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People are all talking about where they were when they found out. I know know exactly where I was and what I was doing.

I didn't go to class. I don't think anyone did. )


Nov. 7th, 2008 02:34 am
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I am working but I am going through one of my desk drawers and just ran into my collection of Sweet 16 birthday cards. I have about 3 from people who I can't remember who they are. I feel terrible. I know its been 16 years. But still I should remember who they are. I think that one may be from a girl in my computer class and the other is likely a person from Drama club. But the third - no clue.

I was such a packrat. Now, I am reading them but I am likely to recycle them. I don't need the clutter.
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I don't know how else to describe it, but I am feeling content - happy even. And I love it!

I switched from the not so good water exercise class to a water aerobics one. For now it is only on Tuesday nights but once my body is more accustomed to working out, I am going to up it to two nights a week. The first class I went to had a interim intructor but even so I already feel better about it. There are people there who are willing to talk to me and are closer in age. And many of the drills that we do feel good and I can feel my body's reaction to them. I was a bit achey the following morning to the point where I am pretty sure that twice a week would be too much now, but I have hope.

Saturday, I went with my parents to see 1776 which was put on by the local civic theater. It was very well done. The actors were phenominal and a few of them had voices that I would just love to listen to for ages. Especially the courier's actor. Oh my gods, was his tenor so sweet and poignant that it brought a tear to my eye. Just lovely. And of course there was the personal amusment factor, in the role of Abigail Adams was a girl I knew from high school and had done theater with. She apprently had just returned to the area after being the lead singer on a cruise ship. I was amused and pleased. Her acting had improved greatly as had her voice. She was a good singer in High School but her voice had an edge to it that really could grate. It still isn't my favorite, but it is better. In all, I had a good time and the History Major in me was amused by the subject and the actual quotes. I was even more pleased that the program book had liner notes about the actual historical veracity. So people were learning, while being entertained. It was great!

Today, I am going to go see Prince Caspian with my father at the cheap movies. It will be good. I really like having a second run movie theater here again. It makes movie watching easier for me.

Finally, I am looking forward to [ profile] davez coming to visit. I haven't seen him in a while - not since the "Hi! Bye!" that is Otakon. I look forward to talking with him and hanging out. Even if we have different schedules it will be fun.

Hopefully if this keeps up I will be able to get a lot of stuff accomplished. I like being in a good mood.

Now if only I can figure out what triggered this so I can keep feeling this way.

I like being content, dammit!
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Today I attended the memorial service. As I expected and hoped for, lots of people were there. About 3000 people crowded the EGR gymnasium to pay tribute to Jimmy. I was happy to see that the school and his parents had asked some East Alumni, Current Students, and Teachers to speak on his behalf. In Addition, the Band played and the choir sang, while they were off-key (the band moreso than the choir) you could tell that they were trying their best to honor Kabookie.

I think that this service was more for the community than his family, but I am glad that I attended. My favorite speakers were Bar (a retired Government teacher and the football coach) and Mr. Cwayna, The Principal. Bar related a lot of nice anecdotes about Jimmy and his life and Mr. Cwayna addressed on why Jimmy was such a great human being.

And he was. He was a funny little guy with a smile and hug for everyone.

I was really lucky to know him.
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A friend of mine died Wednesday. But he just wasn't my friend, he was the friend of every East Grand Rapids High Schooler from the mid seventies until his death. Ostensibly he was a custodian. But in reality he was the manager and mascot of all of East's sports teams and the school itself. He was always there with a ready hug and sympathetic ear, it didn't matter who you were: Popular or shunned Jimmy liked you.

He was born with Down's Syndromw but never let that stop him. He was a great guy who couldn't read very well but could remember where every football was or a student's name long after they graduated.

I remember the last time I saw Jimmy. I had stopped in to interview a teacher for one of my college courses when Jimmy stopped me in the hall, calling me by name even though I had graduated seven years ago. He gave me a big hug and asked how I was doing. He remembered that I had been on the swim team and that I was on the Quiz Bowl in high school and asked if was still doing those. When I told him no, he smiled and said "I bet you found something better!" I nodded and told him about my desire to be a teacher. He gave me another hug and told me that I would make a great one cause I had a good heart.

Jimmy was a great teacher because he had a good heart. The best of hearts. He didn't teach any specific subject but he taught people to love and accept anyone even if they were a little different. Wherever he is now, I suspect that he is still giving big hugs and cheering the kids of East Grand Rapids on to victory.

We love you Bookie and we miss you.


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