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I almost beat Rose... Almost.

Title: House Call
Prompt: Diagnosis
Word Count: 354
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: None
Summary: Onslow finally finds out what disease Liv has.

Onslow watched the man hovering over his wife with wary eyes. He couldn't be sure this wasn't another trick of Drea's to make his life miserable. Still, it suspicion wasn't going to stop him from accepting aid for his beloved.

The doctor looked up from where he was hunched beside the bed. "When did she first get sick?"

Onslow had to think about that for a while. "Do you mean initially or when it got worse?"


"She first complained of allergies not long after we first moved to this house. She had a cough and sneezed a lot."

The man nodded. "And later?"

"She collapsed. Couldn't breathe. Could barely get out of bed. She would seem to turn the corner then would collapse all over again."

"Your wife said the same. I just wanted to see if your stories matched."

"You doubted me?"

"I'm a doctor and patients lie. It comes with the job."

"I swear I am not fabricating fables for you."

"I know you aren't. Your wife is really very sick."

"So do you know what is wrong with my beloved?" Onslow asked, in a soft tone.

Dr. Knight nodded his head. "She's got some kind of pneumonia."

"Pneumonia, there are drugs for that, correct? You can cure that."

The young doctor glanced away and thinned his lips. It was obvious he didn't want to answer, and Onslow narrowed his eyes but before he could demand the man answer him, Dr. Knight spoke, "Sometimes we can cure it. Sometimes we can't. It's harder to cure the longer the it's been going on. Your wife just doesn't have pneumonia, she has both bacterial and viral pneumonia. And there seems to be something odd with this whole thing."

"Odd, how?"

"It isn't acting like the typical disease. It's rare to get both strains, not impossible, but rare, but it is infecting both lungs and we're lucky they haven't collapsed. No, it's the other things, the decreased heart rate the dizziness even when breathing is somewhat eased. That isn't normal. Unfortunately it all points to one thing."

"And that is?"

"Your wife is dying."


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