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Jun. 3rd, 2008 07:55 am
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Okay, so I am doing admin for the Max Challenge Contest on Mediaminer - namely compiling all of the entries into one post so that people can read them later. And I get the brilliant idea to do it alphabetically. Makes sense, right?

Well, when I got done I noticed that there are no entries for the letters G, V. X. & Z. Which gets me to thinking.

Could I manage to one day have a fic representing each letter of the alphabet? This is a much more realistic goal than me writing fics for 100 fandoms like [ profile] aishuu is doing. I am just not that prolific.

It could be done. Especially if I could count fics I already have written. I will not count poetry or anything starting with "A," "An," or "The"

The List )

If I counted correctly, I only have 10 fics to write. Very doable. Maybe that goal will give me the initiative to write again. That whole 100 words thing I was doing, yeah that kinda stopped happening. I need to fix that.

Maybe once this is done, I can do the 100 fandom thing. Or maybe finally finish a few other fics.
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I've discovered that unless I have something to say, I don't tend to post on LJ.

My life is boring - I mean who wants to read about it? Certainly not me.

There is one fairly exciting bit going on. [ profile] lennoxmacbeth my hiveminding friend from Mediaminer is visiting this week over her spring break. It's been a very laid back affair. We've hung out a lot, gabbed about writing and art, and in general been cool about the whole thing. I went and got her on Friday meeting her in this little truckstop town up in Wisconsin.

Which by the way, Wisconsin has the funkiest deer crossing signs ever.

We got back in time for us to sleep for most of the day on Saturday. That night I took her out for Sushi at Tokyo Grill - which has the best Sushi in Grand Rapids. And we stopped in at Horrocks which a local supermarket/Nursery that has the best produce in town. Since then we've had crablegs that I found on sale at D&W and we got her set up with the Sims2. Today we had corned beef and cabbage. We're going to have left overs for a little while.

I have managed to accomplish one of my goals of introducing her to Eddie Izzard. Other than that we haven't done anything that is really noteworthy other than have a nice visit.

No hot lesbian sex scandal here. No, not at all. ~_^
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I few days ago in the judging forum for the Max Challenge another Judge and I were talking about gender crossing fics and how to judge them and what categories they would fall into. Ultimately a pretty boring conversation but a necessary one. But the convo got me yearning to reread some of my old favorites. Particularly Ranma 1/2. I find it funny how in general I hate Ranma with any of the girls in the series but like him with several of the boys. Call me odd.

Anyway, I've reread Genma's Daughter by Deborah Goldsmith more recently, so I decided to seek out other fics. I've just finished rereading "Thy Outward Part" by Richard Lawson. It is still good, but I can definitely see the Gary Stu characteristics in it. I also noticed that some of the writing wasn't as tight and the dialogue got a bit stilted in certain parts. Strange, when I used to consider it among the best of the best out there. Either I've become jaded or the writing wasn't that good and I was too stupid to notice back then. The sad thing is that it is still one of the best Ranma fanfics I have read. Kinda sad when I can honestly say that I've read about half or more of the Ranma fics on Mediaminer and on

I've also been thinking a lot about my stories. I think I need to make a decision about the ones that I have unfinished. I want to complete "Plotting to Win" and "Journey of Illumination" but I don't think any of the others are going to happen. I've seriously thought about it and I haven't touched them seriously in 5 years so it is time to let them go.

Five years. I can't believe that in a little over a month will mark 7 years of my writing fanfic. I've been prereading for over 12 years starting with MASN by Joseph Kohle. It's amazing how much has changed. The whole philosophy of fanfic has changed. Back when I started in the community C&C was something freely given and sought after. The more people ripped you apart and nitpicked the better you felt. It was strange. Even when I started writing fanfic, the whole reviewing mentality was different. The demographics were very different too. When I started in the fandom there were a small amount of female writers and very few writers under the age of 18. The reason for that I think had to do with connectivity and availiblity of the internet. I remember when the demographic switched and it was shock to me.

I remember watching the first Anime Central Fanfic panel and listening attentively, the authors were amzing (Zen, Ryan Matthews, Richard Lawson and others I can't remember.) The Audience loved them and I remember sitting next to the man who wrote as Ucchan. Things are very different now and there is an obvious schism in the fanfic community. When I sat in the audience two years ago, I realized that I was looking at authors who hadn't published anything in several years or if they had it was continuations of their massive epics and they only wrote in obscure fandoms (and when did Bubblegum Crisis and Ah! My Goddess become obscure!!!!) Most of the panelists still had the FFML mentality which is different than the mentality. It just boggles my mind. I remember looking around the audience - over half of whom were still in high school and I could see that they didn't understand what the panelists were talking about. Many of them asked questions, good legit questions about Mary-sues and how not to make them. How to write romance well? And the difference between Flames and Constructive Criticism. The panelists didn't get it. And when I looked them up later I learned why. They didn't publish their works on any of the major multi-fandom archives. They probably don't see the drek published nowadays. I know know one of them for certain didn't, they stated outright that they don't read fanfiction anymore. THE HELL!!! Their back up panelist of Catwho seemed to be as frustrated as I was, but she wasn't on the panel.

Take that to now, and I can see the separation in the fanfic community grow. There are the Old Fogeys, of which I am one, who butt heads with the Newbies. Then there are the people in the middle who came in about 5 years ago when the whole thing was changing. They remember some of the "good Old days" but are more familiar with the current climate. It's a little strange. I've tried to keep up to date on current fanfic trends, but I have to admit that I get tired of reading the same cliched plots that I ran into 10 years ago. There is still good fic to be found. But I am getting tired of the male lead/Harem fics, the Everyone's gay fics, the AU High School stories, the wangst fests, and the like. Finding a good story is getting harder and harder.

I still love fanfiction. I still like alternate and canon pairings I am willing to read anything if it is well written and well plotted. But when I sit down at my computer to write, I keep seeing the pages of drek that has come before me and I am afraid that I am going to join them. I don't want to be known as a mediocre author. I don't want to be known as a person who never finished fics. However I sure as hell don't want to be a BNF. I think what I want is for me to find my niche in the fanfic community.

And I am not totally sure where that is.
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I am keeping up with my 100 words a day, with one exception. My phantom gallbladder attack day. I got about 60 words and couldn't sit upright any more. Sucks dead monkey balls, may I say.

However since the 26th of December I have written 3,931 words. So I am averaging 281 words a day. That isn't too bad for me all things considered.

The Maximum Challenge has started up and if I can manage to raise the two judges for the mini-contest we can get that done.

Hey [ profile] dumas1, [ profile] hostilecrayon are you up for judging or do we need to get a replacement? I am ready whenever.
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I posted Plotting to Win up on It doing okay. I am just happy to get 5 reviews per chapter since I know I am sporadic updater at best.

If you count my sock's writings (I am playing in a fandom I don't know all that much about - I've seen maybe like 10 episodes total and that just doesn't make for good writing) I have written over 10,000 words in the last 30 days. It doesn't sound like much since NaNoWriMo people do 50,000 in that time. But this is me that we are talking about.

Right now I need to work on a one-shot for the MM.O Max challenge contest. I've got like 800+ words written for it, but my deadline is May 7th. I was hoping to finish it last night but things just really started to get to me. So I gave up and went to bed.

I wanted to get the next part of Journey of Illumination up so I could enter it into Japanese Culture. But I think I am going to pass for this year. It isn't really what I want to be working on and I honestly think I need to sit down with someone and bounce ideas off of them. And [ profile] rhianikki is out - she hates the concept and there are other issues as well.

Apparently I am going through one of my writing phases. I tend to do so every April don't ask me why. Now I just need to keep this up. So if you see me around - spork me into writing. If I can do at least 500 words a day I would be in a good place.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 09:50 pm
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Another day, another Final Fantasy beaten.

No spoilers, but Final Fantasy XII is really up there in my favorite Final Fantasy's of all time. I don't know if it beats VI, but it is beating out IX for me. (I never was a fan of VII)

It is definitely worth the money and time spent. Good game. Really good game.

So? Now what?

Well I finished the next part of Plotting to Win and have published it on Mediaminer (no reviews yet - but I've stopped expecting them from that site) but I haven't put it up on yet since I noticed that I haven't gotten any email alerts on either of my accounts (yes I have a sock account - it is for my crappy writing and other things) since Monday evening I think they are having major issues. I don't know if anyone has gotten any kind of alerts from them or if it is just me and few other people. But I am not putting up a fic that I know that will get buried without knowing that my readers are going to get the alert.

I should probably work on a few fics to enter into the Max Challenge fanfic Contest on Mediaminer. There are a few categories that are tempting me.

Otherwise, I've been kinda blah - sleeping a lot more than I should be - but eh.

Things for Otakon are starting to come together. But that is another post.
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So I'm wandering through Mediaminer hunting for Featured Fanfic quality fics when I find this gem of an oxymoron in a summary.

The two rivals clash, but the battle quickly turns into something Naruto would never have expected... SasuNaru YAOI,consented rape, angst. Plz R&R!

How in the hell can you have consented rape. Rape by its very nature is non-consentual. You can have rough sex. You can have bondage. You can have roleplay. You can even have reluctant sex. But you cannot have consentual rape. Sorry, but no.

Yes I can totally see rough sex being a staple of Sasuke and Naruto's relationship. However, that description just makes me want to smack the author.

Also out of morbid curiosity I clicked into the fic.

Here is an excerpt of what I see:

Cut to spare the bad!fic )
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First I need to say thank you to Issen for jarring my memory and pointing out the site. And then I need to do a little explanation for my non-mediaminer friends.

I am a judge of and help run the mini fanfiction contests on Mediaminer. I am really happy to be doing this and right now we are in our second contest. Our first one was "Evil Spring" based off of the legend of "Walspurginacht" we got some neat horror and not so horror fics. If you want to see the winners they are on Mediaminer.

Well anyway on June 1, our new contest started. It is based off of my suggestion that we base it on "Hoshi-Matsuri" or the Star Festival. I thought that the story was neat and I remembered reading a couple of good stories that mentioned it mostly in the Fushigi Yuugi & Ranma universe. But I also remembered reading a really neat one in the Spirited Away. Since all fics are supposed to be written for the contest, I felt something needed to be done to make sure that the submitted fics are written for this contest.

So if you MM.O folks want to see why I pushed for the three elements read this.

Weather by Kristin O. This is probably what I will be using as my basis for judging -- even though it wasn't written for the contest. The writing is so good and it captures both the feeling of the legend behind festival and the characterization of Haku. Damn . . . I just wish I had this talent.

So long rambling explanation for why I insisted on the elements.


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