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Frequently Asked Questions for Rose and Lark's modified Apocalypse Rules

Q: I have the pets expansion, but I don't like to play with pets. What should I do?
A: Move Pet Security to Law Enforcement, Pet Service to Law , and Pet Showbiz to Entertainment.

Q: I don't want to play with the pet restrictions but don't feel like uninstalling that EP.
A: Then don't. Just do your best to make it so that you don't use anything from that expansion. If you need help figuring out what that is, go look at the buy/build collection for that EP.

Q: How tall can I go with my secret society safehouse?
A: As tall as you can afford and still be within the 8x8 square.

Q: Can we have sims sleep in a tent on the roof or on the ground?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I play with ACR?
A: Yes with a few caveats. You must use Maxis Jealousy. You must set the global risky pregnancy chance to 25% if medical is not lifted. You must turn off Teen Woohoo and Adult-Teen Interactions until medical is lifted. You must also turn on Auto gender preference until Law is lifted. You must set ideal family size to 12 for all sims when they reach teen or move onto the main lot until medical is lifted. Birth Control must not be used until medical is lifted.

Q: Can I play with Inteen?
A: Yes. But if you play with ACR you must turn on teen woohoo and adult teen interactions until Medical is lifted. You may not have independent teens. Teens are still bound by Slacker. Law Enforcment and Education rules even if they are pregnant.

Q: Can I play with 8 day teens?
A: Go for it!

Q: Can I play with Larger Households?
A: Sure if you want to deal with that many sims.

Q: Can I play with macrotastics?
A: Yes.

Q: What hacks can I use?
A: You use any hacks that fix maxis errors (eg. Pescado and TwoJeff's various fixes), any purely cosmetic hack (eg. Pregnancy Wear Any Outfit), any hack that will allow you to fix errors/glitches/etc that are directable (eg. batbox or sim blender). Hacks that remove annoyances, save clicks, or player sanity are allowed if they do not give a clear advantage.

Q: All of my townies are frozen! What do I do?
A: You may use the sim blender or its equivalent to reset temperature for that sim when they walk onto the lot. If a townie freezes while on the lot, you may not reset their temperature until they leave and then come back. Make sure to warm up your townies when they freeze they can die.

Q: Can I use objects or buildmode items that are grungy?
A: Yes, so long as they don't give a clear advantage and have an appropriate price. You can use utilities to correct custom item ratings and pricing.

Q: What do you mean the founder doesn't have to lift hopelessness?
A: If you wish to go that route, you may have children first then get a career. Depending on how things work out the child may perform the first lift and the founder may never lift a restriction.

Q: Can I have more than one Jumbok, Quill, Star?
A: Yes. So long as your follow all of the restrictions pertaining to careers and how to get them and you have the space.

Q: Why are you allowing more than one Jumbok?
A: We feel that if you can have more than one snapdragon if you have the right lifts, then you should have more than one Jumbok since they do about the same thing.

Q: How many floors can I have if I have a basement?
A: If you do not have a safe house, you may have a Basement, Main floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, and accessible flat roof with an awning. This should give you 5 floors or space.

Q: How many floors may I have if I have a driveway?
A: If you do not have a safe house, you may have a Driveway, Main floor, Second Floor, and Accessible Roof with an awning.

Q: Do I have to buy a fridge every week?
A: No. But you might want to.

Q: Can I hold a fridge in inventory?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I hold broken items in inventory?
A: Yes.

Q: What do I do with the networking gifts people keep giving me?
A: Hold them in inventory, if you go over the three item limit from Athletic you may place them in an inaccessible location aka the roof or a balcony, you can put the one tile items in a sim who is about to die's inventory.

Q: If I can't pay mob protection will they take my unusable networking/date gifts?
A: Yes. If they can be repossessed by the repo man or stolen by the burglar the mob will take them. Items in inventory are safe from these mob enforcers.

Q: What happened to suppression?
A: It was confusing so we got rid of it and moved things around to cover for it.

Q: What lifts do I need to go on vacation?
A: Military, Music and Science straight out. Slacker, Law Enforcement, Business, Athletc and Gamer also add their own restrictions as well.

Q: I changed my clothes and my hair while on vacation do I have to go back to the old style?
A: Nope! Congrats on finding a way around Show Business.

Q: Are the restrictions in place on vacation?
A: Unless stated otherwise, no restrictions are in place. The apocalypse didn't affect that locale.

Q: If I have a vampire, can I purchase and use the coffin before Pet Security or Criminal (if playing with lowest rated)?
A: Yes. However it can only be used by vampires, supernatural sims, or normal sims with 10 body points until Pet Security is lifted.

Q: What happens if your vamp dies and you can't move the coffin?
A: You're stuck with it. The only sims that can use it are those who have 10 body or supernatural sims.

Q: Why did you move the day you can make phone calls from Tuesday to Sunday?
A: In order to make it easier to remember, mob payments and phone calls now happen on the same day.

Q: How do you deal with Gamer restrictions in college?
A: Other than declaring a major which can be done at any time, the Gamer restrictions are suppressed on the first full day at the start of each school year.

Q: What is the difference between an NPC and Service Sim?
A: All service sims are NPCs but not all NPCs are service sims. Some NPCs are actually classified by the game as townies or playables because they live in stealth hoods and aren't townies in the traditional sense. For example the Garden Club Members are classified by the game as playables but they are only contactable on the phone if you use the "Service" menu on the phone.

Q: Who exactly is a NPC/Service Sim?
A: Have a list of interactable NPC service sims: The Gypsy Matchmaker, the headmasters, the Grand Vampires, the Dateable Slob, the Diva, the Maids, the Gardeners, the Butlers, the Bartenders, the Exterminators, the Nannies, the Obedience Trainers, Cops, Firemen, Repairmen, the grand witches, hobby club members, garden club, mailmen, newspaper delivery teens, the reporter, cafeteria workers, professors, DJs, waiters, maitre'd, chef, cow, llama, streaker, cheerleader, cashiers, baristas, etc.

Q: Why did you do this?
A: As long time players of the Apocalypse we noticed that a lot of our friends were confused by the rules and intimidated by them. We respect what Pinstar created but didn't feel that later additions to the rules were not play tested well. We have been working on these rules for over a year now and have played 15 or more variations to find what worked and what didn't. We removed a lot of the flavor restrictions and distilled the restrictions down to the core of what gives it teeth. We wanted to make this simpler and close some loopholes while allowing for some unique strategies.

Q: Will you make rules for the earlier versions of the Apoc.
A: We will, but not today.

If you have any other questions you feel should be clarified feel free to ask them here.


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