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Monday dawned sunny and warm if you were in the sun. The perfect day for doing all of the out door stuff we had planned. We hired a guide for the day since we came a week too early for the various day trips offered by the resort. It turned out that was probably for the best. We got to do things on our time and we got to go without a lot of tourists with us. We had some of the most amazing timing - we totally missed the two hail storms and all of the loads of tourist buses.

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Sunday was mostly a day of rest for us. My Body apparently decided that I did way too much in Dublin and after the drive over so I ended up sleeping for much of the day. I'm not terribly surprised there all things considered. I'm still struggling with the Vertigo and Balance issues and Dublin is VERY MUCH a walking city.

We are staying out in the middle of nowhere on a golf course in County Clare. The place is nice for the most part but you can tell where they cut corners.

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Day Three was pretty much devoted to travelling. We had to go from Dublin to near Ennis in County Clare. Which in the U.S. would be like going about 100 miles - easily done in two hours. Here, not so much. Here, a Toyota Prius is a Big Car and the roads reflect this. I spent a good chunk of the time trying not to tell my father (who was driving) to move over to the right since he was scraping the side of the car against the hedges beside the roads. It's a bit nerve-wracking. I've also discovered that the back seat of the car and I are not friends. It makes the vertigo and motion sickness worse.

Because we had been told that Glendalough was one of the most visited places in Ireland and was something not to miss we decided to detour down there for a peek before crossing the country. Fair warning, some of the pictures are taken from a moving vehicle.

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We started out the day with a Buffet Irish Breakfast. It was okay, filling. But I was reminded of the Buffet breakfast at the Prince Resort in Tokyo. That one was bigger and had more variety. My favorite part of the breakfast was the cheese and blood sausages... What does that tell you?

From breakfast, we took a cab over to the national gallery. It is small, but it has some impressive pieces. Work from Picaso, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. It also has some great Irish art. But the piece that I know will make someone on my friends list all excited over was this one:

Caravaggio, Mac, they had a Caravaggio. Which I know is one of your major artistic influences. The canvas was huge, maybe 6 feet or so wide and you could really see the detail that he put into it. They didn't allow pictures, which I approved of since flashes can hurt the pigments, but you would have loved it.

After the gallery, we went to the National History and Archeology Museum. They had several saint's relics there. Including a "Tooth of St. Patrick" and it's shrine. The Shoe of St. Brigid, and like 10 or more others. Some quite odd. Although the shoe was my favorite. I kept thinking that St. Brigid was some kind of hagiographic cinderella and that Jesus was going to be her prince charming and whisk her away from the mundane secular world. So yeah, fun times.

Museum time over, we needed to kill some time before having High Tea at the Shelbourne Hotel. So we wandered around St. Stephen's Park for a bit.

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We hit the ground running so to speak. The weather, while warmer than Michigan, is going to be rainy for the most part. Honestly, it reminds me of my trip to Tokyo in that respect. There is one other thing that also reminds me of Tokyo but we will get to that.

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We got here safe and customs was a breeze. Flight here was good too all things considered. The plane was pretty empty so we eachgot a row to ourselves.

So far we have done St Patrick's cathedral, Christchurch cathedral, Dublin castle, and the chester bratty museum. The museum was my favorite.

No pictures for you yet. Maybe later. Now I need sleep since for the most part i've been up since 7am Wednesday.



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