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One of my friends - [ profile] randomposting linked me to this game. Organ Trail - it is a lot like the old Oregon trail game. Except you have zombies and killing your friends and a brat up station wagon. It is kind of awesome. I've played twice once on the easy level and once on the hard level.

It is a lot of fun in a totally time wasting way.
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The box was talking about doing a crossword puzzle for the box/stories/etc. Well this is the result from me.

The clues should all make sense. I hope. Have fun!


Apr. 22nd, 2007 09:50 pm
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Another day, another Final Fantasy beaten.

No spoilers, but Final Fantasy XII is really up there in my favorite Final Fantasy's of all time. I don't know if it beats VI, but it is beating out IX for me. (I never was a fan of VII)

It is definitely worth the money and time spent. Good game. Really good game.

So? Now what?

Well I finished the next part of Plotting to Win and have published it on Mediaminer (no reviews yet - but I've stopped expecting them from that site) but I haven't put it up on yet since I noticed that I haven't gotten any email alerts on either of my accounts (yes I have a sock account - it is for my crappy writing and other things) since Monday evening I think they are having major issues. I don't know if anyone has gotten any kind of alerts from them or if it is just me and few other people. But I am not putting up a fic that I know that will get buried without knowing that my readers are going to get the alert.

I should probably work on a few fics to enter into the Max Challenge fanfic Contest on Mediaminer. There are a few categories that are tempting me.

Otherwise, I've been kinda blah - sleeping a lot more than I should be - but eh.

Things for Otakon are starting to come together. But that is another post.

I did it!

Apr. 28th, 2006 07:27 pm
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All of my obsession has finally paid off.

On fourth time I attempted to beat FFX, I finally did. Yay!!!!

I have had the worst luck with this game. I've started it four times and due to various circumstances -- hurricaines, parents, and work. I've had to abandon it for months at a time.

I was a little disappointed in the FMVs which is one of the main reasons I play the game. But over all I was okay with it. I still like FFVI & FFIX the best. And I still feel that FFVIII has the best FMVs. But this one isn't bad. And I liked the main character a lot more than normal. In fact, I liked all of the characters in this -- a rarity for me.

So it's been a few years.

I am happy.
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Yay I am playing FF9 once again. I need a life.

Or more correctly I need to want to have a life.
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Yay I am playing FF9 once again. I need a life.

Or more correctly I need to want to have a life.


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