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I have a lovely case of bronchitis on top of the cold that started the whole thing. I am on Zithromax and prednisone. I also have been told in no uncertain terms that I am NOT to go into the office tomorrow and that Thursday is chancy. He wants me to beat this thing fully and have the fever that I am running broken before going back into plague central. He's also having my blood tested for a few things and they drew 4 vials of the stuff. Joy. So I am down about a half a pint at the moment.

I picked up some easy to eat foods, OJ, and a steak while I waiting for my prescriptions. I'm gonna need the iron. And I want comfort food at the moment.
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So I was all excited about having Friday off. but instead my body decided it wanted to get sick.

Actually I blame the guy who sits on the other side of the wall for getting me sick. He comes back on Thursday of last week and starts hacking and coughing like crazy. And about 48 hours later I get a headache, drainage, sore throat, gummy eyes, the freaking works. This is why people who are sick should stay home! But NOOOOO!!! He has to get me sick. On the week that Alex is supposed to come visit.

I've got a doctor's appointment at 1:45 today.

I am hoping I get better.
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So I quit the water exercise class and transferred into a later water aerobics class. It is not going to be as easy on the joints like the exercise class but it is later in the day Tuesdays at 6:45pm and more importantly taught by a different instructor. The local health clubs don't have good schedules and one is just way too expensive.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my other post. I appreciate it.
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Water exercise is not going well.

The teacher has too many regulars who have been coming for years and so doesn't take the time to explain things fully or demonstrate them fully. So I am looking around the pool trying to figure out what to do and then she tells me that my eyes need to going one way or staying on center front. That would be great and all but I have NO CLUE what I am supposed to be doing so correcting what I am doing isn't going to work since I don't know what I doing. Then I have the other issue of that I have been trained as a swimmer. I competed for over 5 years and have been swimming since I was 3. In swimming, they teach you to do the strokes a certain way and I still have that muscle memory. I still can perform a decent backstroke or buttefly technique and when she uses the names of the swimming stroke, my body, my whole body, will autmatically start to do that. Apparently she only wants the arms or shoulders not the marriage of back, hips, hands and neck that I have been taught and has been ingrained into my memory.

She also claims not to single people out when she gives corrections. But twice she has done so in front of the class and while she has apologized for doing so it doesn't make up for the fact that yes I am being singled out in a class I already feel singled out in because of my age. I am the youngest member of the class by about 30 years. The class is made up of people in thier late sixties to seventies and eighties. So I already get a lot of weird looks there.

I have tried to explain this to her especially with the please make sure to fully explain what you want and demonstrate how it is to be done. But she then threw back at me that she has had many of these people in her classes for over 5 years. To me that is no excuse. It didn't help that the first class was cut short by 25 minutes since the lifeguard didn't get there until late. Even this class didn't start on time because of the lifeguard.

But she called my parents' house because she could tell I had questions at class but she brushed me off. I talked to on the phone and felt like I had gotten nowhere and got no answers from her. Only excuses and admonitions to watch my body - you know what I have. I have fucking watched my body. I can't place both my pinky toe and big toe directly on the ground without arching my foot. My feet do not work that way - they never have - flat feet + leg & Foot braces + falling arches = weird foot shape when standing.. For me to put them down that way is for me to twist my foot into a position that is not comfortable and does not promote "perfect posture." She tells me to keep working on it and it will get better. What part of they physically do not go that way does she not get? I am not making an excuse, I have to roll my ankle and arch my foot to get it to go the way she wants. Otherwise just the side of my pinky toe touches the floor not the whole.


As you can see I am frustrated and not happy. My parents are telling me I shouldn't put up with this and ask for a refund since I am obviously not getting anything out of the class. I juat was so proud of myself for doing something positive for my health and to be so frustrated right now is hard. I want to get better and I think that a lot of this will help later but only if the instructor actually instructs. I've already messed with my sleep schedule over this, something that she didn't understand as well. She seemed to think that I should be able to sleep immediately after class and I can't. I cannot sleep until about an hour or more later because of how my body works.

But anyway I should not be in fricking tears over this. I am just that frustrated. It probably isn't all her - but right now I feel that Kakashi the crap teacher of doom would be better. So I don't know what to do. If I should stick with the class or if I should try to get my money back and look at other options.

I haven't been walking with Shikamaru lately either. He is hurting a bit too much and I am letting him recover. On the amusing side, the drug the vet gave him for his pain is the same drug prescribed to me for my phantom gall bladder pain. Down to the numbers on the pills. I find that amusing
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I think that this year is going to be a hard year for my SAD. I am already feeling some of the effects and it isn't even officially autumn yet.

I am going to have to try to spend some time outside and see about replacing some of my bulbs with sunlight bulbs.

I'm also going to have to watch my starch intake since I know I start wanting comfort foods when this happens.

But for now I am going to screw myself over and go to bed early so I can be up in the day.
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I haven't had a whole lot to talk about. My life is full of boring other than some minor Otakon stuffage and of course my pets.

Shikamaru went to the vet today and is doing fine. The vet wants his muscles stronger in his hindquarters so wants me to play fetch with the dog. That I can do. I am going to use Rikku as my goal. She has leg muscles from hell since she is a springer and a fairly active one at that. The other thing I can do is make him fun up and down the stairs. So that means I get to make more stair trips - something I rightfully worry about since I fall down stairs more often than I like.

The cats are the cats. Both of them have been much more affectionate since Alicia has left. It is kinda weird.

I finally saw Hellboy. Now I get to see Hellboy 2 which is in the second run theater here.

I am thinking of going on a liquid diet (non-alcohol) for a week or two sometime very soon. My body isn't feeling right and may need to give my liver a break. I've already cut pop out of my diet entirely and have been mostly drinking tea, water, and coffee. But still, something isn't feeling right and the last time I did that, my body felt better.

I am mostly recovered from the con plague of doom this year. Still a little throat tickle and cough now and again. But no more hacking a lung up - this is of the good.

I am judiciously ignoring the T.V. lately. I am so sick of the various political ads that it turns my stomach. Even cartoon network is not immune. The joys of living in a battle ground state. And that is all I am going to say about that.

So yeah just general mind dump. Now you get to deal with the textual spew. Aren't I nice?
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Being a third shifter I tend to go to bed right after I get off of work at 7am. I do this for a myriad of reasons - to sleep the main heat of the day away, so I can get together with people after they get off of work, so I don't have put up with daytime television, etc.

Well that is going to be changing. I am going to start walking my dogs with my mom at 7:30am every morning. They aren't going to be long walks - my joints can't handle them - but Shikamaru needs to get more excerise than I can give him at home. His hip displaysia is a lot like my arthritis and it should get better the more I exercise him.

Which leads me to my arthritis. As a lot of you know, I have severe osteo-arthritis from my hips down. It was caused initially by my car accident years ago and exacerbated by both my weight and the abuse I heaped on my joints while I was in college. Now I get to try to do damage control. I am over weight and working from home, which is great and all, doesn't get me out and moving around like I should be. So in addition to walking Shikamaru - thank you dog for giving me a reason other than myself to get exercise - I had my mom sign me up for "Gentle Aquatic Exercise" which runs Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:30am. I am not terribly happy about the times, I wish they were earlier in the day, but I am okay with it. I need to do something to get my health and weight back under control.

I am only thirty-two and some days I move like an eighty year old woman. The water should help with the artritis since it is low impact and the walking, well I will have to walk increasingly longer distances. I am nervous about the winter. Part of my problem with arthritis is if I slip, I fall. I cannot catch myself like most people. I have broken both of my wrists because of this. It is the reason I asked for a railing for my birthday two years ago. I fell in my driveway one day and could not get up my knee gave out and would not work - it was embarassing and sobering.

I need to do what I can to prevent my arthritis from getting worse. These are my first steps but they mean a shift in my sleep schedule which is also going to be annoying.
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Day 2 with the flu. I haven't held down solid food for 36 hours but that isn't stopping me from imitating an American Tourist Visiting Mexico. I really hate being sick and I would have thought that getting a flu shot would take care of most of it.

*Grumbles* I want Steak and Spinach and All sorts of things that aren't good for me.

One of our pets is suicidal, we think. Trying to eat styrofoam and orchids and going ot great lengths to get them. I don't know if it is a cry for attention, or if they are really just that stupid.
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I hate being sick . . .


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