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Today was supposed to be the day that I sprayed my patio for weeds and mowed my lawn.

Yeah. That didn't happen. I got about 1/3 of the patio sprayed and both Lowes and Home Depot in my area are out of the refills and spray of what I use and I don't want to mix chemicals. There is another lowes up by my work but I don't feel like driving 20 miles just to get weed killer when I have to go to work tomorrow anyway and can check then.

Then My lawnmower decided to die today. It mowed a small bit of grass then sputtered and died and would not restart. I did what little maintenance I could even changing the oil and it still will not start. or it will sputter start for a second and then die. I've now given up considering I've been working on this for over 3 hours now.

It is likely since I suck at machine maintenance if it isn't a computer that basically my neglect of the thing killed it after 8 years of no upkeep. So it looks like I will be buying a new lawnmower tomorrow along with weed killer.


Now to cleaning the interior of the house.
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I am an indifferent landscaper at best. I hate doing yard work so I tend to put in things that are low maintenance.

A few weeks ago I put in my annuals and did a little lawn care.

Large pictures behind the cut. )

My indifference extends to my lone rose bush. I love roses. Adore them. I want more. But I am not sure where I will put them. For now I make do with the one I have. When I first bought the house, it was a scrubby little thing and didn't bloom at all my first year. Or second for that matter. Only this year and last year did it put out flowers.

Roses! )
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What is this fluffy white stuff that is falling from the sky and spreading itself in a blanket across my yard and roof?

And why did the weather report fail to mention this when I checked yesterday?

Raking leaves today has now gone right out.

Republic of Tea's Comfort and Joy blend is really nummy.

I should probably take a nap and then write for a few hours. I managed to caption about 50 slides for my next update. I hate the random restart pictures because I have to figure out where the game crashes happened. So far I have a folder that has two fires that never happened because the computer crashed midway through taking pictures of them and then when I restarted the game they failed to occur. I also have at least one fight that never happened.

I think I will need to publish an album of stuff that never happened thanks to the Blue screen of death. I never had problems until I started picture taking.

On the plus side, yesterday I read two absolutely fabulous Naruto fanfics that just made my day. One had an amazingly interesting premise about why exactly the Kage Bunshin is a Forbidden Jutsu.

I love Spanish Guitar.

My house is slowly recovering from my fits of depression. The kitchen is now no longer a sea of dirty dishes and I have taken out the recycling.

Pazu loves curling up under my laptop and kneading my feet.

I cannot pimp enough.

I am debating if I want to put my tree up this year. I didn't last year because of bills. But this year is more stable, kinda. But I am still not sure if I want the hassle just for me.

I need to re-pot my aloe plant. It is now about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and tips its ceramic pot over unless I prop it up against a wall.

Homemade chicken fried rice is yummy.

I love my new windows.

I still can't get over that it is snowing big Hollywood flakes.


Oct. 14th, 2008 02:03 am
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I was going through my herbs and other supplies today and I am out/low on several.

I am not really sure where to go locally. I live in the heart of conservative christian country. There is a local new age store where I could get candles but I don't like the feel of it. It feels, I don't know, cheap and fake somehow. I am used to Avalon down in Orlando which had this great welcoming feeling and a store cat. This place, it caters to the rebellious teens from the nearby school. When I asked about herbs I got a funny look.

The reason I was looking at my supplies is because I am coming up on my three year anniversary of moving into my house. I moved in on October 31, 2005 and I like to renew my wards on that day. I also do it on May 1.

I am also low on my cold/bronchitis tea that I use. I have maybe enough for another 4 uses. Then I am out. I can get some of the ingredients pretty easily. I have lots of lavendar, rosemary, and echinachea. It is the yarrow, hyssop, and rose hips that I am out of. It really does work.

I may need to look online but I am never sure of the quality of the stuff until you get it.

So does anyone know of any good online herbal outlets?
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Minor frustration: I can't open my kitchen window because somehow nine flies have made their home between the screen and the glass. And I am so not letting them in my house. I already get the random fly or two from when I open the back door to let the dogs in and out I am not going to encourage a coterie of the suckers to come into my house and set up shop. No Fricking way. They can all die there or go away. But that means I can't air out my house like I want to .

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We had a pretty big storm a few weeks ago and water got in my basement because my gutters failed. So now I am in the market for new gutters and adding to my existing system.

I called the three top rated places by the BBB and one is good, one is meh, and the third pissed me off.

The good one is the most expensive, however I will see if I can talk them down.

The meh one is the least expensive, but I didn't like the salesman - he was condescending towards me.

The third - well they didn't call or leave a message they just came by and measured my existing gutters and left me a quote. The salesman when I called him then denied that he didn't call and that he knocked for several minutes. Excuse me, no. I have two dogs who start barking if anyone comes to the door so that is a lie. The quote left is also overpriced if you consider I want about twice as many gutters as I have. But I will be calling the third place on monday and asking to speak to the owner. Since this is the place that came recommended to me and after how this salesman treated me and lied I will be sure to spread how crappy their service really is. Considering I told the scheduler that I wanted to talk to the person who came out I think that they need to be aware of this.
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As most people know, I kill plants with an ease that defies words. So I am really surprised that the orchid I bought for my work when I worked at green tree has put forth a spike. I've never managed to get an orchid to rebloom. Most of the time, I just kill them. This is like the 8th orchid I've had and I have two more in the house that have never put forth a spike.

I've been babying that spike and it is starting to put forth buds. So I am hoping, HOPING, that it is going to bloom and I can to the happy orchid dance ^_^

If it blooms, I will post pictures ^_^
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You know this post about being able to hear a neighbor's fight. Tonight we were treated to this serenade.

Guy: Why don't you step up mother fucker! Why don't you come out here and step up!

a few moments later.

Guy: I'll take you down. I'll take you all down.

But this takes the cake at 12:18 this morning.

Guy: You better fucking step up! I gotta fucking 12-gauge right here and I ain't afraid to use it! I'll fill you so full of holes! I'll come over there right now! (small pause) Oh, what was that? Oh, um, I'm sorry about that ma'am.

Apparently he was calling someone on the phone and got the wrong number after continuing his fight. The guy is clearly drunk - you can hear it. But it isn't a good idea to drunk dialing and threaten random people. This is the era of caller id, you know.

Makes me very glad that most of [ profile] rhianikki's and my conversations center around things like Otakon and how we need a Baltheir of our own.
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Please explain why Mother Nature thought that we needed an extra six or so inches of snow? Because you know, my back, legs and arms do not appreciate relocating wet, heavy snow. And it is still going. To the tune of about an inch an hour. I don't need this. (Whine, bitch, moan)

That being said. Why couldn't we have had this on oh say - Christmas or New Years.

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I mowed my lawn today. . . In about 10/15 minutes.

I don't have much of a lawn to mow. And my neighbors are nice and mow a little over their property line. So I returned the favor.

Still. I hate the dust. . .
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There is a black mother and daughter having out behind me.

The mother is very mad at something the daughter did and didn't do. So far I have heard about not helping out around the house. Backtalking and the daughter getting pregnant.


"You don' talk now. You don' motherfuckin' talk to me. I don't even wanna hear you breathe."

"You don't talk to me like that!"

"The hell I don't..." *Smack*

Initially I wasn't sure if I should call the police or not. But when I looked outside, I noticed two other sets of neighbors listening. Apparently we have our own soap opera over here.


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