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Today was fairly busy.

There were several guys here today to trim my Silver Maple. Apparently it is the strangest silver maple that the guys had seen. The Tree looks better and it is not resting on my fence, house, or garage anymore. I took a sleeping pill so I could sleep through it.

Tonight I went to "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at the Civic with my parents. After almost being run off the road and thrown against my seatbelt to avoid an accident. I ended up falling while trying to cross the street. I hit a rough patch that looked stable but wasn't and I twisted my right ankle. It didn't help that at one point in the play the audience is supposed to rise to their feet. I did it. But as a was sitting down the person behind me smacked the back of my head with her forehead. Can we both say ow? Ow!

The play itself was really quite fun and funny and I had a good time. However my ankle did not like it.

So I will be laying down for most of the night with ice on it to see if I can get the swelling down.

I hope everyone is having a good Friday!
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Super writing playing mode is done. I am going to be slowing down although I am still likely to complete the Apocalypse by the end of the month.

I've gotten into the start of my Fall Funk. So I am cleaning and going shopping. Gods do I feel girly. I bought stuff on sale - something like 10 items for 63 dollars. Yeah I am a clearance shopper. But if it works. I have a few cute dresses and some much needed more summery tops.

I am also looking at painting two rooms of my house starting in September. Most likely Alicia's old Bedroom and the Bathroom downstairs. I figure if I do two rooms a year then It shouldn't be too bad. I do have two bathrooms, so by painting it and getting it away from the fugly yellow, I can really make sure that I do this right. I am also going to be recaulking the tub. Gods I hate projects like this, but it is one of the joys of home ownership.

I am tired though. Recovering from being sick this week. And Being female isn't helping.

So I am cleaning - laundry, Dishes, vacuuming and dusting. Laundry is the most fun of these tasks since I can watch TV while doing it. I ended up watching the first episode of ThunderCats on OnDemand. Amusingly it was on KidsWB. After watching the show, I am convinced that the opening is still the best thing about it, just like I was as a kid. Although it did give me an idea for the Otakon Opening Animation for next year - parodies of the openings to the Old School American Cartoons. Like He-man, G.I. Joe, Thundercats, Jem, Etc.

So that's been my day. How is everyone else?
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I haven't had a whole lot to talk about. My life is full of boring other than some minor Otakon stuffage and of course my pets.

Shikamaru went to the vet today and is doing fine. The vet wants his muscles stronger in his hindquarters so wants me to play fetch with the dog. That I can do. I am going to use Rikku as my goal. She has leg muscles from hell since she is a springer and a fairly active one at that. The other thing I can do is make him fun up and down the stairs. So that means I get to make more stair trips - something I rightfully worry about since I fall down stairs more often than I like.

The cats are the cats. Both of them have been much more affectionate since Alicia has left. It is kinda weird.

I finally saw Hellboy. Now I get to see Hellboy 2 which is in the second run theater here.

I am thinking of going on a liquid diet (non-alcohol) for a week or two sometime very soon. My body isn't feeling right and may need to give my liver a break. I've already cut pop out of my diet entirely and have been mostly drinking tea, water, and coffee. But still, something isn't feeling right and the last time I did that, my body felt better.

I am mostly recovered from the con plague of doom this year. Still a little throat tickle and cough now and again. But no more hacking a lung up - this is of the good.

I am judiciously ignoring the T.V. lately. I am so sick of the various political ads that it turns my stomach. Even cartoon network is not immune. The joys of living in a battle ground state. And that is all I am going to say about that.

So yeah just general mind dump. Now you get to deal with the textual spew. Aren't I nice?
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It's been a pretty quiet day I've written another 200 words for [ profile] lennoxmacbeth's birthmas fic. I shared some of it with [ profile] vegeta_no_oujo just to get some input. Jack Sparrow is not an easy character to write well. As it stands, the fic is a little over 800 words and I've just reached the first scene break. There are at least two more scenes to be written. Damn me and my plot bunnies all to hell.

I have decided that I hate YIM with a passion hotter than 1000 suns. I am getting so much spam there, that I had to change my contact options. Normally I let people contact me since I am a mod on MM.O and a department head at Otakon. But the Spam is untenable, I hadn't logged in about a week and I had 45 spam messages. That was one too many.

I also have a few pictures to share. )


Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:57 pm
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It started at Otakon - where I am pretty sure someone dropped it. But my laptop has been having issues - to the point where I only used it two times since the con. Once was to try to get the staff list from it. The second was tonight when I intended on working on things for NaNoWriMo. I fired it up and it took over 20 minutes to load and made a lot of funky sounds. Then it hung.

I tried to restart & nothing. I had to do a forced restart and it gave me a "hand error" while trying to load windows. I then restarted it again going to the command prompt to try to get the data I wanted off of it - mostly stories and story ideas. And I couldn't get all of it. A few story ideas (not backed up) and completed fics (thankfully backed up elsewhere) were on bad sectors. Gods I am glad I remembered my DOS commands.

It doesn't look like the data is good either.

It is dead, Jim.
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I don't know what I have, but I want it to go away now!

I am coughing - initially it started as a dry cough but now it's turned into a wet-my lungs feel the need to forcefully expel themselves from my body- cough.
I have a sore throat which feels makes swallowing feel like an excerise getting water through a kinked up hose. Not only does it hurt but it is hard to get stuff through it.
I have a mild earache.
I am stuffed up - although that is a recent (past two hours thing)
I have swollen glands.
I have a low grade fever. It was 101 yesterday morning. 99.3 before I went to bed. And is 98.9 when I woke up this morning. My normal body temperature is 97.1 so I am still not there yet.

I am going to go see the doctor this morning. I don't care which one. They open in 2 minutes. And as soon as 8am rolls around I am on the phone.

I am not happy about this. I was hoping to try to go Ikasucon but with me being this sick I do not want to be the start of the con-plague. I also have missed one day of work and am about to miss another. Which means that I am not getting paid. So I need make up time otherwise goodbye Otakon time off. I will be working late this week and also on Saturday. I just want to get better. I haven't felt this bad in a while and not respiratory in even longer.

8:01 - calling the doctor now. Dammit they still have their afterhours message up. I wonder if their phones switch over at 9am like some doctors offices.
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I hurt.

I didn't know that traversing a museum and staring a nifty Egyptian art at the Grand Rapids Public Museum would be so tiring.

At least I don't hurt alone. Kami, Rhianikki and I are all gimpy.

I blame the two small children we took on their date there.
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I came home sick today - again. I still think it is food poisioning which so makes me never want to go back to Johnny Carino's. Not only is it flavorless but it makes you hurl for days after. Not a good combination.

I really didn't want to be sick today - or yesterday for that matter. I have my six month review coming up tomorrow and it never good to miss in that time.

I've been wandering LJ land - Just randomly seeing if I can find people I know or want to know. So far I have run into an old classmate/part-time boyfriend. His journal really isn't all that interesting to me -- all psuedo artsy photos. [ profile] janscottfrazier takes oodles better pictures so I guess I am spoiled.

I've decided I really hate people who take pleasure in trying to be superior to everyone else and also like to whine just to deliberatly cause trouble or force themselves to become martyrs. Gods it is so juvenile. The most recent case of it that I have encountered is so hypocritical it isn't funny. I want to yell at her you can't have it both ways. Okay for you, not okay for everyone else.

It is stupid and I am getting myself mad just thinking about it.

I don't want to be mad. It isn't useful in a situation like this.

But really it has come down to the simple fact that people disgust me. Small minds & small hearts are stifling the rest of the world.
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Emmy awards -- Emmy Idol . . .

Donald Trump & Megan Mulvaney singing the theme to Green Acres . . . That's just wrong. Wrong, I tell you!

I like Awards shows -- it gives me the chance to catch up on my mending.

Nothing really to say -- just I'm not dead. Although I wish I could sleep like them more often.
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My friends page is too long . . . and I have a lot of trouble getting through it and I don't like to filter it since it makes the page crap out more. So I went through and removed all of the non-updated or people whose interests have divereged from mine so substancially that we really don't talk much anymore.

It is a hard thing to do, but I like to do it a couple of times a year. There are a few people who are and always will be my friend -- and you know who you are . . . *eyes a large group of people*

And I will never give up [ profile] saiyajim's journal. There are times I miss AFD and the friends I made there.
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This is going to be kinda Random. Just me reflecting really.


I hate mornings. I really do. I especially hate them right now when I have to make a 90 mile commute to go to classes. It sucks. I got up late this morning, so I was late to class. Not a great start may I tell you.


My drive is really fricking boring. At least it is during the day or at night. But at sunrise or sunset the sky becomes absolutely beautiful. There is this cherry or crabapple tree along the way that looks like a Bonsai. Absolutely gorgeous when it is silhouetted against the sky with the sun gleaming crimson behind it. Today I was treated to an extra sight on my trip home. As I drove into Down Town GR, there were literally thousands of birds flying around in unison. I was reminded of a school of fish they were that coordinated. They swooped and dove as one and for me one huge ball then separated into groups of over 200 individuals. It was quite amazing.


I was actually happy with the new Buffy episode overall. Although I really could do without the magic=drugs metaphors. This is not an after school special, people. But Spike was great! Tara was awesome! I hope they finally sign Amber Benson to become a regular. The Halfrek/Spike scene is generating tons of speculation. Woohoo. And I really enjoyed the Clem and Sophie moments.


Reread Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde series. I still love her set-ups for the stories. But I think she ends things a little too quickly after the final conflict and leaves too many loose ends.


My dog is old. Maybe too old. She's turning 13 in May and is completely deaf, has cataracts and has arthritis. She also has survived one bout of leg cancer. But we are finding growths again. We made the decision tonight that we are not going to do anything heroic to save the dog. She's had a good life. But it still hard..


WTF!!!! It costs over 800 to rent a U-haul to move to Florida! Frigola!


Stupid Figure Skating Judges. I am glad their ass is finally getting racked over the coals. And the judging system should be changed.


End random thoughts that I had today


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