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Oh man, oh man. Did this week's prompt really apply to me. Like I had way, way too many spoilery things I could write about. So I settled for the least spoilery of the ones.

Even there, I need to cut it off a little.

It was a nice quiet evening. )
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Title: Worshipping the Porcelain God
Prompt: Phantom/Misdiagnosed Pregnancy
Word Count: 425
World: I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations
Warnings: None
Summary: I.M. is feeling sick with good reason.

Why was it always corn and carrots? )
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Title: Parenthood
Prompt: Drea's Parenting Techniques
Word Count: 450
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery. Oh so very spoilery.
Summary: Three scenes showing what Drea is like as a parent.
My Card

Rhys, can you take care of that?  )
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Title: Teaching Teacher
Prompt: What I did on my Summer Vacation by ___
Word Count: 673
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery oh the spoilery. Hence the lack of names.
Summary: Parent/Teacher Conferences are fun…
Note: This gives me Myshuno!

So why are we here again? )
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Title: Coming Storm
Prompt: "Into each life some rain must fall."
Word Count: 610
World: Vaulting Ambitions
Warnings: Kind of Spoilery only really not.
Summary: Greg and Mari find that castle ownership leaves something to be desired.

Mari, wake up, he whispered, nudging her bare shoulder. )
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Title: Fifteen Things
Prompt: Quinn/Spica
Word Count: 325
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: Spoilery only if you care about minor characters.
Summary: Little list fic about Quinn and Spica falling in love.

Spica Walton fell in love with Quinn Devereaux when she was seven years old. )
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I almost beat Rose... Almost.

Title: House Call
Prompt: Diagnosis
Word Count: 354
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Warnings: None
Summary: Onslow finally finds out what disease Liv has.

Onslow watched the man hovering over his wife with wary eyes. )
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Hello all, jumping on the bandwagon with my myshuno card, let's hope it doesn't break.

Cut for lists )
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Title: Looking Down the Paths Not Taken
Author: Leilia
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Spoilers: Up to my last published chapter
Prompt: Sound
Notes: Poem by Robert Frost

Oman often wondered what might have been. )
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Title: The Nature of Love
Prompt: "The hardest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Spoilers: None if you've read my most recent chapters.


It was supposed to be so simple. Meet a girl. Fall in love. Get married. Have babies. Live happily ever after. It was like that old mocking chant, 'First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.' But of course he'd managed to get it all backwards.

He fell in love. That was the easy part. He'd done it three times that he was willing to count. The hard part was what to do between falling in love and getting married. He'd tried to go straight to getting married, but the first time around he'd screwed up. Neglected the girl. Let her love change, mutate, and find a new focus. He had no one to blame but himself, he knew that now. It still didn't make the memories any less painful.

The second and third times he fell in love was unfortunately at the same time, with two different but amazing woman. He'd picked one. Thought he'd put the other behind him. But somehow the feeling was still there. He'd given her hope that he'd pick her in the long run and eventually she'd gotten tired of waiting. She'd made her move at just the wrong moment and again he felt his world crumble. He'd realized then that he wasn't in love with her any longer. Of course only after it was too late. The woman he picked fell out of love with him. Not that he could blame her. There had to be something wrong with him if he couldn't even manage such a simple thing as falling in love, getting married and starting a family.

He looked at the picture down in his hands. He'd started the family out of order too. Not that he regretted it at all. He loved his children, all of them, just like he loved their mother. But now he just had to convince her.

He thought about their awkward date together. The movie, the walk afterward, he'd just been happy to be with her, but he could tell that she was wary of him. Afraid of getting hurt. He could relate. That was how he felt most of the time.

He gently stroked his fingers over her face. He loved her. He knew that now. He loved her with every fiber of his being. It didn't matter that he'd screwed up, he needed her. He needed her to love him. Without her, he was just an empty shell.

He thought about the phone call he'd gotten from her. She'd sounded upset, but like she was trying to hide it. He was afraid that she was going to tell him that there was no hope. They couldn't work things out. That he'd lost her permanently. He didn't want to hear that.

He took a deep breath. It was time to face the music. Oman just hoped that when the music stopped that Cee'd still love him just as much as he loved her in return.
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Title: Chess With Death
Prompt: "There's no chance for us // It's all decided for us"
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: A missing scene between Chapter 16 and Chapter 17. Definitely spoilery for the last chapter of my OWBC. If you haven't read that, you might want to skip this.
Word Count: 1,108

Cut for length. )
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Because I am late to the game, I thought I would share what my Simspiration Storytelling Creation Month Goals were.

I set the bar low, mostly because I've been hitting roadblocks a lot lately and a few nasty cases of "I HATE EVERYTHING AND WILL SCRAP YOU ALL!!!" Which I have had to be talked down from a ledge on. Seriously, there's been times recently where I've considered saying "Fuck it!" and never updating again.

That being said, there are three stories in particular that I am this way on - Yakko's World, Vaulting Ambitions, and I.M. Bored. All of them have had the next update started in one way shape or form. None of them are done and several include playing to be done on them as well as staging, writing, and laying out.

My main goal: Publish Two Updates from either the OWBC, Tudors, or Boreds or a mix there of.

So this is my status as of March 1.

Yakko's World: Chapter 16a
Rotation Complete - No (not needed for this chapter)
Pictures Taken - 125/125 slides
Slides Written - 66/125
Notes - may want to move one scene into this chapter to break it up a bit. If so, I will need to build a lot and stage the scene. The core of the text is already written.

Vaulting Ambitions: Chapter 4
Rotation Complete: No!
Pictures taken: 35/~200
Slides written: 56/~200 (Technically more since some Myshuno and other short stories are being slipped in here. But I am going with what is actually on the slides)
Notes: There are only about 4 scenes total in this update broken up by two letters. I just have a lot of staging to do.

I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations - Chapter 21
Rotation complete: No - I play until I get 100 slides.
Pictures taken: 82/100
Slides written: 13/100
Notes: I actually had played up to my 100 slides before March 1 then the game crashed while I was saving and now I will need to replay/reshoot it.

Likely update order:

Yakko's World
Vaulting Ambitions
Yakko's World

This is assuming that things go as planned. I also have BACC updates to do (I'm about 3 houses ahead of my last update) and I am wanting to play the game so very much lately it isn't funny.

I am going to keep going to update more if I can get two updates out. But right now, I know that I am setting an achievable goal but one that I have been dragging my feet on.

We'll see how I do!
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Title: Hunger
Word count: 384
Prompt: Going Hunting
Universe: Not telling.
Notes: Oh so spoilery for the universe in question. Oh so very spoilery. Oh and this fic gives me blackout

My Card

He returned to consciousness reluctantly. )
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Title: Cold Comfort
Word count: 716
Prompt: Greg/Mari
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: A scene that likely happened between my most recent chapter and the next one. But it will not be touched on in the story because of the way I tell it (aka the only scenes that show are shown where my POV characters are actually there or through letter format). So this can be considered canon. One to go.

He refused to touch her. )
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Title: Desperate Boredom
Words: 523
Prompt: Reading a Good Book
World: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Spoilery, but not hugely. Only two more to go.

Cee was bored. )
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Title: Never Gonna Give You Up
Word count: 1056
Prompt: Kor/Lily
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Set in the future... Really fucking spoilery but if you read my OWBC you should have seen this coming.

Koroneiki Warner stood nervously on his girlfriend's front porch staring anxiously at the doorbell. )
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Title: Just a Day
Word count: 856
Prompt: Ordinary Day (Vanessa Carleton)
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Last of my Main house girls focus. As always these are spoilery and they can be considered canon.

Lebanon Warner was running late. )
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Title: The Night Before
Word count: 524
Prompt: Now is the winter of our discontent
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Spoilery. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. But if you are conversant with English history you can make an educated guess what this referring to. In addition, this scene or one VERY like it will be appearing in a future chapter. You have been warned.

Night was falling as surely as the snow piling up around his feet )
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Title: Sister
Word count: 1,121
Prompt: When Richard met Aurora
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Not spoilery. Thank goodness.

Curse it, where are you boy? )
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Title: Caught!
Word count: 458
Prompt: "Well, what are you doing creeping around a cow shed at two o'clock in the morning? That doesn't sound very wise to me."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Minorly spoilery for my OWBC but not really.

Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?  )
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Title: Visions
Word count: 510
Prompt: Roses
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Hugely spoilery. No names although most of you can guess what this is. This scene or one like it should appear in about two or three chapters from now.

She was painting again )
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Title: Angry Ghosts
Word count: 523
Prompt: Everybody hates Fantasy
Universe: I.M. Bored: A Legacy in 10 Generations

I think we should play a game tonight!  )
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Title: Interview
Word count: 463
Prompt: "That young girl is the most benightedly unintelligent organic life form it has been my profound lack of pleasure to be unable to avoid meeting."
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Way, way in the future. Like generations and generations away. I don't even know the girl's name yet or any characteristics. So yeah.

The monastery was humming with anticipation. )
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Title: Missing Moments
Word count: 243
Prompt: Oman deals with the fact that he's not getting laid any time soon.
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Do I even need to state that this is spoilery? Or that this contains adult situations?

He missed her )
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Title: Kyrie Eleison
Word count: 217
Prompt: Going on a Journey
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Really Damn Spoilery Names will not be named here.

There was nothing holding him to this place. )
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Title: Crush
Word count: 620
Prompt: Pastime with Good Company
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Pretty Darn Spoilery.

Liberia Warner looked up from the broken down car she was working on in shop class and promptly blushed. )
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Title: The Spotlight
Word count: 229
Prompt: Romania
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Notes: Damn Spoilery. You have been warned.

Romania Warner liked being noticed. )
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Title: At First Sight
Word count: 458
Prompt: How the King and Alais Met
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions

It was raining. he recalled )
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Title: Final Ride
Word count: 266
Prompt: Tournament
Universe: Vaulting Ambitions
Notes: Very Very spoilery for my Tudors. I will not be identifying the characters here by name.

It was the perfect day for a tournament. )
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Title: Coming Clean
Word count: 1280
Prompt: Koriand'r
Universe: Bass-Ackwards Apocalypse and Yakko's World OWBC

The kitchen was homey )
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Title: Pharfignewton
Word count: 361
Prompt: "Please tell me you did not pay money for that horse."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Note: If you want to see what the horse looks like click this link.

Whinnnneeeeey!  )
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Title: For Mari
Word count: 311
Prompt: Secrets
Universe: Vaulting Ambition. A bit of a look into Gregory Roseland's head during my last chapter.

Gregory Roseland was by nature an honest man. )
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Title: Missing
Word count: 336
Prompt: “Heavy is the head that wears the crown Don’t let the greatness get you down”
Universe: Vaulting Ambition
Note: Spoilery for my upcoming Tudors chapter. Whenever it gets written... Stupid rebuild. Fucking Burglar.

He missed Mari. )
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Title: Tattoo
Word count: 885
Prompt: Palau
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Note: Spoilery for my OWBC - features hints of things to come and this may or may not end up in a future update. So fair warning.

People tended to overlook Palau Warner. )
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Note: I was planning on going to bed. I'd told someone I was talking to I was going to bed. But I got hit by the plot bunny of Arggghhh! and couldn't rest until this was written.

Title: Want
Word count: 560
Prompt: "You can't always get what you want."
Universe: Yakko's World OWBC
Spoiler warning: This deals with future events in my OWBC that have been hinted at but not developed fully. Read at your own risk.

Latvia Warner hated being a teenager. )
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Title: Empty Victory
Word count: 842
Prompt: Arguing over whose lift is the most useless and therefore better
Universe: Bass-Ackwards Apocalypse

The Afterlife Seriously Sucked-- )
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Title: The Space Between
Prompt: Empty Room
Universe: Yakko's World
Spoilers: Oh hells yes.

She didn’t want to miss him. )
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You Can’t Go Home Again

Prompt:  "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."

Set in at somepoint in my Tudor Legacy - before Owen went to his estate.

The last time Owen Tudor saw his father, Eurig, was excruciatingly painful if brief )


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