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Title: Coming Storm
Prompt: "Into each life some rain must fall."
Word Count: 610
World: Vaulting Ambitions
Warnings: Kind of Spoilery only really not.
Summary: Greg and Mari find that castle ownership leaves something to be desired.

Mari, wake up, he whispered, nudging her bare shoulder. )

It's back!

Feb. 10th, 2012 04:49 am
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All rebuilding is done. Townies made. CC culled. YAY!!!

Cue the triumphant Music

Cut for spoilers and friends pages. )
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I finished another lot today and started on my next lot.

Welcome to a certain forest that lies next to the Keep's personal farm/orchard. And a place where a good chunk of the next chapter's action will take place.

Cut for pictures )
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It's been a while since I've posted about my progress on my Tudor Recreation/rebuild.

I made some VERY good progress lately let me show you it.

I've managed to get my downtown fully built.

I ran into a snag with the cathedral because I had a very Specific place I wanted it to go....

You see that empty spot, yeah. There. But it was narrow only 3 squares across which really limited which ones I could download and to be honest I didn't feel like BUILDING a Framming cathedral.

Eventually I found one that worked - an OLD version of Notre Dame that I could modify to make useful but that left me with three open areas around it. So I hastily built three lots: a cemetary, a fountain lot, and a market stall/wagon lot.

Here's what the cemetary will look like (and will be used for certain sims)

The other two lots are pretty boring and really only for background shots.

So here is my finished Londonderry. The king's palace is outside the walls to the top of the picture for reference sake.

That is enough for me for tonight. I am BEAT.

Eventually I will post a health update but not tonight.
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Title: Cold Comfort
Word count: 716
Prompt: Greg/Mari
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: A scene that likely happened between my most recent chapter and the next one. But it will not be touched on in the story because of the way I tell it (aka the only scenes that show are shown where my POV characters are actually there or through letter format). So this can be considered canon. One to go.

He refused to touch her. )
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Title: The Night Before
Word count: 524
Prompt: Now is the winter of our discontent
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Spoilery. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. But if you are conversant with English history you can make an educated guess what this referring to. In addition, this scene or one VERY like it will be appearing in a future chapter. You have been warned.

Night was falling as surely as the snow piling up around his feet )
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Do you really want to know what this is?

Clicky )
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Title: Sister
Word count: 1,121
Prompt: When Richard met Aurora
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Not spoilery. Thank goodness.

Curse it, where are you boy? )
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This is the next upload in my series. Elders need more clothing options and this is especially true in period games.

Cut for more pictures and download link )
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Continuing in my project to have more underwear/pajamas/swimwear/athletic clothes for my Medieval/Renaissance hood I present my next offering.

More pictures and Download Link under the Cut )

First WCIF

Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:12 am
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Okay... I have found something that I had and now do not so I am hoping someone has it in their downloads folder and are willing to share.

They are the rugs from this:

I got them from the GOS monthly theme of Elders need love too and many of the rugs SO very work for my period. It was around this time that the rushes were taken up off of the floors and carpets put down. They were a sign of wealth and prosperity and class that you could keep them clean. Since they were so expensive and came from very far off.

The link is not working now and I can't seem to find them anywhere else.

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I am working on getting my Tudor hood set up again and well, it is slow going. So when I get sick of downloading stuff and don't want to piss off my ISP I am stopping to make CC that I know I had before but never got around to uploading. Big mistake.

So this is the first of several things I will be sharing while in the rebuild process.

Swatches and Babble this way... )
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So yeah...

Rebuild... It is best described as a complete rebuild of EVERYTHING!!! But the Hardest part is getting all of the CC I had back. Or at least enough of it so I can function. My problem is that a lot of the sites I used to go to don't exist now and they are not at the graveyard. And I don't even know what the stuff was called let alone have pictures of it to post on WCIF threads. It's like coming home after a robbery and trying to figure out what was taken and what wasn't. Some things you don't realize were gone until you go looking for it and can't find it.

So yeah. Anyway.

I've downloaded all of the Female hairs I wanted from GoS (except the stuff from Koralene or whatever she is called because of her ad and malware infected download site) but I still need to down load from the Male hair section there as well as all of the Old theme of the month and christmas in july threads. I've gotten all of the hairs from Almighty Hat's site that I wanted. I'll still need to weed since I don't use all four blacks, browns, and blondes. But since I pick and choose here and there on those colors it is easier to download the lot then weed.

I still need to hit up MTS2 and Plumbbob Keep as well as the Booty. I also need to find a few places that have pooklet hair recolors on it that aren't GOS or Hat. Because there are some hairs I really, REALLY, need/want that Hat didn't do. Namely my heir's hair.

I have a few things that were on the desktop for the tudors. But I have to do a weed there.

But it is coming. Very slowly it is coming. Trying to compile two years worth of downloading into a few months is not easy.
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Title: Visions
Word count: 510
Prompt: Roses
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Hugely spoilery. No names although most of you can guess what this is. This scene or one like it should appear in about two or three chapters from now.

She was painting again )
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Title: Interview
Word count: 463
Prompt: "That young girl is the most benightedly unintelligent organic life form it has been my profound lack of pleasure to be unable to avoid meeting."
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Way, way in the future. Like generations and generations away. I don't even know the girl's name yet or any characteristics. So yeah.

The monastery was humming with anticipation. )
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Title: At First Sight
Word count: 458
Prompt: How the King and Alais Met
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions

It was raining. he recalled )
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Title: Final Ride
Word count: 266
Prompt: Tournament
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Very Very spoilery for my Tudors. I will not be identifying the characters here by name.

It was the perfect day for a tournament. )
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"Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you."
Set In my Tudor Legacy in about two chapters. Do not be surprised if you see this again. Kids names withheld to keep SOME suspense. Hence the VERY un period name of Munchkin.

Better Prepared than Dead )
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[ profile] profbutters recently did a post where she talked about some of the voices that her characters have. Well I decided I would do this for the Tudors to date.

Bear in mind that EVERYONE speaks with a British accent even if they have an American Voice Actor.

Cutness )
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For Get Married +8000.
Di's prompt of Rhodri and his lover's pre-wedding nerves

Nerves )
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I am playing around here - - and I shoved in some of the things that will come up in the next few chapters into it. Here are the results - lets see if you can figure out what they mean...

"Ash, dust, wood, earth, direct attacks"

"Persian dawn twilight, reporting on the long battle damage"

"Who will win tomorrow, coach and includes about inheriting the blood of animals"

"Rose Gardens, and woodpeckers in the U.S. grow"

"Acidic water, oats, diving, and life is ruined, but not"

"Bright light and understanding of chaotic systems, an incorrect password"

"Silence is golden, do not be hard to beat"

"I went to the park to catch the wild in the hands of children"

"Four of the winter cold that the story infertile"

Have fun figuring out what they mean ^_^

BTW here is a clue as to how it work's

Original text:

"I want to love you but I'd better not touch I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop I want to kiss you but I want it too much I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison "

...40 translations later we get:

"I think that's true, but my intuition to kiss, but the toxins do not know"
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You Can’t Go Home Again

Prompt:  "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."

Set in at somepoint in my Tudor Legacy - before Owen went to his estate.

The last time Owen Tudor saw his father, Eurig, was excruciatingly painful if brief )
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Prompt: Lighting Candles
Prompt: Having Quadruplets
Notes: Vaguely spoilery for my Tudor Legacy.

He was not a religious man. )
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Because I got ambitious. Children also didn't have enough nightclothes that worked for them.

These are set for both male and female. I also flagged them as underwear since little girls could wear them as chemises.


Cut for link and more pictures )
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This is the fourth and final set of this collection. The random recolors/textures that didn't fit anywhere else.

There are three recolors that are clearly labeled so you can yank the ones you don't want to use.

Reference Picture:
Thumbnail Image

Here is a closeup of what the texture looks like on top of what the embroidery will look like on the white recolor.

The mesh is not included as per Aligeth's policy. You can get it here.

I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any help and tips to improving my ability to get better.
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I've been wanting recolors of this for a very, very long time and since no one's done them to my knowledge I decided I would try my hand at recoloring. I am putting these up until someone else who is better at recoloring, texturing, and shading takes a stab at these.

This is the third set, and the first one that I experimented with textures with, I call it the Crinkle Collection.

There are seven recolors that are clearly labeled so you can yank the ones you don't want to use.

Reference Pictures

Thumbnail Image

Here is a closeup of what the texture looks like on top of what the embroidery will look like.

The mesh is not included as per Aligeth's policy. You can get it here.

I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any help and tips to improving my ability to get better.
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This is the second set of recolors of Aligeth's lovely Antique Male Nightshirt. Amusingly these were my first actual recolors - the pale yellow was the very first. I am sharing these because we always need more variety in our games and until someone with better skills takes a stab at these they will work.

The files are compressorized and are clearly labeled so that you can yank whichever colors you don't want.

Reference picture for you!

Thumbnail Image

Once again the mesh is not included and you can get it here. If you haven't thanked Aligeth yet, please do so. ^__^

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I've been wanting recolors of this for a very, very long time and since no one's done them to my knowledge I decided I would try my hand at recoloring. I am putting these up until someone else who is better at recoloring, texturing, and shading takes a stab at these. I ended up with 24 different variations and this is the first set, the Rough Hewn collection.

There are seven recolors that are clearly labeled so you can yank the ones you don't want to use.

I suppose you want pictures...

Here is a closeup of what the texture looks like on top of what the embroidery will look like.

The mesh is not included as per Aligeth's policy. You can get it here.

I hope you enjoy and I appreciate any help and tips to improving my ability to get better. This was my first attempt at recoloring so it is a little rough.


Apr. 25th, 2011 02:08 am
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I am having a serious case of writers apathy - I'm not blocked I just don't feel like writing anything...

So I've been attempting to see if I can do minor CC creation. Minor. Very minor.

This is what I have so far.

cut for large pictures )
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I am going to be putting my Tudor Downloads Here for people to download if they want.

I'll be uploading only those sims that I either love or are important to story purposes. If there are any other sims of mine that you want that aren't included let me know and I will get them for you. Also, I will only be putting sims up as they become adults in my game so kidlets aren't going to show up until then. All files include the clothing that they wore as adults and the will be in zipfiles not simpacks with the files clearly labelled.

Cut for sims )
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Because I am having to replay things you get some Toddler Picspam. This is kind of Spoilery for the upcoming chapter. But Meh.

The Cute It Burns )
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So when reverting to the backup I had to rebuild a few lots.

This is the first lot:

Roseland Manor

Cut for lots of pictures. )
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I got a mod that was put up on Simbiology and Plumb Bob Keep and now the nanny won't show up nor will the carpools or school bus. Basically it looks like it nuked the sim schedules all of them. And I can't seem to get them back even quitting and regetting the job and cancelling the nanny and rehiring her won't fix this.

I am guessing that I will have to do a rebuild. And since I did this in my tudor hood I am not happy. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this short of a rebuild I would be all ears.


I do have a back up I can revert to that I made prior to this mod going in (after the last chapter). Will that work? I would need to replay a few houses - including the main house which would be interesting since I had kids born in it. But it would be better than a rebuild.


Reverted to back up:
Houses need to be played:
Royal house - Nothing really major going to happen that I need to worry about. I can get more pictures though.
Roseland - need to finish building castle - Going to change a lot of things
Turner house - This is going to change things I have filmed and written
Old Tudor House - Not going to change anything I have filmed or written (since nothing major happens)
Main house - going to change a lot of things filmed and written.
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I slowed down a little - but this is likely to be about the pace I will write for now. Maybe slower. Fast? Not really.

Cut for friends pages )

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think.
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Not quite as fast as last time. But still out in a timely manner. I am still quite overwhelmed by the response this is getting. Thank you, it means a lot to me.

Cut for friends pages )

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments.
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I admit full out that I do not have any custom content creation skills. About the best I can do is build a decent lot or two. But I do have friends who are very talented and I have gotten Jenn's permission to share her creations until they put them up on her official download site.

When I saw that [ profile] fantasyrogue made this lovely Crispenette and hair style. I was sad that I only had one color to work with. [ profile] ndainye was nice enough to put a lot of aelia's colors on them
Crispinettes )

Jenn also recolored one of my favorite hairs for me from bipsouille.
Renaissance Hair )

Jenn's Terms of Use is as follows:
Regarding my creations. Do with them what you will, it would be lovely if you gave credit when credit is due. A link back would be great, but it's not necessary. You may include my meshes in uploads and houses on free sites. Seeing as I'm generally broke, I'd hate to have my things on a pay site and not get a kickback, so just don't.
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With all of the encouragement and praise I was able to get another part out pretty quickly, I don't know if I can keep this up for much longer. ^_^

Cut for friends pages )

Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing what you think!
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I filmed about 35 slides today and wrote another 5. Which considering the sheer amount of staging I have to do isn't too bad.

I have to go back to work tomorrow evening.

But for an upcoming scene, I need a remote chapel and because there is going to be a lot of staging in it I needed it to be a residential lot.

I saw a few churches like this when I was in Ireland recently so I based it off of that.

Ignore the mailbox and trashcan once I start filming they will be moved around to the back.


I kind of like how it looks.

I should state that if you want any of these lots that I am showing pictures of let me know and I will put them up for download.

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I've got two lots to make for my next update and about three that would be useful but not necessary.

I finished one tonight.

I'm not going to tell you what it is for but I like how it turned out.

*hugs* to you all and good night, I am sleepy.
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I've finally gotten around to getting this done. Much of the work was done on my trip to Ireland at night after being a tourist.

I hope you enjoy

Thanks for reading.
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Last bit of set up is done.

I made all of the townies and tonight I went into simpe and edited everyone.

So yay recessives

cut for pictures )

I am off to Ireland in less that 8 hours so it is bedtime for me.

See you all when I get back
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I built two lots and modified a two more today.

Cut for pictures: )
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So I made another lot for my Tudors. With luck, I will be working on the first chapter while on my trip to Ireland. I will be doing the writing on the plane and then the shooting at night (maybe).

So here's a few pictures of my new lot... Because every estate needs a Kitchen garden and orchard.

I am not sold on the color of the barn yet. Red barns existed back then according to tapestries. But, I think the color is a little too bright.

I've got two more sets to make before I can start. But one is pretty easy and the other I can use a pre-made lot and modify.

I want to get them done before I leave on Wednesday. Now I am going to bed. I am wiped.
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Okay, I am building my Tudor hood and i made a decision a long time ago that I was going to go with custom townies.

Edited with breakdown:

Here is the breakdown
Main hood - Legacy/Challenge sims
Downtown - Simselves
Shopping Hood - Dorans (because we have enough of them now)
Uni - ???
Vacation Hoods - ???

The simselves are getting a makeover and may get a different color of hair. Eyes will be kept in the same color group but may be different than a default. (no cc other than what I bring in for myself will be included). However no features will be changing. If you are okay with this, please comment with a link to your simself and what their stats are. As a note, all simselves will be unaware of their simself status in game. Many will have an in game background if they marry in.

Legacy sims will not be having color changes, but they will get period appropriate hair (although I will try to keep it in the same family of hair) and eyes that match my eye set. I also plan on trying to give recessives to pretty much everyone simself, legacy sim, or not. If there are any sims you would like to see wandering around in Medieval and Renaissance fashions, please comment with a link and if you don't list recessives on your dload site recessives for them. Also as a note, all legacy sims are getting a memory wipe when they cross the border. Personalities will stay intact but none of them will know of their past and there is no computer with which to check.

I am not picky or exclusive. However on the same token, by replying here your simself/legacy sim will be opening themselves up to the dangers of Tudor Life. Be forewarned!

Thank you muchly!


May. 8th, 2009 10:39 pm
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I think I am going to restart this... Mostly because I downloaded a lot of lots and having gone through most of them, I dislike them intensely and they installed too much crap onto my computer. So I am going to clean up my downloads and restart the hood this way I don't have to worry about the crap. And I can use the clean versions of neighborhoods and populate them myself with custom townies and downtownies.

I hadn't played very far yet. Plus with my experience with RR I now have more staging experience which I can use to my advantage.

I am going to use the same sims so Richard and Owen will still be around. But I think I am also going to restructure how I use them...I think the clean up is a good Idea...
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Because I am a maschocist I am teaching myself how to stage scenes, take better pictures, and be semi-historically accurate. Here are some examples of what I have been doing.

Cut because I care )
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Because I don't have a life.  I have chapter 3 of my OWBC, Yakko's World up. 

Hoofdstuk Drie - Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too!

Behold the wonder that is the bad apple.  Marvel at the Golden Trio.  Feel bad for the neglected elder children.

I had too many pictures so Yakko's elderification will go into the next chapter which I hope to have out by the end of the week so I can do the heir poll.  ^_^

On the Tudors.  I am pretty much finished downloading (I have almost 4GB of CC for it.)  Now it will be a matter of building the neighborhood.  I am already formulating plot and planning events that I want to incorporate into the story.  I hope you all will enjoy it.  I am willing to have simselves in the story however just like in the OWBC the simselves will not be immune to death.  So if you are willing or want to be included let me know.  I will likely be creating some custom townies for variety in genetics so let me know if you are willing to be a townie. 
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I should warn you there is much incoherent babble ahead.

I want to state from the very beginning that I am not limiting myself to the preconception of the "Tudor" time period which is what is popularized in the HBO series "The Tudors" and really looks at the period between 1525 and 1540. The actual Tudor dynasty is almost 125 years long but I am going to start with the beginning of the Tudor line.

The true Tudor Patriarch in my opinion is not Owen Tudor (a relatively minor Welsh Nobleman despite being descended from Welsh Royalty) but really John of Gaunt and his mistress and later third wife Katherine Swynford nee de Roet. One of their children went on to found the House of Lancaster and the other the House of York. Owen was only the ancestor of the house of Lancaster. However, I am going to use Owen Tudor as my founder - he is arguably the first actual Tudor since previously his ancestors used the Welsh Tradition of Blah son of Blah. And it is through him that the dynasty got their name.

However I am going to start my time period for CC in the late 14th century - the time when John, Katherine, and Owen were all alive. That gives me more leeway. After hunting through various sites they have some decent court costumes for the period between 1530 and 1580 - and they have men's costumes from the 1550s through the 1590s. But then they jump to the late 1600s early 1700s for men and early 1700s for women. There are some fanciful gowns that aren't really historically accurate that can approximate High Middle ages clothing. Oddly enough, some of the closest looks very similar to Regency wear and is called the houppelande. For men it looks a lot like a graduation robe for women it is closer to a regency gown (belted under the bust and loose below) Some good examples in art are from Van Eyck. Most of the stuff for men is Hollywood Medieval and Reniassance wear not actual fashion from the time. Even All About Style falls into this rut. I also cannot find the proper undergarments and Nightclothes for this time period. And forget about swimwear. And there were undergarments. Mostly shift like for women and loincloth like for men. But they did exist.

Then there is the hair. Don't get me started on the hair.

So I am faced with a quandry. Go with what I can find that doesn't really match but is close enough but HIGHLY limited. I am talking about 8 total outfits for the guys. Or do a hodge podge of accurate with inaccurate with the townies but try to keep the main line actually progressing through the actual fashion through the ages. This gives me a lot more to play with and I can be semi-accurate as well.

Build and Buy Mode objects are also kinda hinky. I am going to have to fudge some thngs and shoot around others. I need to figure out how to hide a phone since they are necessary but oh so very wrong for the time period. Chess, Swimming, Bowling (if I can find recolors), Axe throwing, and Violins can be used to substitute for body. The chinese did make music boxes back then so it is possible for a musicbox radio - but it would be limited to nobility. For a Vacation Hood I have two options and I may do both - 1. Hunting Retreat a la Three Lakes and 2. Holy Land Pilgrimage using Arabian Themes and Bazaars a la Twikki. Takemizu I could leave alone. The Fashion of Japan had settled at that point and Kimono and Hakama that they wore then are still being worn today.

Dangit. I wish I could talk to Cee about how she does some of the tricks for her Regecy.


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