the books. I really liked this fic and doesn't have nearly enough reviews.

Cold as Ash by GreenGecko -- A Harry is home for the summer fic with a few twists. Her characterization is so vivid that I can hear Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of cast speaking the lines when I read it. And she has a very good Snape -- for those snape fans out here.

Maybe more later -- or not.
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This sounds horrible, but most of the time when I read FFRG submissions I don't go in with terribly high expectations. Every once and a while though I read something that has me looking forward to the next part.

Here are the two I read last night that just had me really happy!

Legend of a Hanyou by Sari-15 -- This is a good Inu Yasha continuation. The author knows how to plot a story out. I am purposefully ignoring her on where she has over 30 chapters posted because she is in the process of a massive rewrite that is fleshing out scenes and adding action.

For Love of the Game by hostilecrayon -- a Hikaru/Akira romance that doesn't have me cringing at OOCness. This story keeps the characters in character and manages to add an extra dimension to the series. I really like what she has posted so far and I like her attitude of "Don't Coddle Me" which I wish more writers would take. I think though that the best thing is that she doesn't feel like she has to rush it. The first chapter doesn't really drop any hints, just solidifies the friendship.
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First I need to say thank you to Issen for jarring my memory and pointing out the site. And then I need to do a little explanation for my non-mediaminer friends.

I am a judge of and help run the mini fanfiction contests on Mediaminer. I am really happy to be doing this and right now we are in our second contest. Our first one was "Evil Spring" based off of the legend of "Walspurginacht" we got some neat horror and not so horror fics. If you want to see the winners they are on Mediaminer.

Well anyway on June 1, our new contest started. It is based off of my suggestion that we base it on "Hoshi-Matsuri" or the Star Festival. I thought that the story was neat and I remembered reading a couple of good stories that mentioned it mostly in the Fushigi Yuugi & Ranma universe. But I also remembered reading a really neat one in the Spirited Away. Since all fics are supposed to be written for the contest, I felt something needed to be done to make sure that the submitted fics are written for this contest.

So if you MM.O folks want to see why I pushed for the three elements read this.

Weather by Kristin O. This is probably what I will be using as my basis for judging -- even though it wasn't written for the contest. The writing is so good and it captures both the feeling of the legend behind festival and the characterization of Haku. Damn . . . I just wish I had this talent.

So long rambling explanation for why I insisted on the elements.

Fic Recs

Jun. 22nd, 2005 10:21 pm
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I've been in a massive reading mood -- devouring fanfiction at every turn.

Of course I am not doing my FFARG reviews or the Featured Fanfic Stuff I should be doing at Mediaminer. But here are a few of the stories that I keep going back to.

Teamwork by [ profile] askerian -- it is rare that a fic engenders my interest in a fandom. But this one did. A Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura fic that is a whole lot better than the summary would lead you to believe. I read the whole series twice and I am still raving about it. It was just recently added to the Featured Fanfics on MM.O -- and the selection process is not an easy one.

Courage of the Spirit by [ profile] velf -- This is what most of the Spirited Away fics are trying to acheive. It is a great look at what would happen if Chihiro did remember her time in the spirit world.

Convergance by big book worm -- another Spirited Away fic with another take on the end of the anime. This one is massively different from Velf's work. But it is oh so good.

The Butterfly Effect by Anaphalis -- A Fruits Basket fic that had be hooked from the word go. It is in Present tense, third person -- but for once that didn't bother me. Her detail and dialogue is wonderful. I am so jealous!

And I've read these all in the past two days -- I am so slacking.
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ToranKai's Dragonball Theta has a new chapter! Yippee!!!! I'm so Happy!
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ToranKai's Dragonball Theta has a new chapter! Yippee!!!! I'm so Happy!
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Yay I am finally a paid member at I would rather be a free one but they have taken away all of the good stuff for the authors so I decided to be a member.

Now I can really know how many people are reading my stories
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Yay I am finally a paid member at I would rather be a free one but they have taken away all of the good stuff for the authors so I decided to be a member.

Now I can really know how many people are reading my stories


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