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Trying to get everything cleaned out in prep for the next Chapter. That means clearing out my outtakes folders.

I do not recommend reading this if you haven't fully read my last two updates. Spoilers within.

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I have finished the primary fliming for my next part of the OWBC. It is likely to be split again since it is clocking in at 189 slides and I still need main house stuff and I don't like putting out huge updates because people miss stuff especially when big things happen and well big things are happening.

So heres the sets I built for the next few chapters.

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I am trying to be more on top of getting these out so it's not a year later that I'm doing this.

I recommend reading the update on this unless you want to be spoiled.

Lust Doran: Aw crap. Way to ruin the line of my suit! And Ugh Pink!
Brendon Doran: I like Pink.
Lust: Yes, honey, I know.

Yes Brendon and Lust did get married. I think the other three Doran boys are there place holding until I send the next batch to college. I need someone to man the frat house.

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"What?!" you ask, "You haven't updated in a year and you are putting out outakes for a chapter that is over a year old?!"

Um. Pretty much. I want to get this out of my folders so I can move on to Chapter 16 Picspam And well, I'm a completest.

Oh Liv, Never change. You're so nice that even putting you in horrible make up makes you grin maniacally. I swear that your natural expression is a big shit-eating grin.

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Nov. 3rd, 2011 05:28 pm
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I am seriously sick of my game crashing.

Anyway... so while my game reloads I will share this outtake with you.

The Quads have grown up and are now getting married/finding spouses.

However, like I said - game keeps crashing. But I did get this well drop for Vegeta...

You may have a difficult time making it out. But that is Rhys Fitzhugh in his chain and his turtleneck sweater.

I said hell no and took a mulligan on it. However since my game crashed twice since then (loading CAS) I will not count it. But even in my non-import Boreds. Rhys is fucking Everywhere.

OMG! This guy is the cutest guy EVER!!!

This is Auggie (Annie Walker's son) he is seriously cute as all hell. Much love!!!


Oct. 16th, 2011 09:05 pm
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Gen 8 is born!!!

And I love what I got for genetics. But seriously, Gen 8 is here.

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Because I am having to replay things you get some Toddler Picspam. This is kind of Spoilery for the upcoming chapter. But Meh.

The Cute It Burns )
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I filmed about 35 slides today and wrote another 5. Which considering the sheer amount of staging I have to do isn't too bad.

I have to go back to work tomorrow evening.

But for an upcoming scene, I need a remote chapel and because there is going to be a lot of staging in it I needed it to be a residential lot.

I saw a few churches like this when I was in Ireland recently so I based it off of that.

Ignore the mailbox and trashcan once I start filming they will be moved around to the back.


I kind of like how it looks.

I should state that if you want any of these lots that I am showing pictures of let me know and I will put them up for download.


Snow Dogs

Feb. 3rd, 2011 03:13 pm
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It snowed a lot.

My parents came over today to shovel my snow so that I am able to open my doors. The only door I could open is the one to my backyard so I kept that in mind in case of emergencies. Work was cancelled from 7pm 2/1/11 until 6:30am today 2/3. This is the first time they've closed for weather in the company's 7 year history. They've closed because of lack of power about 3 years ago (I still had to work) but never because of snow.

So you get pictures of my dogs and the snow.

These were taken on my brand new camera that was my giftmas present from [ profile] bacondreamer. He's a good boyfriend... ^_^

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I have two bunches of this - I am probably going to be cutting down on the picspam as well along with some other changes to my OWBC. Some of the spares are only going to be seen in the picspam just so you are aware.

Yes, Doc was still pregnant at the start of this rotation
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I am trying to get caught up on everything. I finally got caught up on review responses. Now I need to work on my picspam.

Lily is mean. Just in case you were wondering.

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Very spoilery if you haven't read my last few chapters. I recommend doing so before looking at this. This is the first batch... I don't feel like doing a full update's worth of picspam at the moment.

And since it is snowing here now... I thought I would open with this...

Cee: I love snow!
Yes... we know...

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Okay Last time, Koriand'r Doran and Liam Whedon, From RoseFyre's BuffyVerse Apocalypse, got married.

Now it is time to see what happened next.

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Before I finished the apocalypse, I made myself a promise that there were two sims who I owed happiness to: Wally and Koriand'r. Well Wally got his Bachelor challenge and ended up with RoseFyre, another apocalypse writer. But long before the bachelor challenge started, Rose and I had discussed how compatible two of our sims would be since they really had so much in common. I couldn't resist and started shipping the two of them together. It was just amusement that I'd intended for whomever won Wally's BC to live in the same house as Kori and her person, Liam Whedon from Rose's Apoc. Another sim who has some serious creator issues. But I am getting ahead of myself...

Let me show you instead... 30+ Pictures behind the cut )
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I am still pulling together the stuff for the getting bigger chapter 14. So I want to make sure I get this up before then.

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Because I wasn't feeling up for working on Otakon stuff when I got off of work last night and I don't want to play ahead in the BC but I wasn't in a good place to write comedy. I started my OWBC rotation.

The first house up is Osaka's and the poor girl has been pregnant for four chapters...

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And because I miss my Warners, you get a little picspam/Outtakes from the last update and randomness...

I'm also having issues writing the next part of the RR - which I really need to get done so I can shoot and write the final part. But um yeah. I miss my Warners!!!!

Babble and pictures behind the cut - some nudity be warned )
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It's later in the week. Not a whole lot later, but still later.

For this rotation, I deliberately left Oman's house to last. I wanted to have as many chances for him to interact with Marina and Cee before I did the dates and final decision process.

He looks so studious and innocent here. I really wanted to use this picture in the update - but I ran out of room...

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I could announce that chapters Ten and Eleven of my OWBC are up - but I think that most everyone knows that.

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 actually all came from the same rotation. And since I was bouncing between houses update wise I didn't want to do my pic spam until I finished publishing what I covered in the rotation.

You are going to get two bouts of Pic spam - here is the first.

50+ pictures behind the cut. )
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Lots of weddings and LOTS of babies in this rotation. I made the decision to play each house for a season then switch houses. I also made the decision that since there were two simselves Vying for the affections of one Oman that I would just invite all three of them to every party that I threw and let it go at that. After playing all of the houses but Oman I think I know who the lucky simself is going to be. Let me say it was close. But one really threw herself at Oman with a reckless abandon not seen in ages. I am glad my simself made the decision back when Oman was in college to back off else her heart would be broken.

After all of my playing, I am happy to announce that Belladonna Cove has had population explosion of cute. And that Yakko and Jo are living the family sims dream - too bad that they are two pleasure sims.

Yakko has entrenched himself in my heart as one of my favorite sims ever. He loves his kids and shows up to visit them just whenever and he seems to know when there are toddlers around so will just let himself in to play, cuddle, feed and care for them. I have the evidence.

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Because LJ hates me )
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I didn't announce it on the 11th when the first part went up because I knew that I would the second part out fairly quickly.

So here they are:
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Then of course I have some outtakes for you all but lets start with some eyecandy...

Lots of pictures behind the cut... Some racy... Many very spoilery... )

I hope you all enjoy!
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Because I am a maschocist I am teaching myself how to stage scenes, take better pictures, and be semi-historically accurate. Here are some examples of what I have been doing.

Cut because I care )
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In my random sleepy fuzzed mind I forgot to announce that I put the next part of my OWBC up - the boolprop people have already seen this but for the sake of consistency I am saying it here anyway.

So here is chapter 5 - it went up on 1/28/09...

Here are two pictures that will not be making it into the next update for those who like that kind of thing.
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People want to know what made me cringe when Jo aged up.

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I am probably going to babble about the epilogue at some point. But before I do that, I figured some picspam was in order.

First off, one of the things that I noticed that tends to happen in an asylum - or at least a documented one. Is that you queue up a ton of skilling/friends calling/or general housekeeping things for the caretaker then zoom around taking pictures of the crazies. The upside is that the crazies are the fun part of the asylum. The downside, the caretaker doesn't really get a lot of camera time.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Lennox Macbeth. 8 pictures under the cut )

There were two inmates who really made the asylum amusing in my book. While Voldemort's multiple aspiration failures were highly entertaining. Susan's and Orochimaru's antics are really what made the asylum, in my book, a success.

I'm going to cover Orochimaru in another post. But I've got a ton of slides with Susan that I didn't get a chance to use. So here are the cream of the unused.

Stalky Susan Stalks at midnight )

Oh and for those of you who want him. I uploaded my version of Spike to the exchange.

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In my Asylum, Tyler - the random townie who I write as a wannabe hero - and Mac - the simself of one of my best friends are really the power couple. I tend to send them on a date about once every 2 days for the aspiration and other benefits. It all started when Mac heart farted him and I went, "I can go with this."

In the game, Tyler is nothing like I write him. He is a knowledge sim and is currently at the top of the Athletic Career. His personality was created when he walked by the Villain household and scowled at them. The whole scene with him was not staged. He autonomously fought, got pranked, argued and insulted Anakin. They hate each other and I was mightily amused since at that point I hadn't planned on including him in the storyline. But he insisted on it.

In my last update, I showed Mac and Tyler's first woohoo. I only used five of the thirty pictures I took for the story. I had to weed down from 350 pictures to 120.

about 30 pics behind the cut )
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In my last update, I highlighted the people who would be willing sleep together. Many people were squicked by Buffy and Voldemort spooning and I said that it was worse.

I present to you the amusing and the worse:

8 pictures under the cut. )
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EDIT: Fixed the pictures -- apparently Picasa and LJ don't like each other. GRRRR!!!!

I've been saying for a while that my laptop was causing me issues with taking pictures both in and out of cameraman mode. The issue - I have an nVidia graphics card and it is a known Sims2 issue. Funnily enough I never crashed until I started picture taking.

So I proudly present the two fires that never happened.

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I was reorganizing my storytelling folder tonight after posting my chapter. I find it is easier to figure out what all is going on when I pull the pictures I've used and the ones I am never going to use.

I present to you some of the weirdness and amusing things I didn't use in the asylum.

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