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Jun. 26th, 2010 06:04 pm
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My primary Desktop appears to be dead. At the moment I am trying to get it to boot into safe mode with no luck. It is possible that the hardware is okay. But I think the software is fucked.

I might be able to use a boot CD to allow me to access my data and copy it to a flash drive. But I am not sure.

I may lose everything on it.


Dec. 4th, 2008 07:30 pm
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So the guy who is building my computer called today. He can't get 8gb of RAM to work in the Motherboard and there is no upgrade to the motherboard availible. In fact, the only amount he can get to work is 4gb. Argh!!!

If I wanted 4gb, I would have gone with a Dell machine for $699 with much of the same specs. Not a custom build for 1100. My father doesn't understand why I want the machine to be as high end as I can get it. And memory is a big part of that. As of right now, the Sims2 chugs along but when I have parties on a lot with 8 sims or load Downtown/Community lots it is very slow and lags a lot. And while the better processor and additional memory will help some, this is going to be my main machine for a while and I don't want to have to replace it in 3 years.

So now I am faced with a decision I don't want to make and I need to call Dell to see what I can get from them and if their motherboard can actually handle 8gb of RAM and if I can get one with a non-nVidia graphics card.

Just Arghhh!!!


Oct. 27th, 2008 03:11 pm
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I am going offline for a bit.

I need to take a break from the internet and do some real life things. If you desperately need to get ahold of me, many of you have my cell and the Otaphone.

Email will be checked and urgent matters dealt with. But for everything else. It's going to wait.

I'll be back when I am back.


Oct. 16th, 2008 01:43 pm
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I can't sleep.

There is stuff going on with work that I don't want to talk about. And the same is true with Otakon.

I need to work on my Sims stuff and I have done some - Pulled the next set of pictures I want to use and put them into an album. Not all of them will make the final cut. I also need to figure out how many more chapters I have. I estimate about 4 after this one although I hope it is less. I seem to recall playing the last part of the asylum on fast forward toward the end because the inmates kept doing the same things and there are only so many ways you can caption people standing around a bar bowling talking about fried eggs.


I don't even have any fics I want to read. The most interesting to come out lately are the sniippets from [livejournal.com profile] askerian in her Teamwork universe. She has really made me into a Team Seven OT3 to the point where I am not fond of reading of the three of them without the other three. Sakura is the most versitile in that respect. But Sasuke-wise I don't like him with anyone else other than Team Seven and Sakura under specific circumstances. Naruto, I am the same way. I don't like him with Hinata even - and I know that Kishimoto is likely to make that pairing canon.

Le sigh. Just listless.
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Being a third shifter I tend to go to bed right after I get off of work at 7am. I do this for a myriad of reasons - to sleep the main heat of the day away, so I can get together with people after they get off of work, so I don't have put up with daytime television, etc.

Well that is going to be changing. I am going to start walking my dogs with my mom at 7:30am every morning. They aren't going to be long walks - my joints can't handle them - but Shikamaru needs to get more excerise than I can give him at home. His hip displaysia is a lot like my arthritis and it should get better the more I exercise him.

Which leads me to my arthritis. As a lot of you know, I have severe osteo-arthritis from my hips down. It was caused initially by my car accident years ago and exacerbated by both my weight and the abuse I heaped on my joints while I was in college. Now I get to try to do damage control. I am over weight and working from home, which is great and all, doesn't get me out and moving around like I should be. So in addition to walking Shikamaru - thank you dog for giving me a reason other than myself to get exercise - I had my mom sign me up for "Gentle Aquatic Exercise" which runs Monday and Wednesday 9:30-10:30am. I am not terribly happy about the times, I wish they were earlier in the day, but I am okay with it. I need to do something to get my health and weight back under control.

I am only thirty-two and some days I move like an eighty year old woman. The water should help with the artritis since it is low impact and the walking, well I will have to walk increasingly longer distances. I am nervous about the winter. Part of my problem with arthritis is if I slip, I fall. I cannot catch myself like most people. I have broken both of my wrists because of this. It is the reason I asked for a railing for my birthday two years ago. I fell in my driveway one day and could not get up my knee gave out and would not work - it was embarassing and sobering.

I need to do what I can to prevent my arthritis from getting worse. These are my first steps but they mean a shift in my sleep schedule which is also going to be annoying.
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Went to the doctor today because it's becoming difficult to breathe and personally I like breathing. It beats the alternative. So I went thinking I had a sinus infection. Nope, wrong. I have bronchitis.


Dammit all to hell. I do not need bronchitis. But I have my antibiotics and prednisone (a steriod to help with breathing). I am feeling a little better after taking them - so I am hoping to work tonight. I did not work last night but did work the night before.

One of these days I am going to post about my con experiences. But that requires remembering more than just blur after blur of weapons checks, stupid crap, and other things.


Feb. 5th, 2008 08:20 am
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We all know I have no life right? Good, just making sure we have that clear at the start.

So anyway, I've been going back through my old LJ entries and tagging them. Not that anyone is EVER going to look at them, but mostly so I can say I did it. I am going through by the current month I am in. Yay me for organization. I am not pushing it since I've had this thing for almost 7 years. I just thank the gods that I am a sporadic updater at best.

This orgnanization, however, does not extend to my real life filing. I have a stack papers about a foot tall that needs to get filed. I hate filing, have I mentioned that? So it makes me happy that my work is paperless, at least for me. And I glance at the thing and think - later. One month I will likely sit down with the thing and go filing crazy, but that hasn't happened yet. I still have boxes that I haven't unpacked from my move from Florida - which was over 3 years ago.

But yeah, I have tags. It is kinda sad to see how many of my entries relate to fanfiction. But we all knew I had no life.
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Well I finished one of the stories I was writing last night. It is fairly short, only three pages, but it the most I have actually written in a long while. I haven't been doing as much as I wanted to lately. Real Life has been rearing it's ugly head way too often.

School is a bitch. I am taking two Spanish courses for the first time in over four years. Let me tell you I am extremely rusty. And the commute is hell. I spend Nine hours out of my week on the road. May I tell you that sucks. I would much rather be reading or writing or something, anything other than that.

In addition to school I am trying to find a job. NOt easy in a recessed job market and I can only work certain hours which makes it harder. But I need money badly. I have other things coming up.

Like a move to Florida. I am moving to Florida sometime between the beginning of May and the middle of July. The state needs teachers crazily but I still have to apply and jump through all of their hoops to get temporary certification. Which means that I have to graduate. And the move to Florida isn't cheap. It will cost me $631 to rent a 15-foot van and that is cheaper than U-Haul's 800 or Allied's 1500. Not to mention that I am trying to find an apartment in addition to this. My roommate has two dogs that have to come with us which makes it more difficult. But I have found 6 potential places although who knows if we will get accepted. Neither of us has the greatest of credit.

On top of all of this, I am working Guest Relations Head for two cons. I know I can handle it and I know that I will be able to take off the time I need from school to attend them, but that just means that with the move that I am going to have to prepare extra hard and make sure I stay in contact with people when I do move so I don't fall off the face of the Earth like other GR heads have done.

And I am missing Katsucon right now and it makes me sad. I love Katsu, a lot. But I think that I won't be able to attend it any more. Not if I plan on staying with Ohayocon. I just won't be able to get off work.

There is so much going on here that I sometimes can't keep it all straight. The logistics of a 1000 mile move are insane. And on top of that I am trying to graduate and keep doing the things I love.

It is hard. I feel myself losing grip with reality sometimes. And I fear my priorities are slipping. Sometimes I don't even know what my priorities are.


Feb. 1st, 2002 11:31 pm
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I didn't go to class today even though school wasn't officially cancelled. I live over 90 miles away from school and to commute this morning would have taken me 3 hours when it normally only takes 1.5. The roads were so bad. Ice covered by a thin layer of snow.

I hate it. I hate the ice. It's caused me too many problems and scars.

Not to mention that it is the Super Bowl Weekend. And that weekend always reminds me of the Ice and the fact that it almost took my life.

So yeah, I am gald I didn't go to class and that my prof understood my reluctance to drive. But I still hate Ice.
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Well the room itself is now clean. I just have to finish defrosting the fridge and doing the dishes. :P

Then I'll be done.

At least for a week.

I was even a good doobie and vacuumed my roommates carpet.
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Well the room itself is now clean. I just have to finish defrosting the fridge and doing the dishes. :P

Then I'll be done.

At least for a week.

I was even a good doobie and vacuumed my roommates carpet.
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I need to clean.

I don't want to, :P
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I need to clean.

I don't want to, :P


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