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I finally saw the Avengers today.

I was unable to see the film because I cannot go by myself because of my Vertigo Issues. And after seeing it I am glad I didn't try to go on my own. I am still unsteady as I type this. A few of you know that I have gotten pretty annoyed that people started spoiling me for plot points that happened during the movie. And now having seen it, I am still annoyed. This is why...

The Things that People Spoiled for me - and there are Spoilers here. )

So am I angry? Yeah, I guess I am. I still enjoyed the movie. I just didn't enjoy it as much as I know I would have if I hadn't been grossly spoiled.

Joss Whedon is one of those writers and directors who pride themselves on the sucker punch. The unexpected moment of levity. The stomp on your heart and make pate of it. His stuff is best left unspoiled for those who haven't seen it or aren't in the know.

I think it all comes down to respect. I understand that people want to squee and be fangirly over movies and books that they just read. But there's a certain point where you need to only do that with people who have seen/read the media in question. For me, that line for movies is when the film is still in its first run in theaters. Not everyone can go see it the first few weeks it is out. And then there are those people on our friends lists who are in other countries and may not see these films until weeks or months later. For a television show, I feel the line is shorter a week after the episode aired for the most part. For a book, the line is longer. A year after its first release. Because there are a lot of people who have to still get their books from the library.

I was horrendously spoiled for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and I still haven't read the book yet. I don't see the point. The same is true for the TV series Lost or Heroes. I know what happens I don't need to see it.

So for me, unless I ask to be spoiled. Don't spoil me. If I ask for it, then that is on me. But as much as I liked the movie, I didn't enjoy it as much as my parents who were gushing about it today at lunch after we saw it.

And I think that angers me the most.
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I wish I had the Star Wars DVDs. The non-fucked up ones.

I am feeling the need for some space opera love.
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I saw Hellboy 2 today with my parents. It was fun and cute and I knew how at least one major part of the story would turn out from the beginning. It was cool as hell that the actor who played Vincent's father in "Beauty and the Beast" played the Elf King. I got a kick out of that. But the thing I found the most enjoyable was Prince Nuada. Can I say yum? Even interesting fac markings aside, he was quite pretty.

Which of course takes me to my Legolas love. Or at least Orlando Bloom as Legolas. That is one nummy treat.

When I was little I thought that Gump from Legend was cuter than Tom Cruise - A part of me still does.

I think the Deedlit and Pirotess are lovely. And then there are the elves from video games. My preferred face on the Sims 2 is the elf face (Face 25). And I downloaded some default face replacements just so I could have two additional elf faces. So um yeah. I have a bit of an elf fetish.

I am sure you all really wanted to know that. But seriously can you deny the yummy?


Aug. 30th, 2008 01:11 pm
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I am really digging the soundtrack.

They got it on and I and a few other members have been having fun requesting it. Everytime a song comes on I end up getting out of my chair and dancing around the house until it is done.

I need to save up to buy the movie and get Perfect Blue on DVD (I have it on VHS). I really dig Satoshi Kon. His movies really make me think and they are totally rewatchable. Even after seeing Perfect Blue something like 15 times I still find things I missed.

Millenium Actress is the movie that made my mom reevaluate anime as an artform. She still doesn't like it - but now it is because she doesn't like animated movies very much - but she now respects that they can tell a good story and have artistic merit on their own. She just thinks it would be better if it were live action. I don't have the heart to tell her that even with the special effects that we have today that you can't perform the same kind of transitions and effects that Kon does using animation.
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I'm watching Jaws on Turner Classic Movies and I think I've figured out my favorite part of this movie.

Quint's Monologue.

If you've seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. But if you don't, it's about Quint's experience as one of the crew members of the USS Indianapolis. That Monologue can give me chills and is more frightening than the Mechanical Shark.

But it really is one of the things that makes the movie for me.

"Oh Boys! I think he's come back for his noon feeding."
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I just watched United 93 and Flight 93 tonight. Because I wanted to compare the films and see how they were. It was interesting.

United 93 didn't grab me as much as I thought it would. It spent a lot of time going over what was happening on the ground and not on the people or the flight itself. When it got to the flight and its passengers it glossed over most of them including a lot of the things that became iconic - the phone calls for instance. I felt bad for the people involved, but I didn't connect with them.

That wasn't the case with Flight 93. Even though it was a Made for TV movie, I felt it was stronger and had the more emotional impact. There were little things they did to identify the characters so we knew who was who and it worked. It also worked on the level of making you care about these character and hope that they make it even though you know that they don't. BTW no spoiler tag here - we all know that the plane crashed - it's like Titanic the boat sank no surprise there. However on a factual level it was less believable. But it made me cry, United 93 didn't do that.

If I had to pick which was the better film, technically United 93 was that. But if asked which I liked better, I would pick Flight 93.
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As of now, I have seen 41 of the 80 best picture winners.

Jon Stewart is one of the better hosts on record. His giving up his bit to let the winner of best original song give her speech was well done and his one liners were nicely zinging.

Rehearsal is something the presenters need to look into.

Tilda Swinton needs to be allowed to ramble on about her agent and George Clooney's dedication more often

However she needs to ditch the glad trash bag she used as a dress.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were the living embodiement of Gomez and Morticia Adams.

No really . . . .

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Other than that it was pretty much boring crap. They need to bring back Cirque du Soliel or something to liven the show up. Or at least have a film or two nominated for the top awards that people have actually seen.

Not that I am complaining mind you, but I've had no interest in seeing any of the nominated films other than Juno. And I hate to say it but there were good performances this year like Imelda Saunton in Harry Potter that people have actually seen and aren't a bad choice for a nomination. And dammit Oscar needs to start paying attention to anime - not this year perhaps. But definitely last year - where was Paprika? Satoshi Kon needs his Oscar people!
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About half my friends list likes it - the other half hates it.

My Verdict. . . . I liked it.

It was fun and really that is what I wanted from my movie. Yes there were changes and updates. But there were homages to the original as well. And for that my inner fangirl cheers. So I say to you all - SPORK!!!!
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Random thought of the moment.

Clue is a kick ass movie. I love it. It has such great lines and is severely underappreciated.

So hooray for "Clue"

Thus ends the random thought of the moment
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Random thought of the moment.

Clue is a kick ass movie. I love it. It has such great lines and is severely underappreciated.

So hooray for "Clue"

Thus ends the random thought of the moment


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