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Jun. 3rd, 2008 07:55 am
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Okay, so I am doing admin for the Max Challenge Contest on Mediaminer - namely compiling all of the entries into one post so that people can read them later. And I get the brilliant idea to do it alphabetically. Makes sense, right?

Well, when I got done I noticed that there are no entries for the letters G, V. X. & Z. Which gets me to thinking.

Could I manage to one day have a fic representing each letter of the alphabet? This is a much more realistic goal than me writing fics for 100 fandoms like [ profile] aishuu is doing. I am just not that prolific.

It could be done. Especially if I could count fics I already have written. I will not count poetry or anything starting with "A," "An," or "The"

The List )

If I counted correctly, I only have 10 fics to write. Very doable. Maybe that goal will give me the initiative to write again. That whole 100 words thing I was doing, yeah that kinda stopped happening. I need to fix that.

Maybe once this is done, I can do the 100 fandom thing. Or maybe finally finish a few other fics.
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I have yet another idea for a Naruto Time-Travel fic. Like I needed another plot bunny. I already have way too many fics on my plate and this is not a needed thing.

I also had a few ideas for a Yaoi Goten/Trunks fic but as we all know, I get dragged kicking and screaming into actually writing smut. I read the stuff like mad but writing it - well that is another story. I don't like to do it unless it is plot related and even then I analyze the necessity of it. That and I have issues writing romantic fics in general. I want plot - dammit - and you don't get much plot in a most romances. Hence my Gen obsession.

The nice thing is that I have been getting so many plot bunnies that I don't have a shortage of fics to work on. The problem is that I am such a slow writer that by the time I get anywhere with the story, my attention has already wandered.

Le sigh of doom!
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So I think I've been doing pretty well on my goal of writing 100 words a day no matter what.

My February word count - 7754 words. That is not bad for me. Not bad at all. Granted most of it has been on my Pirates of the Caribbean fic and a few fics for my sock. But I am really happy with this. If I can keep this pace up, I hopefully will be able to finish a few fics or at least move them along to the point where they are not getting an update just once a year.

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Or at least pain killer induced ones - my phantom gallbladder isn't liking me right now so I am staving off the pain with a Tramadol and some Ibuprofen. Not to mention that I haven't been able to sleep. Fun.

While under the semi dizzy effects of the drugs and insomnia. I've come face to face with an ugly truth about myself. I really am a closet review whore. I want and crave the things and feel slighted and hurt when people don't review my fics.

I know I shouldn't feel this way and that I should write for myself -and I do in the long run. But I long for feedback like a squirrel longs for a grapefruit. I want to hear what I am doing wrong. I want to hear what I am doing right. I want to know what I need to do to improve and what I need to make sure I don't fix on my way to becoming a better writer.

I don't necessarily want all praise -it's nice - but I want to know what people thought of my work. Even if it is "This isn't my cup of tea."

I've been seriously trying to leave more feedback of my own so that I am not the hypocrite I think I am. The sad thing. I have left 256 signed reviews in my tenure on - I have received 372 reviews on a total of 30 stories. I need to close the gap. I also have noticed I am getting fewer reviews than I used to, and I have to wonder what has changed in my writing to prompt that.

But I need to stop whinging, even though it's what I want to do.
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I've been managing to keep up with my 100 words a day. But its been on a hodgepodge of fics. I've continued to poke away at the Pirates of the Caribbean fic for [ profile] lennoxmacbeth. I've also been playing with a massive crossover parody featuring Naruto, Buffy, Harry Potter, Conan the Barbarian, and The Incarnations of Immortality - it promises to be complete crack. I also worked on a Bulma/Vegeta drabblish, short-fic thing - Mac has been infecting me with her DBZ fever and I feel the need to write in the fandom again. Which means of course, that I've been working on "Plotting to Win." I've started outlining the next part and I am hoping to get the next three or so chapters outlined before the end of the weekend. That way all I need to do is sit down and write. I'd forgotten how much I liked that fic.

I've also done a lot of work on the Otakon front lately. I've made contact with one of the department heads I work closely with. Confirmed a few team leaders and a department head second. I've also sent several emails and compiled a report. I win. Or at least I don't lose.

I also sent an email to [ profile] sundancekat offering to help out in Publications. It's something I can do from Michigan and still be involved with the con. Once I get the initial set up out of the way for Spec Ops, most of the work doesn't take place until a month or so pre-con. So I can help. We'll see how it all works out.
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Title: Pressing Engagement
Author: LadyLark
Rating: PG
Summary: "Jack Sparrow was in a bad situation and he knew it - which in and of itself said volumes." Gift fic set two years after the end of AWE. Gen.
Chapter Summary: In which Jack meets an old friend

FF.Net Link EDIT: The link isn't working - it is supposed to but it isn't yet - dang nab it

MM.O Link

Previous parts can be found here and here.

Let me know what you think!
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I posted Plotting to Win up on It doing okay. I am just happy to get 5 reviews per chapter since I know I am sporadic updater at best.

If you count my sock's writings (I am playing in a fandom I don't know all that much about - I've seen maybe like 10 episodes total and that just doesn't make for good writing) I have written over 10,000 words in the last 30 days. It doesn't sound like much since NaNoWriMo people do 50,000 in that time. But this is me that we are talking about.

Right now I need to work on a one-shot for the MM.O Max challenge contest. I've got like 800+ words written for it, but my deadline is May 7th. I was hoping to finish it last night but things just really started to get to me. So I gave up and went to bed.

I wanted to get the next part of Journey of Illumination up so I could enter it into Japanese Culture. But I think I am going to pass for this year. It isn't really what I want to be working on and I honestly think I need to sit down with someone and bounce ideas off of them. And [ profile] rhianikki is out - she hates the concept and there are other issues as well.

Apparently I am going through one of my writing phases. I tend to do so every April don't ask me why. Now I just need to keep this up. So if you see me around - spork me into writing. If I can do at least 500 words a day I would be in a good place.


Apr. 22nd, 2007 09:50 pm
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Another day, another Final Fantasy beaten.

No spoilers, but Final Fantasy XII is really up there in my favorite Final Fantasy's of all time. I don't know if it beats VI, but it is beating out IX for me. (I never was a fan of VII)

It is definitely worth the money and time spent. Good game. Really good game.

So? Now what?

Well I finished the next part of Plotting to Win and have published it on Mediaminer (no reviews yet - but I've stopped expecting them from that site) but I haven't put it up on yet since I noticed that I haven't gotten any email alerts on either of my accounts (yes I have a sock account - it is for my crappy writing and other things) since Monday evening I think they are having major issues. I don't know if anyone has gotten any kind of alerts from them or if it is just me and few other people. But I am not putting up a fic that I know that will get buried without knowing that my readers are going to get the alert.

I should probably work on a few fics to enter into the Max Challenge fanfic Contest on Mediaminer. There are a few categories that are tempting me.

Otherwise, I've been kinda blah - sleeping a lot more than I should be - but eh.

Things for Otakon are starting to come together. But that is another post.
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So I've managed to get rid of the majority of my gremlin one shots as [ profile] pareathe calls them. At least the ones on my main computer. The laptop is another story. I still have to figure out what is going on it and what isn't.

However, with those gremlins finished (I relegated a few to - these will never get done ever - and moved on) I can start looking at my chaptered fics.

I finished outlining the next part of "Plotting to Win" (Still hate the title) which is a good thing. Because once I have a solid outline in place I write ever so much faster. I don't have the excuse of not knowing what I am going to do next and most of the time I am just stymied by wording and I can fix it by muddling through it to the next marker and then going back later.

I also took a look at the next chapter of "Journey of Illumination" (really hate that title) that one has me baffled. I've written about 20 pages of story that just aren't good (most of it is me writing and rewriting how I want to open the chapter). I think that I need to go back to my outline and figure out where I went wrong. I may be able to salvage some of what I have written. Part of the problem is that this chapter is really the last chapter that is set up. It gets most of the key players into place and sets up a healthy chunk of the conflict for the first arc of the story. It's just getting the damn thing started. Anybody up to being a sounding board?

For those of you who are interested in how I plot fics - this is an example of how I do it.

Chapter 1 of Journey of Illumination )

Blargh. Now that I have some time to write, I want to make sure that I am actually being productive. I am going to see if I can either get a chunk of the next part "Plotting to Win" done or maybe revise my outline for Journey so that I can get unblocked.
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Hey [ profile] hostilecrayon you know that fic you requested from me ages ago - it's finally done! *Does the Happy Dance*

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy IX and its characters are property of Square Enix. I am merely borrowing them for a bit.

Read more... )

AN: This thing is a lot longer than it was supposed to be - it is also really shippy and sappy. But damn was it hard and easy to write. I just had to be in a Final Fantasy mood - I also had to beat the game again ^_^;;;;;
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As most of you know, I hate bad fanfiction. And I hate it more when I write it. I actually wrote a Spirited Away story and well, it sucks. I don't like the voice. I don't like the plot - if you can call it that - I just don't like it. And Every time I tried to steer the fic in another direction it would thwart me.

This peice of fiction had been sitting on my computer for two years taunting me. I tried ignoring it and it would just jeer at me going "You know you want to finish me. Go ahead, open me up. Work on me. You know you want to." Then when I would it would just stare at me, like we were engaging in a battle of wills.

I had the opening line, and I had the end line. It was the middle that gave me fits. I wanted to write something more upbeat instead I ended up with something that sounded like it came out of 14-year-old's diary. I wanted to write a more dialogue driven fic - something I know I am good at. This fic has maybe three lines of dialogue total. I wanted to have more romance, instead I ended up with angst.

I debated publishing it at all - it is not my best writing and I am honestly embarassed by it. I considered publishing this under my other writing name - yes I have two - no I am not sharing what it is. But in the end, I felt that people deserved to see my crappy writing style. And they deserved to mock it. I am not going to fix it. I have washed my hair of it. But I needed to rant about it.

To a degree I think it has turned me off of ever attempting to write Spirited Away fic in the future. I have ideas - but I will not work on them because of the headache this fic has caused.

If you want to take a look at it you can find it here or here.

However on the positive side, I feel like the damn thing is no longer hanging over my head and I can move on to other fics.
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My first original fic. . . ever.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:15 pm
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I got this review on a story I posted on -- I need translation services. Because this thing made no sense.

hi im josh and i think this is a good story layout i would like u to update and i would give u the support u need and here u may not know this but i have some hentai on them and here my email if u need it

BTW the story is a one-shot, crack fic, that while does not violate the TOS of the site is Lemon-y scented. But I think that my author notes state that The story is only a one-shot and that I don't even like the pairing since it splits up my OTP. But Um yeah.
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Cut for those not interested in my fanfiction )
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Fic Behind the cut for those non Fanfic people on my friends list )


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