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I have developed an inordinate hatred for the following words/phrases


I get it. There are a limited number of ways to describe someone but to refer to them as the Pinkette or the Sun-kissed or the Raven is going a little overboard. These people have names. Use them. Or if you can't, try something like the pink-haired medic-nin or some other descriptor. Laziness is all well and good but for fuck's sake let's try not to sound like a meeting of analogies anonymous.
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Yet again, third time in the last 6 weeks one of my icons has been replaced with a different icon. I am getting royally sick of this. This time, it is one of my Voltron Icons - it got replaced with a Heroes Icon from someplace else. So far I have lost on of my icons - apparently I didn't keep my "creative Reading" one and now two icons that I have made myself

Highly annoying. Especially since all three Icons were ones I used with regularity - mostly in commentary but still.


LJ you haven't had any problems until recently. I wonder what the deal is now.
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So I coudn't sleep a few days ago. Or was it yesterday? I can't remember. Anyway, I made up for that with a vengance! I slept today from 7am (with a small potty and dog bouncing break at 1:30) until 10:45pm. Yay sleep!

Of course the only reason why I slept made itself known at 1am. The ibuprophen has been hit and I am grumbling at my uterus as I type.

Blah. There needs to be a mood called Spork.
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I have been trying to sleep since 10am. 4 hours now. I have gotten up every 30 to 40 minutes because I cannot sleep.

I have water aerobics tonight. This is not the day for me to be having insomnia!

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I've been reading the community [ profile] fandomsecrets and some of the secrets are funny. But there is a huge part of me that reads things about people roleplaying and I seriously wonder "Why bother?"

Roleplaying - especially in text format and over AIM - canon characters has not really interested me. The few times I've done it, I've done it for friends and I haven't really enjoyed it. The fact that people do it to write porn or have internet sex squicks me even more. And that people fall in love because of it, well I am not sure what I think.

All I know is that it makes me very uncomfortable. I think some of it has to do with what I saw in real life with LARP and tabletop roleplaying. I just think that people should fall in love with the person on the inside not the role or the part that we play.

And LJ comm roleplaying has never struck me as good writing. It just bothers me more than I can say.

I know I am likely to piss people off with this. But I am not sure I care. I know that people do it and they enjoy it but for me it is something I just don't enjoy and I don't see the point of. But it is something I have realized about myself. But RPing communities, forums, threads, or chats bug the crap out of me.
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I've managed to avoid the whole LJ deletegate brou-ha-ha but they've really gotten stupidly nuts lately.

Their latest screw up - threatening to delete [ profile] randomposting's LJ for being a spammer. I've been following her journal since April 2006 and what she does is spread a little joy, laughter, and fun each and every day. If that weren't enough, she goes through and comments on her HUGE mutual friendlist giving encouragement, birthday wishes and other warm fuzzies to let people know that they aren't alone in a vacuum.

She's personally commented on my journal several times and I've appreciated everytime. So I am a little upset that they are threatening to boot off a genuinely nice person who has nothing more insidious than spread a little cheer into people she's never met's lives.

Check out [ profile] randomposting's journal, it's pretty fun and educational and give her your support.
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Authors who whine bitch and moan about everything.


It pisses me off.

Take this gem for example:

Author's Notes:

You know, I used to enjoy this story. I was riding high and havingfun, with inspiration that never seemed to stop. But then the debacleof chapter twelve, where all and sundry by and large ignored thewhole deal to give me a load of CRAP about a paragraph at the end ofit, happened all over again with chapter twenty six where I had abouta hundred different people all jumping down my throat over minorquibbles they disagreed with.

You know what? I don't care anymore.

At the point the storm of criticism ignited I decided I needed amental health day, but no wise man does that until he's first put outthe fire. So chapter twenty seven happened, explaining how I wasright all along, and they should have trusted me to know what to dowith my own story.

But now, I know they're lying in wait, ready to do it all overagain. I used the fan-convention name for the Fourth Hokage. I likeit more, and it sounds better and I'M ACTING OUT MY OFFICIALDISCLAIMER LISTED RIGHT AT THE START, PEOPLE! IF IT GOT REVEALEDPOST-TIME SKIP THEN IT NEVER FRIGGING HAPPENED!! AND THATINCLUDES THINGS LIKE NAMES IF I FEEL LIKE INCLUDING THEM!!!!

No, I'm just too angry to write this story now. And I don't knowif that will change, if ever. Consider this the end. I wish that wasnot so, but for right now... it is. Sorry.

I can't write a fun, happy fic when I'm boiling mad.

And this bit from the same author later in the story.

Author's Notes:

Continuity errors? YEP! By the bucketful! I just re-realized thatone of my most successful strategies for dealing with whiningcomplainers before has always been to grant them MORE of whateverthey bitch and moan about!

The other has always been the "unexplained, unwantedcrossover" -and if you don't believe me, look up Exiled Jedi,where I put BUGS BUNNY into a Star Wars fic already several hundredpages into the plot.

If you think I can't perform a 'time-space jutsu' experiment gonewrong and suddenly dump this into a Robotech continuity, then thinkagain!

And, if that doesn't work, there's always even more disturbingthings to add.

You see, there is a true story of a hitchhiker who pulled a gunand tried to car-jack the vehicle giving him a lift. After the driverhad pushed the pedal down, getting it up to above a hundred, thensideswiped a few concrete barricades, he informed his terrifiedpassenger that he'd forgotten just who had the power in a movingvehicle, and after threatening to kill them both in a massiveaccident (which was also, incidentally, guaranteed if the guy shotthe driver at that speed), the hitchhiker threw his gun out thewindow and gave himself up to be arrested, after they drove off tofind some police.

As the Author, I have the power over this story. If you don't likeit, only be reminded that if you're reading it, and hate it, I haveevery ability to make you hate it more.

I take a perverse glee out of ticking off people who nag me aboutmaking my stories better when they themselves have never written athing! It's also so MUCH easier to have Konoha attacked by a 100fttall marshmallow man than think up quality material! I am perfectlywilling to trash a story they like, but say they hate, just to see them squirm!

I have done so on more than one occasion. In certain circles I ameven famous for it.

You have been warned.

It it is driving me nuts. The story started out so promising too and now, I feel like I am reading the same drek that others are publishing. And the moron is whining. Whining and bitching. You know he has the option of turning off reviews if they bother him so much. But then he whines about not getting enough reviews.

I love authors. I really do.
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It was about Healthcare and Health Insurance and how it doesn't work in the U.S. and how to make it better. There is too much of a strain on Medicare and Medicaid. Not to mention there are people out there with no insurance because it is too expensive to pay for it on their own. I've been there. I've gone with Pnuemonia and Brochitis without seeing a doctor because I couldn't afford to go without insurance.

My current doctor has a good solution, for $360 a year for a single person or $520 for a family you get unlimited doctor's visits, lab work in house, flu and pnuemonia vaccines and I don't know what else. It works out to $30 a month for a single person and it is nice. But even that is really expensive for some people and it doesn't cover prescriptions.

So while I was dreaming I started thinking about things. Like what if people could pay $10 per person a month for basic medical care - things like physical, vaccines, and the "I've got the Flu/Brochitis" that we all run into. And it included basic prescriptions as well - antibiotics, ear drops, cough syrup, etc. Have part of it subsidized by some charity like the Gates Foundation and also by the government who wouldn't have the influx of people using the ER as doctor's offices. I think it would really work for children and single/newly married people without insurance and without the option of getting insurance through their workplaces.

I just think of all the things that could be prevented with maintanence rather than letting it fester to the point of life threatening. I also would have less problem with illegal immigrants using this than I do with them getting Medicaid - at least they are paying something. The other thing about this idea is that it really doesn't have to have a lot of MDs - Nurse Practioners, Physician's Assistants and the like could take care of a lot of it.

There is apart of me that knows it would never work. It just would be nice for people without to be able to go to the doctor if they needed and not have to worry about insurance.
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So um yeah.

My roommate got me sick. Who thinks that I have grounds for torture?

Have I mentioned I hate being sick?

Not to mention it has been bloody rainy for the past few days. Pouring, hail producing, evil rain.

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I came home sick today - again. I still think it is food poisioning which so makes me never want to go back to Johnny Carino's. Not only is it flavorless but it makes you hurl for days after. Not a good combination.

I really didn't want to be sick today - or yesterday for that matter. I have my six month review coming up tomorrow and it never good to miss in that time.

I've been wandering LJ land - Just randomly seeing if I can find people I know or want to know. So far I have run into an old classmate/part-time boyfriend. His journal really isn't all that interesting to me -- all psuedo artsy photos. [ profile] janscottfrazier takes oodles better pictures so I guess I am spoiled.

I've decided I really hate people who take pleasure in trying to be superior to everyone else and also like to whine just to deliberatly cause trouble or force themselves to become martyrs. Gods it is so juvenile. The most recent case of it that I have encountered is so hypocritical it isn't funny. I want to yell at her you can't have it both ways. Okay for you, not okay for everyone else.

It is stupid and I am getting myself mad just thinking about it.

I don't want to be mad. It isn't useful in a situation like this.

But really it has come down to the simple fact that people disgust me. Small minds & small hearts are stifling the rest of the world.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:15 pm
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I got this review on a story I posted on -- I need translation services. Because this thing made no sense.

hi im josh and i think this is a good story layout i would like u to update and i would give u the support u need and here u may not know this but i have some hentai on them and here my email if u need it

BTW the story is a one-shot, crack fic, that while does not violate the TOS of the site is Lemon-y scented. But I think that my author notes state that The story is only a one-shot and that I don't even like the pairing since it splits up my OTP. But Um yeah.
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This is going to be kinda Random. Just me reflecting really.


I hate mornings. I really do. I especially hate them right now when I have to make a 90 mile commute to go to classes. It sucks. I got up late this morning, so I was late to class. Not a great start may I tell you.


My drive is really fricking boring. At least it is during the day or at night. But at sunrise or sunset the sky becomes absolutely beautiful. There is this cherry or crabapple tree along the way that looks like a Bonsai. Absolutely gorgeous when it is silhouetted against the sky with the sun gleaming crimson behind it. Today I was treated to an extra sight on my trip home. As I drove into Down Town GR, there were literally thousands of birds flying around in unison. I was reminded of a school of fish they were that coordinated. They swooped and dove as one and for me one huge ball then separated into groups of over 200 individuals. It was quite amazing.


I was actually happy with the new Buffy episode overall. Although I really could do without the magic=drugs metaphors. This is not an after school special, people. But Spike was great! Tara was awesome! I hope they finally sign Amber Benson to become a regular. The Halfrek/Spike scene is generating tons of speculation. Woohoo. And I really enjoyed the Clem and Sophie moments.


Reread Mercedes Lackey's Diana Tregarde series. I still love her set-ups for the stories. But I think she ends things a little too quickly after the final conflict and leaves too many loose ends.


My dog is old. Maybe too old. She's turning 13 in May and is completely deaf, has cataracts and has arthritis. She also has survived one bout of leg cancer. But we are finding growths again. We made the decision tonight that we are not going to do anything heroic to save the dog. She's had a good life. But it still hard..


WTF!!!! It costs over 800 to rent a U-haul to move to Florida! Frigola!


Stupid Figure Skating Judges. I am glad their ass is finally getting racked over the coals. And the judging system should be changed.


End random thoughts that I had today
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Growltiger! My e-mail server is down which presents me with a problem. My professors are supposed to e-mail me at that account if classes are cancelled etc. Also, all of my con contact info goes there so I am now dependent on reading things off of e-groups if I can and waiting until the server goes back up.

My question, why is it always the Student Mail server that goes down?

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Correction - They have GOHAN killing Freiza.
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Correction - They have GOHAN killing Freiza.
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Ok I am going to rant. I hate it when people have fricking quizzes and the answers are plain out WRONG.

Examples: Who is the stongest human in DBZ - Right answer - Krillan. THeir answer - Tien. Growl. Another Example Who kills Frieza - Right answer - Trunks - Their answer - Goku.


Ok I've Ranted I feel better.
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Ok I am going to rant. I hate it when people have fricking quizzes and the answers are plain out WRONG.

Examples: Who is the stongest human in DBZ - Right answer - Krillan. THeir answer - Tien. Growl. Another Example Who kills Frieza - Right answer - Trunks - Their answer - Goku.


Ok I've Ranted I feel better.


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