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On the fanfic reading catch up front. I have gone from 92 fics to read (a number which actually fluctuates) on 8/18/08 down to eight. Go me. The ones I have left, three of them I haven't followed since 2006 or earlier, there are three new long fics to read that I haven't read, and then the two remaining I need to do a reread on them because I have forgotten too much of the story and it is pretty far in. But eight fics to go - that isn't bad.

Some fics I have found that are good reads in this clean up:

- Just One Chance by AmunRa Team 7 Gen After 6 years, Naruto and Sakura save Sasuke from Orochimaru and bring him home. When a neighboring village threatens to invade, Konoha will have to put aside its hatred and mistrust of Naruto and Sasuke in order to survive. (This is one of the better Sasuke gets dragged home by Naruto and Sakura fics -- I love the fact that there is plot and intrigue going on in the story)

- Three Thousand Days of Innocence by cinnamon badge [DracoGinny] Draco Malfoy wasn't guilty of anything until no one could find him after the last battle... and to the Aurors, his absence spoke volumes about his culpability. (A good post DH fic that actually makes a crack pairing possible while keeping the majority of characters in character)

End of one world by esama With his fire cold and all he left behind in ruin, Sasuke gives up his life and trusts in his brother's word. Time travel, spoilers. (A gen time travel fic that is unique in that Sasuke is the lone time traveller - most fics have Naruto in that role - the changes and the various little twists on canon are well done.)

Team 8 by S'TarKan What if Naruto had been selected for a different team? What if he'd had a different mentor? Who would guess the consequences would be so large? (An AU to make you like AU's. This is probably one of the best Naruto fics out there.)

This Time Around by Crimson Skies A six year old Sasuke wakes from a nightmare...but Itachi wouldn't really kill the clan, right? As for Naruto, well, maybe he won't be so alone...this time around. (Another twist on the time travel genre - both Naruto and Sasuke go back in time. There are some time skips in the fic but in general it is fun to read. )

Watch and learn by esama When God gives Hikaru his wish, he begins his journey again with a new goal in life, to prevent Sai from fading. (A HnG fic that really makes you think about the meaning of sacrifice and selfishness. It is a fic for both Hikaru and Sai lovers but it doesn't make either one into a saint. There are some parts that will make you think about just how much Sai took from Hikaru.)

The Will to Be Strong: Legends in The Making by Tenshi no Hana-chan Team 7, legends in the making. Their lives will weave an epic once more. Part Five: The Jounin Exams are under way, and in the midst of the chaos Kakashi's team will be thrust into once more. [SasuSaku, NaruHina] (I can't recommend this fic enough. Even the end catches are in character. The characterization is spot on and the storytelling is sublime. I love this fic. From the word go it will suck you in. This is a Naruto and Sakura bring Sasuke back fic and if I had my way, this would have been canon not what is going on now.)

There are more but I am forgetting them at the moment.
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Title: Faith and Valor
Author: Rurouni Tyriel
Rating: PG-13 although I would rate it PG
Fandom: Justice League - the Animated Series
Summary: The Justice League awaken one day without their powers. How will theycope, how will they adjust to their new lives as normal people? And canthey still be heroes? Even when they find others are not similarlypower-handicapped.

Comments: It's rare that I read a story that would fit seamlessly into the continuity of the series in question. This one really does. It remembers the continuity of the series and the others of the DC Universe. This is one of those stories that you can reread and it is one that I think needs more recongnition. It is completed, which is a plus. And it is well-written technically.

Check it out!
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I haven't done this in a while ^_^

One Hundred Days [Naruto] by Aaron Nowack - Rating T

Naruto leaves on his three year training trip, and Sakura begins the struggle to improve herself. How much will they have changed when they meet again in one hundred days?

The summary does not do this thing justice. This is one of the most tightly plotted and well thought out stories that I have encountered. Little arcs feed into larger ones. Things that you don't consider important early on become very significant later. The characterization is very good even with minor and original characters. Everything is connected. And the writing style is excellent. I haven't read a story like this in a long time. And the best thing, it's gen. There are hints of pairings if you want to see them, but really this story is gen. But that is what makes it so great. It doesn't need a pairing to work.

Read this! Review this! (it needs more) The author only has one more chapter to go but I'll tell you considering this thing averages 21,000 words per chapter it isn't a short read and the chapters are worth the wait..
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[ profile] rhianikki is doing one of her let's find a new series and watch it. This is how we found HnG, Yakitate!! Japan, Ouran Host Club and others. This time the show that is grabbing me is called La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ a series so chock full of bishonen and shoujo plot that it isn't funny.

The premise - Kaho is a regular student at a high school with two tracks - general and music. One morning, she sees a fairy called Lili, who is the patron fairy of music (I am not making this up.) Since she can see him (yes, it is a him despite the looks) she has to be something special and he gives her a violin that anyone can play and feeds off of her feelings for music. With this violin, comes the condition that she needs to compete in the school's concours.

So let me see if I can start checking off the shojo elements.
1. Clumsy, plain girl who is somehow special - Check!
2. Mystical being helping her - Check!
3. Lots of pretty boys - Check!
4. Jealous girls resorting to bullying - Check!
5. A jealous girl pretending to be the heroine's friend - Check!
6. A fight with heroine's best friend - Check!
7. Awkward moments with pretty boys - Check!

Pretty Boy Checklist
1. The Mysterious Loner/Bad boy - check
2. The Beautiful Prince with a Fanclub - Check
3. The Exuberantly Helpful Bishonen - Check
4. The Boy next door - Check
5. The sleepy bishonen - Check
6. The bishonen who thinks everything is troublesome - Check
7. The beautiful exterior hiding a not so beautiful interior - Check

Considering this is based on a dating sim I shouldn't be surprised. But it really is surprisingly good - just don't expect anything really all that original from it.

Fic Rec

Jul. 24th, 2006 12:10 am
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Secrets of the Stars by Phoenix of Eternity - Sinistra thought that getting her Hogwarts letter was the best thing that had ever happened to her. And it was at least until she left school. A short one shot about being Muggleborn and the ugly, hidden truth of the Hogwarts letter. A short little Sinestra piece that had me re-think so many things about Harry Potter. It is well worth the read.
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Holy Shite! It is 4 in the morning.

I've been up all night reading Embellished's stories. Most of them are Draco/Ginny. But They are all really well written. Damn it's been a long time since I did this. Not since finding [ profile] askerian. . .
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Ginny Weasley and the Curse of the Firstborn by Annie Penrose -- "Ginny Weasley is bound by a blood curse to marry Draco Malfoy and to live with him a year and a day." It sounds a little cliched but in reality it isn't. This is a well plotted story that keeps the characters true to themselves. Malfoy is still a brat and Ginny is still Ginny.

Cloak of Courage by Wendynat -- Hermione suffers a terrible loss and has to choose between two paths. Very loosely based on WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge. This is another one of those odd pairing fics that works. I love Snape's snark throughout all of the story. The plot is tight and the sex scenes are so very well done. If I were judging Hentai this year -- this fic woudl likely get my vote. Too bad it's not on MM.O.

Fic Recs

Apr. 8th, 2006 02:19 pm
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I've read a few good fics lately that I feel the need to share . . .

The Plaque by Scattered Logic -- Harry Potter -- Post Book Series. In a little visited garden at Hogwarts, there lies a little visited plaque. This story is very simple and very powerful in its simplicity. I especially loved how it was told through the eyes of Filch.

Say Your Right Words by Scattered Logic - Labyrinth - Post movie. "With Jareth, you can never take anything for granted . . . " How do I gush about this one without giving anything away? This story had me hooked line & sinker. I knew what had to happen but I couldn't look away. And this author is the master of end lines.

Two more:

The Mark by Scattered Logic - Harry Potter - Post HBP. Draco-centric.

Time and Again by Scattered Logic - Labyrinth - post movie - I've really just fallen in love with this author. Everything she writes has gem written all over it. The plot is simple but powerful. And it appeals to the sappy romantic in me as well. I love her characterization of Jareth. I think that is what has me coming back to her.

Read and enjoy.

Rec Time

Jun. 30th, 2005 09:27 am
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I haven't been able to do all of the things I wanted to . . . *shakes fist at people monopolizing her time*

I'm sorry to the people at MM.O everything that I was going to do for you guys is going to get pushed back. I have to apply for jobs tonight while I have the opportunity. Which of course means that I am slacking on my fic recs.

I have become a HUGE fan of Favorite's lists. It is a much faster way to find the little gems in the big fandoms. For example.

Those Ever Fateful Hogwarts Letters by purplerebecca -- Harry Potter -- Set several years in the future Dudley Dursley's gets a very unwelcome piece of mail. What really impressed me about this fic was the feeling that it was a part of something bigger. Like the author slipped in, took a snapshot, and then left. There really wasn't much in the way of exposition and what there was sounded very similar to the books. I really liked this fic and doesn't have nearly enough reviews.

Cold as Ash by GreenGecko -- A Harry is home for the summer fic with a few twists. Her characterization is so vivid that I can hear Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of cast speaking the lines when I read it. And she has a very good Snape -- for those snape fans out here.

Maybe more later -- or not.
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This sounds horrible, but most of the time when I read FFRG submissions I don't go in with terribly high expectations. Every once and a while though I read something that has me looking forward to the next part.

Here are the two I read last night that just had me really happy!

Legend of a Hanyou by Sari-15 -- This is a good Inu Yasha continuation. The author knows how to plot a story out. I am purposefully ignoring her on where she has over 30 chapters posted because she is in the process of a massive rewrite that is fleshing out scenes and adding action.

For Love of the Game by hostilecrayon -- a Hikaru/Akira romance that doesn't have me cringing at OOCness. This story keeps the characters in character and manages to add an extra dimension to the series. I really like what she has posted so far and I like her attitude of "Don't Coddle Me" which I wish more writers would take. I think though that the best thing is that she doesn't feel like she has to rush it. The first chapter doesn't really drop any hints, just solidifies the friendship.
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First I need to say thank you to Issen for jarring my memory and pointing out the site. And then I need to do a little explanation for my non-mediaminer friends.

I am a judge of and help run the mini fanfiction contests on Mediaminer. I am really happy to be doing this and right now we are in our second contest. Our first one was "Evil Spring" based off of the legend of "Walspurginacht" we got some neat horror and not so horror fics. If you want to see the winners they are on Mediaminer.

Well anyway on June 1, our new contest started. It is based off of my suggestion that we base it on "Hoshi-Matsuri" or the Star Festival. I thought that the story was neat and I remembered reading a couple of good stories that mentioned it mostly in the Fushigi Yuugi & Ranma universe. But I also remembered reading a really neat one in the Spirited Away. Since all fics are supposed to be written for the contest, I felt something needed to be done to make sure that the submitted fics are written for this contest.

So if you MM.O folks want to see why I pushed for the three elements read this.

Weather by Kristin O. This is probably what I will be using as my basis for judging -- even though it wasn't written for the contest. The writing is so good and it captures both the feeling of the legend behind festival and the characterization of Haku. Damn . . . I just wish I had this talent.

So long rambling explanation for why I insisted on the elements.

Fic Recs

Jun. 22nd, 2005 10:21 pm
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I've been in a massive reading mood -- devouring fanfiction at every turn.

Of course I am not doing my FFARG reviews or the Featured Fanfic Stuff I should be doing at Mediaminer. But here are a few of the stories that I keep going back to.

Teamwork by [ profile] askerian -- it is rare that a fic engenders my interest in a fandom. But this one did. A Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura fic that is a whole lot better than the summary would lead you to believe. I read the whole series twice and I am still raving about it. It was just recently added to the Featured Fanfics on MM.O -- and the selection process is not an easy one.

Courage of the Spirit by [ profile] velf -- This is what most of the Spirited Away fics are trying to acheive. It is a great look at what would happen if Chihiro did remember her time in the spirit world.

Convergance by big book worm -- another Spirited Away fic with another take on the end of the anime. This one is massively different from Velf's work. But it is oh so good.

The Butterfly Effect by Anaphalis -- A Fruits Basket fic that had be hooked from the word go. It is in Present tense, third person -- but for once that didn't bother me. Her detail and dialogue is wonderful. I am so jealous!

And I've read these all in the past two days -- I am so slacking.


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