It's back!

Feb. 10th, 2012 04:49 am
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All rebuilding is done. Townies made. CC culled. YAY!!!

Cue the triumphant Music

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I finished another lot today and started on my next lot.

Welcome to a certain forest that lies next to the Keep's personal farm/orchard. And a place where a good chunk of the next chapter's action will take place.

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It's been a while since I've posted about my progress on my Tudor Recreation/rebuild.

I made some VERY good progress lately let me show you it.

I've managed to get my downtown fully built.

I ran into a snag with the cathedral because I had a very Specific place I wanted it to go....

You see that empty spot, yeah. There. But it was narrow only 3 squares across which really limited which ones I could download and to be honest I didn't feel like BUILDING a Framming cathedral.

Eventually I found one that worked - an OLD version of Notre Dame that I could modify to make useful but that left me with three open areas around it. So I hastily built three lots: a cemetary, a fountain lot, and a market stall/wagon lot.

Here's what the cemetary will look like (and will be used for certain sims)

The other two lots are pretty boring and really only for background shots.

So here is my finished Londonderry. The king's palace is outside the walls to the top of the picture for reference sake.

That is enough for me for tonight. I am BEAT.

Eventually I will post a health update but not tonight.
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Do you really want to know what this is?

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First WCIF

Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:12 am
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Okay... I have found something that I had and now do not so I am hoping someone has it in their downloads folder and are willing to share.

They are the rugs from this:

I got them from the GOS monthly theme of Elders need love too and many of the rugs SO very work for my period. It was around this time that the rushes were taken up off of the floors and carpets put down. They were a sign of wealth and prosperity and class that you could keep them clean. Since they were so expensive and came from very far off.

The link is not working now and I can't seem to find them anywhere else.

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So yeah...

Rebuild... It is best described as a complete rebuild of EVERYTHING!!! But the Hardest part is getting all of the CC I had back. Or at least enough of it so I can function. My problem is that a lot of the sites I used to go to don't exist now and they are not at the graveyard. And I don't even know what the stuff was called let alone have pictures of it to post on WCIF threads. It's like coming home after a robbery and trying to figure out what was taken and what wasn't. Some things you don't realize were gone until you go looking for it and can't find it.

So yeah. Anyway.

I've downloaded all of the Female hairs I wanted from GoS (except the stuff from Koralene or whatever she is called because of her ad and malware infected download site) but I still need to down load from the Male hair section there as well as all of the Old theme of the month and christmas in july threads. I've gotten all of the hairs from Almighty Hat's site that I wanted. I'll still need to weed since I don't use all four blacks, browns, and blondes. But since I pick and choose here and there on those colors it is easier to download the lot then weed.

I still need to hit up MTS2 and Plumbbob Keep as well as the Booty. I also need to find a few places that have pooklet hair recolors on it that aren't GOS or Hat. Because there are some hairs I really, REALLY, need/want that Hat didn't do. Namely my heir's hair.

I have a few things that were on the desktop for the tudors. But I have to do a weed there.

But it is coming. Very slowly it is coming. Trying to compile two years worth of downloading into a few months is not easy.


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